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It is so hard to double post blogs. I have a blog and I have active rain. I try to put the same on both. Last May, I forgot to post here what I posted there.....www.jmacsays.comFrom May 7, 2007....but relevent to today.I finally reached my limit yesterday. I have been spending weekends attending ...
UPDATE: The continuing saga of a fat hand in a cookie jar. Now, from the highest point of Mount Wife, echoes of "Hmph, I told you so" will ring down on me. I spent a couple more hours going back and forth with the couples lender. He had sent a letter over that included the terms  :purchase price ...
  I wrote what I thought was a heart warming post regarding balance and the upcoming holiday. My room mate read it and told me that she was looking forward to driving down and preparing a Thanksgiving meal for her dad.  I packed the car Friday night before she got home from her job and last minu...
So, you are sitting back waiting on those prices to fall even further. I understand. After all, it is rather safe on the fence. The problem you have while sitting there, watching prices, is that the cold wind of interest rate increases is on the horizon. Just like "the hawk" that brings the chill...
Winter is coming. This year, there are more empty houses on the market than in years past.It is time to Winterize! I went through my list of homes that are empty and contacted Mike. Mike works for Tri-Con USA and can be reached at 301-668-4868. He handles all the winterizing for most of the agent...
 The fact that I am a real estate agent does not ban me from pausing every November to be thankful. You see, I hear about agents that jumped up from a holiday meal to go show a house. I have heard the old wives tales about the biggest deals being done on a holiday.I don't believe it!I think that ...
Whether it was last month, last year or several years ago, you got your real estate license. Many of you then went out into the world to find an office. You might have talked with one, two or several brokers before deciding where you would hang your license. Then came the paperwork.Depending on h...
Much has been written about the current lawsuit that the Department of Justice filed against the NAR. A search on a multitude of blogs will reveal that agents across the country are outraged. The lawsuit has agents on both sides of the issues flaming each other. Business models are being scrutini...
A visit to your website, reveals that you have 1.3 million members. I am just one of them. Maybe, I don't see the big picture. It could be that I am too involved in the day to day activities performing my job to understand the world as you see it.I am concerned.You see, you have various associati...
Shakespeare offered "Much Ado About Nothing". I was perusing this morning's Washington Post and came across an article regarding an email sent by the owner of Long and Foster exhorting his agents to use the in-house lender. I was surprised to see that his note caused enough of a stir to reach the...

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