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 At first we had Hippo Hardware, and then Rejuvenation... now the mothership of all rebuilding stores lives here in Portland... The Rebuilding Center.  Why is it so popular?  Well, unlike the first two (still incredibly addicting) rebuilding stores, The Rebuilding Center is ‘interactive' and so r...
It must be Earth Day as one of our local papers committed much of this week's issue to Being Green.  One of the articles that I am personally interested in (so much so that I'm inquiring with the company featured for more information) is this one on Earthern Floors by Sukita.  (My big question no...
Sarah Eubanks invited me to write a meme.  She did not ‘know me from Adam' as she put it when she sent me the invitation, but through some correspondence, we found that we had several things in common.  Isn't Active Rain cool? •1)      I have a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree majoring in Photo...
I've been holding on to this agreement that a new client sent over.  Bare in mind that my prelimary client in this case will be a broker who should hold initial responsibility for the appraisal payment.  Perhaps you Appraiser's have received one of these letters: "                                ...
I was at a Home & Garden show last year and was perplexed by one of the booths there.  It was a home-builders booth, but what was attracting all the attention was the Smart Car that was parked at the front of the booth.  Boy, was the salesperson getting the attention that would have made a Market...
With the recent slow down in business, my Associates and I have been busying ourselves with organizing, bill collecting, brushing up our resumes, continuing education classes and in my fellow Appraiser's case, once again attempting to clear his name from a Lender's ‘Blacklist' - For those of you ...
       I ran upon an episode of ‘Property Ladder' that was about three Appraisers that decided to quit their jobs and flip a house.  Long story short, they were ill-prepared, had no plans in writing and over-extended their budget by $10,000.  But what killed me is that these three... Appraiser (!...
 A fellow Appraiser friend of mine grew tired of the Lenders strong arm regarding value, condition, etc. and so he signed on as a Big Bank Appraiser.  Alas his troubles with these issues had come to an end... he thought....As time passed, he felt the strong arm of the Big Bank Lenders hit him... ...
 I found this video on YouTube and thought it was interesting... Especially the opinion that a CMA uses emotion while an appraisal is black & white.  Yes, we as Appraiser's are not supposed to judge on decor or personal taste, however we are supposed to note if the house smelled of cat urine, sho...
Hey all - I haven't run across this before, but then again, we don't have many in-ground pools around these parts.I have an Insurance Agent that is requesting parameter measurements of an in-ground pool for insurance purposes.  I have never heard of anything like this before.  What is the point o...

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