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Not all of Pelican Bay homes and condos are on the rise but if you were hoping to break into Pelican Bay with $350,000 it will take some negotiating if you can make it happen at all.  Until earlier this month there were two units available in Pelican Bay for $350,000 but both of those units have ...
I am pleased to present my latest addition to my website:!  Now, not only can you view listings in all of the buildings, villa communities and single-family home communities within Bay Colony, You can now check out Bay Colony floor plans for the following buildings and villas by...
During the last couple of weeks I found myself in a position that caused me to be overly nervous about posting on my blog.  Nervous? may ponder...Yep!  In an email from a prospective client I was accused of writing hateful posts, ranting negatively and being an unprofessional all around bad...
If you have not had the luxury of meeting (or getting to know) Elaine Hanson, it's worth your time to get to know her by reading her blog.  Here are some things I have learned about her:She has a terrific personality and is always generous with her comments and support.She is passionate about her...
You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you...  Remember the #1 hit song, "You're So Vain" written by Carly Simon?  Over 30 years people still want to know just who she was referring to.  You can read more about the history of "You're So Vein" by clicking here.For the official recor...
Unless you joined Active Rain an hour ago, there's no mystery about how popular & worth while real estate blogging is becoming.  But, I must say I don't think I've ever gotten a client strictly from my blog.  I'm pretty sure most people I'm working with now and in the past found me first from my ...
Here's a quick compilation of some of the sweetest moments I've experienced in my real estate career and what keeps me striving forward to provide the best service I can provide:You are happy you made the move aren't you? - Said by my current Broker a few weeks ago.  I certainly haven't broken an...
By the show of hands (as I scan across the cyber room of the 71,030 people who have joined Active Rain) how many of you are currently working with someone looking for a "deal"?  Please put your hands down now and hold back the throw up that is now in your mouth. "I'm looking for a deal" has now r...
1.  Tell that *$% that if he wants to threaten me that my attorneys are bigger than his attorneys and I will eat him for lunch.  2.  This is as low as we're going...if they ask for anything else, and I mean ANYTHING ELSE...tell them to go pound sand.  3.  Hi Shannon the good news is I'm going to ...
Anyone spending anytime in real estate learns quickly that everything trends.  If one person is looking for a beach front condo...3 more people are contacting me about the same thing.  Pelican Bay and Bay Colony is trending hot right now as far as that goes but this post isn't about Where Naples,...

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Author Bio: Shannon Lefevre, PA sells Naples Florida real estate and has been doing so successfully since 2002. That's why many call her Naples Smart Girl.

Naples Florida real estate information including facts, fun and the latest Naples Florida happenings.