bay colony: Thinking About Auctioning Your Naples Luxury Home? - 08/09/19 08:05 AM
Hello Naples Friends,
Now that we're seeing some softening in the Naples real estate market, I'm also seeing the return of gimmicky real estate practices, including auctioning as an alternative to traditional real estate sales practices. 
In a recent post about Naples real estate auction results, I cover the history of the high-rise Trieste at Bay Colony condominium and the trials and tribulations that occurred during the selling process of this property. 
I recap the entire history of Trieste at Bay Colony and give you some insight into what has happened since its inception.
I also talked about what I experienced during the advertised auction … (1 comments)

bay colony: Pelican Bay Naples, Florida Update - 11/26/17 11:58 AM
The Pelican Bay Naples, Florida, real estate market is thriving. If you're looking at Pelican Bay, purchasing now will likely be wiser than waiting until March or April!
Here are the latest Pelican Bay Naples market stats:
Active: 152 Pending: 35 Closed past year: 327 Less than six months of inventory means buyers should not be shocked if prices increase this season.
Pelican Bay home stats:
Active: 13 Pending: 5 Closed past year: 38 Barely four months of inventory here!
Pelican Bay condo stats:
Active: 124 Pending: 27 Closed past year: 257 Less than six months of inventory here!
Pelican Bay villa stats:
Active: 13 … (5 comments)

bay colony: New Condo Construction in Naples, Florida - 05/21/17 07:20 AM
New condo construction in Naples, Florida is really heating up! If there was ever a real estate market in Naples, Florida developing behind demand, it's this one! Currently, there are 3 projects on the ground after a seven-year hiatus and response has been somewhat awesome!
What's spurring the success of these new developments? Value and lack of inventory!
My latest Naples Florida blog post talks about:
Aqua Naples Kalea Bay Mystique at Pelican Bay One Naples at Vanderbilt Beach Ritz Carlton exploratory study on Vanderbilt Beach Aqua only has 7 units left, the building was certified for occupancy last week and you can … (4 comments)

bay colony: Naples Florida Snapshot Report - 09/20/13 10:12 PM
Hello Naples Friends,
The John R. Wood neighborhood snapshot report was just released this week.  I'll report on the locations where I work and follow most:
Naples neighborhoods with a shortage of supply at this time:
Aqualane Shores:
30 Aqualane Shores homes sold during the past year. 19 are currently on the market = 7.6 months of inventory
Bay Colony:
2 Bay Colony homes on the market with 3 sold during the past year = 8 months of inventory
42 Bay Colony condos sold during the past 12 months with 27 remaining = 7.71 months of inventory
Grey Oaks:
59 Grey Oaks homes sold during the past year. 36 are … (2 comments)

bay colony: Bay Colony Shores Update - 02/14/13 09:59 PM
Hello Naples Friends!
While I was remastering the Bay Colony Shores pages of my Naples real estate website, I thought it would be a great time to give you an update.
Currently, there are 4 Bay Colony Shores homes for sale and whether they’re sitting on a fabulous lot and a half, have had craftsmanship completed by experts from far away places or  recently and fabulously remastered…there’s something special about each one. 
Bay Colony Shores has had two closings during the past 12 months and technically there are two years of inventory on the market but I wouldn’t let the numbers fool you into … (1 comments)

bay colony: Bay Colony Naples Florida Week In Review 1-5-13 - 01/06/13 09:37 PM
Happy New Year Naples Friends!  The first week of the year is now officially behind us and the Naples real estate high season has officially begun.  I'd say the Bay Colony Naples Florida market is not performing at what I would consider a shotgun start but here's what I can report.

There are two new listings that hit the market this week one can be found in Contessa at Bay Colony, the other in Toscana at Bay Colony. There are some really amazing units on the market right now at some pretty decent prices and then well...there are some … (0 comments)

bay colony: More Foreclosures Coming To Naples? - 12/10/12 04:23 AM
The short answer to, "is there going to be more foreclosures in Naples"? Is yes.  It's normal for there to be some level of distressed properties in our market. In fact, there are currently 159 foreclosures on the market which represents 2.9% of the overall market.

