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I've been tossing a question around in my head and the clients that I've spoken with about it really don't know the answer. If your client, a local brokerage, signs up with an AMC, can they submit an 'approved appraiser list' to that AMC so that they are still working with the same group of appra...
  I hate to open up a can of worms, but are any of you appraisers checking to see if buyers are first time and qualify for the First-time home buyer tax credit on your comparable properties? Enough Realtors that I have spoken with say that there business has picked up with help from the tax credi...
The Oregon Humane Society has seen the effects of our economy.  Hugo's family faces foreclosure so the OHS description tells.  Sergio Rodriguez's family might be in the same situation.  This may also be why Cassie was left on the side of the road with her pups.  There also seem to be more dogs li...
Hello appraisers - I have a new AMC that I'm working with (call me a sucker, but the fee split is nearly decent) that is requesting that I send them my MLS information that I had used for the comparable properties and listings in my report. I saw this as a requirement on their appraisal request b...
This American Life episode focuses on a Chicago Condo that is going through foreclosure.  The foreclosures were due to location, condition of construction (a paid off city inspector?) and of course the current economy. Listen to episode here.  
Rain Barrels:  They've has been on my to-do list for about two years now.  Realizing that I'm more of a list-writer than a do-er when it comes to manual projects, I enlisted the help of a friend, Maurice to help me check this project off my list.  I started some online research about the basics t...
Thursday I received an urgent call from a lender.  They needed a rush review appraisal that needed to be completed by the following morning.  It seemed pretty cut and dry, but I was perplexed by the original appraiser's comparable properties, which were up to 3 1/2 miles from the subject property...
Eminent Domain was implemented in the US to seize individually owned property for public use.... for the betterment of a community.  In Portland, with all of the Interstates, it had to be done for the good of the masses (in other words, the city would not be what it is today without creating said...
If you have a private remarks spot on your MLS system and you take a moment to write a note such as this one: Seriously... if you have a thorough description and pictures in your MLS listing and note any concessions that may have happened at the time of purchase, this quick note can save you oodl...
We're in the middle of an economic and individual housing meltdown in this country.  People are losing their homes, banks are losing their assets.  To comfort the government, banks and homeowners, new appraisal regulations are being made left and right.  Upgraded appraiser qualifications are bein...

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