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Okay, I admit it - after the week I have had, from the bizarre to the just oh my gosh, get me out of here, I am feeling a tad worn.........this business used to be so easy! I got a phone call - yes, another phone call - from what I thought was a principal! Whooohoooo - love those calls - and bett...
It's that time of year again, Mercury is in Retrograde!  Bringing about those time-eating traffic jams, snafus related to communication, computers and technology that just doesn't seem to be wired right, and a tendency to forget that which we already know, are just some of the many annoyances tha...
Having friends and neighbors who've been scammed as well as seeing advertisements ALL over the place for companies offering loan modification, debt consolidation, etc, all noted that their "team of lawyers (please note that the State Bar of CA is asking licensed attorneys NOT to affiliate themsel...
There are a lot of articles hitting the blogs questioning the ethics of today's challenging market. In my area, we face a housing shortage, esp in some price ranges, and it appears as though many are not listing the homes on the MLS as directed - and as a result are selling the homes themselves. ...
Another month of ups and downs in the real estate world! What is going on? Interestingly enough, we do actually have a really good housing market here in Ventura County and I will tell you more about why I say this and why I feel this way.  According to what I have seen or experienced as well as ...
I know a lot of buyers may beg to differ, but honestly, there are so many good deals out there, I am personally frothing at the mouth - okay, that's a little gross - but seriously, I have to pass on those great buys day after day after day - due to the same reasons buyers today are struggling - a...
That's not an easy question to answer! However, as an experienced agent - specializing in negotiating - and CLOSING - short sales, as well as bank owned homes, I have the knowledge and the tools available to me to successful help today's distressed home owner! I am not asking to strictly list - a...
As you may be aware, on Wednesday President Bush signed the Stimulus Bill; besides the tax benefit of this bill, there is also the portion that is designed to jump-start the housing market as well as ward off a recession. For our area (Ventura and Los Angeles Counties) we were granted the maximum...
Another month of ups and downs in the real estate world! Unbelievably, an article was printed on the front page of the NY Times last weekend, accusing the Nation's largest lender of fraud, and now this weekend it is about the unemployment rates that are expected to skyrocket, due to the housing m...
Though blogging isn't my typical forum for writing about the state of our real estate market, since I also send monthly newsletters, I figured the more I can get my word out there, the better educated my potential buyers and sellers will be - and this enables me to work with you on a much more re...

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