But if you are primarily interested in Naples luxury real estate, I wouldn't get too excited.  There are only 2 properties listed over $1,000,000 that are being advertised as foreclosures. That represents .0003% of the total active Naples real estate inventory.  One is in Grey Oaks the other is located in Naples Boat Club. … (0 comments)

bay colony: Naples Real Estate Update 11.30.12 - 11/30/12 12:25 AM
Good Day Naples Friends,  Tis the season! Naples real estate buying traffic is strong, activity is high and lots of exciting new Naples real estate happenings are occurring...
In fact, I just wrote a magnificent Naples real estate post about how the Naples seller behavior is changing only to realize for the sake of some of my deals on the table, I better not post due to the fact that I would not be writing in the best interest of my current clients.  Many times when my posts slow it's because I'm very involved in deals I simply can't write about for the … (1 comments)

bay colony: Foreclosures in Pelican Bay - 07/15/12 04:07 AM
Hello Naples Friends,

I just received an email from a gentleman who asked, "Are there any foreclosures in Pelican Bay".

The long and short answer to that question is:

There's 1.

As it stands right now there are only 251 active listings in Pelican Bay which equates to 10 months of inventory putting Pelican Bay in an under-supplied inventory status. There are currently 46 pending sales in Pelican Bay today which means despite the time of year, Pelican Bay is experiencing fabulous sales traffic.

Another portion of his question included,  "is anything under $250,000 in Pelican … (5 comments)

bay colony: Where The Pelican Bay Deals Might Be Part II - 05/25/12 04:57 AM
Hello Naples Friends! Here are the next 9 Pelican Bay communities that still have an oversupply of inventory where you might be able to find a great Pelican Bay deal this summer.  If you missed the first 7 Pelican Bay communities with an oversupply of inventory, you can find them here:

Where The Deals Might Be In Pelican Bay Part I
There was a whopping 4 way tie for #6 with 24 months of inventory:
Bay Colony Shores:  This is another one of those communities where it's almost completely unfair to report on an oversupply of inventory here because for … (0 comments)

bay colony: Pelican Bay ~ Potential Pelican Bay Community Deal Hangouts! - 05/24/12 04:43 AM
I received a delightful email from one of my favorite people today regarding his experience he had while listening to a speaker discuss the future demographics that will affect the economy.  Two of his talking points explained that there will be a shortage of supply in the second home markets of Florida. Just for giggles, I pulled up Pelican standing at a 10 month supply of inventory with 12 Pelican Bay communities currently completely sold out...
Most buyers I know like to get a good deal and when markets shrink as they are here in Pelican Bay, those deals become fewer and harder to … (0 comments)

bay colony: A Full Circle Of Naples Real Estate Experience. - 05/21/12 07:49 AM
Hello Naples Fans!  I'm here to announce I have completed my first full circle of experience in Naples real estate and it only took me 9 years and 10.5 months.  There's something to be said about experience and fortunately for those who put in the time and effort, there's a real payoff.  It's still the one thing that can't bought or acquired through gaming a system in can't even be gained through just showing up.  You have to be in it to get it. So that's why the few agents who "can" include on their business card, "selling Naples real … (0 comments)

bay colony: Bay Colony Naples Florida Update 4.23.12 - 04/23/12 06:33 AM
It appears the tables have turned in favor of the sellers for Bay Colony Naples, Florida, this year. With barely, over 9 months of inventory buyers were found scrambling for the best Bay Colony choices this year and some were simply not happy about it.
For example, I received a call from a lady earlier this season who sounded exasperated about an experience she was going through with her husband.  They had just tried to purchase a Bay Colony beachfront condo and had lost the deal because they ended up in a competing situation and lost. They felt like maybe they had … (1 comments)

