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OK.  I know that I have to explain this to the general public rather often, and I'm obliged to do so... but now I feel like I need to remind the lending institutions as well... Definition:  REAL ESTATE APPRAISER - A person who sets a value upon property Definition: HOME INSPECTOR - A person that ...
This post is a bit of a tease as the festival is currently in full swing and if you are just now reading this, you will likely miss the festivities... but put it on your calendar for next year! What could be better?  Small town Americana meets... Mars! McMenamins originally hosted the first UFO ...
This is a list of the most common USPAP errors according to my state appraisers board.  Just a note to the pros out there that are not familiar with appraisal guidelines, if we [appraisers] are caught (on purpose or accident) abusing any of these USPAP guidelines, we are fined, given additional c...
Hello appraisers et al  - I just wanted to remind everyone in the appraisal and lending world that today is the last day that these links will be available for your criticle input: Fannie Mae Freddie MacThere are many other HVCC petition links out there, too!  Google.If you're in the dark on what...
  As Earth Day approaches, I thought I would finally watch National Geographic's Human Footprint (note it's upcoming air times) that has been sitting in our TiVo queue until nearly its expiration.   It's a rather clever visual about just some of the footprint that we American's impose on the eart...
Our friend, who has had an unimaginably daunting year or two already, was finally able to evict her Section 8 tenant.  The friend has a heart of gold and so it's not surprising that she and her family would chose to go with government subsidized housing for their rental.  I can promise you they w...
Remember the days when appraisers were printing three or four copies of each report and then running to the one hour photo with a glue stick in one hand, envelope and stamps in the other ready to frantically paste the pictures into the report, run to the post office and send out the report before...
This was in Ann O'Rourke's newsletter today (go to and sign up for Ann's free newsletter!) : Armando Montelongo accused of failing to pay real estate appraiser. A San Antonio-based real estate developer featured on the cable television show "Flip This House" has been...
I'm not sure if this is universal or not, but as of about a year ago our mls system gave Realtors the option to enter 'bumpable buyer' (rather than active or pending).  My assumption is that this is a buyer that has an offer pending on a property, but there is a contingency stating if a better of...
His name was Speck.  My dad had fallen in love with the skinny white dog with one black dot.  The neighbors were holding him for their daughter while she relocated.  As weeks turned to months, the dog had outlasted its welcome at the neighbors house (a wonder as they had so many animals, I'm surp...

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