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  \ I suppose I'll be adding a new addendum about possible drywall issues for homes built or remodeled between 2004 and 2006.  The sulphate gasses from this toxic drywall can eat into framing, electric and even plumbing.  Lovely.                           Click photo for audio file or copy and pa...
Click the picture below (or copy and paste the bottom link) to watch this informative video that shows a step by step of the Credit Crisis created by Jonathan Jarvis. Note how the speaker's voice gets slightly more cynical towards the end.                                 ...
I highly recommend all of the 'This American Life' pod casts (like one of the previous shows on 'Frenemies'), but this one is particularly relevant to the industry and current issues within.                                                              (Click photo) You can also find the first pod...
I get my share of junkmail, as I'm sure many of you do.  However, being in the real estate business, I try to be sure that the masses of real estate junk mail I get isn't legitimate business mail. Today I ran across this [partial email] that made my day: "I'm sure you have all seen on the NEWS ov...
It's September Eleventh.  I started out my morning a bit melancholy; reading news stories saluting those who had fallen eight years ago.  Had it really been that long?  Strange sensations of feeling connected yet disconnected from that day and the path in which it has detoured all of our lives. I...
  Recently we were approached by the city regarding our sewer hook-up.  It is located on a ‘party sewer line' where it connects into our neighbor's sewer line before entering to the main sewer at the street.   It used to connect to the house on the other side of ours as well before those owners r...
My boss, Brandon ('Mr. Ashcroft' being his alias over at 'Ashcroft & Associates'... he also dislikes it when I use an ampersand rather than the word 'and' but I digress) got a bit of press today at This in turn churned up at least one other AR blog post from a frustrated Realtor.  ...
  The following is an albeit biased educational on the HVCC via TBWS Daily.   Click on the attached pictures for Brian Stevens and Frank Garray's video blog about the HVCC.                                           Click here to sign the HVCC petition.                                             ...
No calls for value checks.... Ahhh.... That silence is most welcome.  But in return, appraisers have a new litany of issues with our new go-to-guys.  I'm not trying to burn bridges here, just sending a note out into the blogosphere which include some friendly ideas.   The following are suggestion...
It is unclear in this news story whether his title is 'Banker' or 'Loan Officer'... but really, who cares?  It's just one of those nice 'breather' stories that reminds us all that life is alright. The morale of the story ... Take a break to help others every now and again... you never know, it mi...

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