bay colony: Naples Smart Girl's Naples Real Estate M.O. - 04/15/12 08:03 AM
Hello Naples Friends,
I've noticed there seems to be a common thread with many of the Naples real estate customers I've worked with this season that begins with a bit of perhaps...bewilderment. 
The first phone call starts out with something like:
Hi, this is _______ we've been using your Naples real estate website and we're thinking about buying and wanted to call you first... Hi this is _______ we're in town and saw these properties on your site and wanted to see if you're available... Hi we're not sure if we want to purchase or not but we're considering doing something in Naples … (0 comments)

bay colony: Contessa at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 11/01/11 10:09 AM
Contessa at Bay Colony current statistics show the building going a little against the Pelican Bay grain.  Here are the current Contessa at Bay Colony stats:
Contessa at Bay Colony condos for sale = 7 Contessa at Bay Colony pending condos = 0 Contessa at Bay Colony sales during the past 12 months = 5 There's a slight oversupply in Contessa right now coming in at 16 months of inventory.  That number hardly seems fair considering 3 of those units just hit the market within the last 30 days.  If you're a penthouse fan, you're in luck! There are 2 on the … (1 comments)

bay colony: Biltmore at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 10/07/11 01:14 PM
Biltmore at Bay Colony has had a tremendous year! Here are the current stats:
3 Biltmore at Bay Colony condos are currently available. 6 Biltmore at Bay Colony condos have sold during the past 12 months. 0 Biltmore at Bay Colony homes are currently pending. That means there are only 6 months of inventory in Biltmore at Bay Colony right now. 

While we're on the topic of decor...let's talk about decorative borders.  You know those silly 6 to 9-inch strips of wallpaper we used back in the '80s to decorate the top couple of feet of our walls most … (2 comments)

bay colony: Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 09/19/11 12:50 PM
Bay Colony Naples Florida Update!
I said I would write about Pelican Bay sub-communities separately, and I will...but we can't leave out Bay Colony as a whole! So here it is!
Bay Colony has a LEVEL amount of a short period of time, it may even be technically under-supplied!
Bay Colony Active Listings = 38
Bay Colony Solds (During Past 12 Months) = 38
Bay Colony Properties pending contract = 4
Market time in Bay Colony is shrinking! The average market time for properties that have sold is 270 days, for properties pending, it's 671 days and for Bay Colony properties that remain on the market, … (0 comments)

bay colony: Carlysle at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 09/08/11 05:33 PM
By the looks of the current Carlysle at Bay Colony condos for sale, you'd think it was nearly season! Well...wait, it is! Two Carlysle at Bay Colony condos have just hit the market and if you have been waiting for some fresh meat, now might be the time to take a peek and see what's available.  Carlysle at Bay Colony has been a bit of a sleeper building because we had one sale early on during this past winter season and then we had one remaining unit left. If you want to know why that last one didn't sell quickly,'ll … (2 comments)

bay colony: Villa La Palma Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 01/25/11 09:24 AM
Villa La Palma at Bay Colony is STABLE. :)
Not much to report about Villa La Palma other than there's currently one unit available and one sold last year.  That's been the story during the last five years:
2010- 1 sold 2009- 2 sold 2008- 1 sold 2007- 2 sold 2006- 1 sold 2005- 3 sold And while a handful of Villa La Palma properties have sold for over $2,000,000, they've been bringing between $1,700,000 and $1,800,000 during the last couple of years. 
If you're a Villa La Palma at Bay Colony property owner and you're considering selling, there are three things … (1 comments)

bay colony: Strand at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 01/23/11 12:51 AM
Strand at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update
 The Strand at Bay Colony is the most luxurious and exclusive enclave in Bay Colony and is one of Naples's most coveted locals.  Today 2 of the 12 Strand at Bay Colony homes are available ranging over 10 to nearly 13 million dollars.   The tail end of Bay Colony Drive looks like something out of a European old-world village but few people seldom get the luxury of a drive-by since all of these homes are positioned behind a second gate within Bay Colony.  Some residents with units in buildings like Marquesa at Bay Colony, Salerno … (2 comments)

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