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This NPR news feed on Talk of the Nation with Ira Flatow.  is some scary stuff about where earth is headed.  "Earth may be on the verge of the sixth major mass extinction event." Over-population of first world nations Ice free arctic in 5 years Bye bye polar bears, mosquitos, honey bees Grim out...
According to research done by the highly acclaimed show Mythbusters, stressed out drivers consume up to 1/3 more gas than their relaxed counterparts.  The next time this episode (entitled ‘Exploding Stake') airs is August 17th at 9pm (PST?).  As Real Estate professionals, we certainly drive and q...
  Oh what fun... a guilt ridden Eco-Test for everyone -   Give yourself 2 points for each question that you can (honestly) answer yes to.  If you try, but fail to meet 100% of the question, give yourself 1 point.  Grade yourself as if you were in school again, 90-100 = A as in Absolutely ECO, 80-...
I received this announcement after the show had gone live.  I'm sure they will post the show for viewing later, but currently my computer isn't taking too kindly to their web site.  If anyone has heard, let us know how it went. Per a la mode, inc pop up:   Tune in tomorrow to hear Dave Biggers d...
  Every time I get an order from an Appraisal Management Group I'm reminded of the HVCC's proposal to make AMCs the go-betweens for lenders and appraisers.  The idea behind this is to reduce lender pressure and coercion in finance transactions.  Pardon my military, but Whisky Tango Foxtrot?  I'd ...
  As the industry collectively bite their nails these days, I find more and more odd requests coming from underwriters.   This last request I just can't seem to wrap my head around and so I thought perhaps my peers and other underwriters out there could assist. This is in regards to relocation ap...
A fellow appraiser of mine is at a loss.  He's been debating with one of the big banks how on earth an appraiser is to apply a remaining economic life value to a condo.  Below are some excerpts from his correspondence with the big bank: "As this is a condominium form of ownership, it is impossibl...
Here is the second assortment of appraisal-related posts that were not posted in the AR appraiser forum.   The first blog with such content can be  found here for your reference.   Check your appraisal by Marc Brinitzer The accuracy of drive by appraisals by Larry Ellis FHA Loan Appraisals & Prob...
  Today I took a few moments to find some properties in my own neighborhood where there is still money to be made in the art of ‘flipping'.   I singled out a few properties in the area where some investment gurus have made some minor to major changes and are still coming out ahead even in this de...
North Portland: the seedy part of Portland by reputation.  Now I'm not saying that any part of Portland was ever ‘scary' by big city standards... I mean this is the city where even the thugs need coffee before they get about their business.  But North Portland was always considered the ‘affordab...

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