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How many of us are tired of the media telling the consumer how bad real estate is?  I'd venture to guess there's more than two of us who feel this way.  Of course the flip side of the problem is the real estate professional driven statements like, "Buy Now?  Absolutely"!  A headline I just came a...
For those of you who are familiar with the Naples, Florida subdivisions: Pine Ridge and Royal Harbor, I'm sure you must think I'm crazy to even be trying to tie the two areas together.  These two subdivisions hardly have anything in common.  Royal Harbor is located on the eastern side of Naples B...
Of course we are all familiar with the ever growing popularity of video blogging and embedding real estate related videos on our real estate websites.  Especially with our very own Active Rain Gods urging us on with those fabulous video related contests.  After a brief conversation with Bob Stewa...
Look Ma, No Hands, A phrase deemed appropriate for those riding a bike for the first time with their hands off the handle bars.  Not a phrase deemed appropriate for professionally selling luxury real estate in Naples, Florida.  I came from a surrounding where initially it was ok to dream...but ev...
What in the heck is "Shantastic"?  A property I deem exceptional above all others and let me tell you, I must be one of the most pickiest of all people.  Why?  I've seen it, I've been there, I've done that...what most consider cool or unusual is typical for me...well in many cases something I've ...
When I was 3 or 4 I experienced my first "public" Easter egg hunt at my pre-school.  From what I remember...all of the other kids were beaming with excitement and seemed to be bouncing off the walls which in turn made it difficult for me to contain myself although I don't think I really understoo...
By the show of hands, how many listing agents out there are hearing questions from buyers and other agents that sound like this:1.  What's the lowest price your seller is willing to accept?2.  Is there any flexibility on the price?3.  How motivated are your sellers?Ok, listing agents, put your ha...
Spend a few minutes in the real estate industry and you're bound to hear something you think might cause your heart to stop.  Especially today! I'm not closing... Fix everything, or I'm walking... I'm taking your client's earnest money and putting the property back on the market... But if you spe...
Nobody prepared me when I stumbled upon Naples, Florida over six years ago.  My husband, Jerry, and I happened to be vacationing at Fort Myers Beach in January of 2002 when we aimlessly drove to Naples to see what it was all about. We, like many unsuspecting tourists, took Tamiami Trail South all...
If there was ever a time to select a magnificent Naples, Florida might be the time to do it.  Not because prices are rock bottom or because "now is the time to buy" which is (in my opinion the most overused and least believed term in real estate)...but I believe now is the time to ...

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Author Bio: Shannon Lefevre, PA sells Naples Florida real estate and has been doing so successfully since 2002. That's why many call her Naples Smart Girl.

Naples Florida real estate information including facts, fun and the latest Naples Florida happenings.