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Our MLS systems have come along way haven't they?  I'm sure some of you remember the MLS books and can tell stories about how you had to wait a month to get them and how the data was old by the time you did.  This is not what this post is about.  It's more about...we've come along way yet have a ...
It's just not going to be me, my clients or you on that deal.  I received a call a few months ago from a colleague who sounded distraught when she started speaking.  Her first statement:  My buyer wants a copy of your marketing material on that house we sold (which took place several months ago)....
Why does it seem like everyone is asking questions and hesitating to act these days?  Is it for fear of making a mistake...uncertainty...laziness?  Come on folks it's not that hard, get on with it and even if you don't have ALL THE ANSWERS or know EXACTLY EACH STEP TO TAKE...TAKE A STEP ANYWAY!He...
Ahhh the weekly listing activity reports our sellers are looking for........I know some of the agents compile them...some of us don't...some of us pretend to do them and well some of us DO do them.  I personally think they're imperative to smart and successful listing relationships and actually, ...
It's starting...the calls from people up north who have been hovering over Naples, Florida waiting for prices to change...are calling on listings they saw at excellent prices that are now under contract. I wrote a post last week about how quite a few of the best-priced properties in Pelican Bay h...
AGHHHHH!  I am biting my tongue so bad right now I think I just might bite it completely off!  Some of you knowhow I feel I'm sure as I cannot be alone when I travel throughout each day with my blogging mind never turning completely know how it goes...we go through the day and say, "hey...
I'm not political...I'm not, I'm not, I'm not...ok maybe I am...a little but I do count on the people I trust the most to help me make my decision. Take for example my mother...since long before I was born she always has had her opinions about who should be in office and I don't just mean the Whi...
Remember that movie "Sixteen Candles"?  Samantha's grandfather answered her phone late one night...when the caller didn't say anything, he said, "I know you're there...I can hear you breathing".  That's the feeling I sometimes get when I see specific hits on my website. Due to the fabulous techno...
Trieste at Bay Colony is the grand finale high-rise in Bay Colony completed in 2002.  Built by WCI, this twenty-story building featuring 106 luxury units offer some of the greatest floor plans and finishes in all of Naples.  Designed by Robert Wedroe, AIA, you can expect tasteful aesthetic beauty...
Naples, Florida buyers are definitely feeling more confident about our Naples, Florida real estate market.  So much in fact that my latest buyer purchased his Naples condo without actually seeing it before he closed.  Now I must admit, it wasn't a super big deal...ok it was very small for Naples,...

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Author Bio: Shannon Lefevre, PA sells Naples Florida real estate and has been doing so successfully since 2002. That's why many call her Naples Smart Girl.

Naples Florida real estate information including facts, fun and the latest Naples Florida happenings.