bay colony naples: Bay Colony Shores Update - 02/14/13 09:59 PM
Hello Naples Friends!
While I was remastering the Bay Colony Shores pages of my Naples real estate website, I thought it would be a great time to give you an update.
Currently, there are 4 Bay Colony Shores homes for sale and whether they’re sitting on a fabulous lot and a half, have had craftsmanship completed by experts from far away places or  recently and fabulously remastered…there’s something special about each one. 
Bay Colony Shores has had two closings during the past 12 months and technically there are two years of inventory on the market but I wouldn’t let the numbers fool you into … (1 comments)

bay colony naples: Bay Colony Naples Florida Week In Review 1-5-13 - 01/06/13 09:37 PM
Happy New Year Naples Friends!  The first week of the year is now officially behind us and the Naples real estate high season has officially begun.  I'd say the Bay Colony Naples Florida market is not performing at what I would consider a shotgun start but here's what I can report.

There are two new listings that hit the market this week one can be found in Contessa at Bay Colony, the other in Toscana at Bay Colony. There are some really amazing units on the market right now at some pretty decent prices and then well...there are some … (0 comments)

bay colony naples: Bay Colony Naples Florida Update 4.23.12 - 04/23/12 06:33 AM
It appears the tables have turned in favor of the sellers for Bay Colony Naples, Florida, this year. With barely, over 9 months of inventory buyers were found scrambling for the best Bay Colony choices this year and some were simply not happy about it.
For example, I received a call from a lady earlier this season who sounded exasperated about an experience she was going through with her husband.  They had just tried to purchase a Bay Colony beachfront condo and had lost the deal because they ended up in a competing situation and lost. They felt like maybe they had … (1 comments)

bay colony naples: Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 09/19/11 12:50 PM
Bay Colony Naples Florida Update!
I said I would write about Pelican Bay sub-communities separately, and I will...but we can't leave out Bay Colony as a whole! So here it is!
Bay Colony has a LEVEL amount of a short period of time, it may even be technically under-supplied!
Bay Colony Active Listings = 38
Bay Colony Solds (During Past 12 Months) = 38
Bay Colony Properties pending contract = 4
Market time in Bay Colony is shrinking! The average market time for properties that have sold is 270 days, for properties pending, it's 671 days and for Bay Colony properties that remain on the market, … (0 comments)

bay colony naples: Quick Naples Update - 03/04/11 01:06 PM
Hi Naples Florida Fans!
I cannot believe the number of Naples buyers I'm working with this year compared to the last several.  While I'd hoped this season would be better than last, I had forgotten how quickly the market could change.  If you have been waiting to purchase, now might be the time to do so.  Several others have already felt the same and many properties my current customers have had an interest in are already gone while others are currently feeling the pressure to make a move. 
I do believe the window has closed in many areas regarding ridiculous discounting off market … (0 comments)

bay colony naples: Villa La Palma Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 01/25/11 09:24 AM
Villa La Palma at Bay Colony is STABLE. :)
Not much to report about Villa La Palma other than there's currently one unit available and one sold last year.  That's been the story during the last five years:
2010- 1 sold 2009- 2 sold 2008- 1 sold 2007- 2 sold 2006- 1 sold 2005- 3 sold And while a handful of Villa La Palma properties have sold for over $2,000,000, they've been bringing between $1,700,000 and $1,800,000 during the last couple of years. 
If you're a Villa La Palma at Bay Colony property owner and you're considering selling, there are three things … (1 comments)

bay colony naples: Toscana at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 01/11/11 12:57 AM
Toscana at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update!
This is going to be a good news-bad news good news sandwich. Isn't that great?  So let's start off with something Fabulous! Toscana at Bay Colony has had a whopping 7 sales during the last 2 years.  Unfortunately, only 2 of those occurred last year and there are 4 presently on the market which makes for an oversupply or 2-year inventory.
But don't get too excited! There hasn't been a new listing since last July and typically there's always something that hits the market around this time of year so sellers might be holding … (2 comments)

bay colony naples: Salerno at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update. - 01/10/11 01:16 PM
Salerno at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update.
Salerno at Bay Colony is one of 4 Bay Colony high-rise buildings not located directly on the sand.  While Salerno offers the best Gulf of Mexico views compared to the other three high rises, you'll find Salerno also offers interesting Vanderbilt Beach views and will encompass twinkling lights from the beachfront high rises in Bay Colony at night, which is SUPER because the Gulf of Mexico goes completely dark at night leaving just a black backdrop for those who face the Gulf.
Currently, there are 6 Salerno condos on the market and, once again, only … (3 comments)

bay colony naples: Remington at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update! - 01/09/11 01:35 PM
Remington at Bay Colony Naples Florida update.

Ok, so if you've been following my focus on Bay Colony, unfortunately, this one is going to sound similar. I can't confirm my hunch but there might be a "who can stay on the market without selling the longest" contest going on in Remington at Bay Colony right now.
This is a VERY unfortunate circumstance for the building because quite frankly, the Remington has SO many fabulous attributes, services, and amenities, not to mention her second to none location on one of the most luxurious Naples beaches strategically sandwiched between the Ritz Carlton … (0 comments)

bay colony naples: Marquesa at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update! - 01/08/11 02:35 PM
The Marquesa at Bay Colony is the ONLY high-rise in Bay Colony that doesn't have a manned security guard in the lobby which is a SUPER option for those who demand privacy and want to be in control of who they allow in their unit.
Because it is a low-density building (only 15 floors and 39 units) there isn't much that goes on here.  Last year there was only 1 sale, just like the year before and currently, there are 4 on the market.  Of course, that looks like a 4-year inventory on paper...well...because there is a four-year inventory...I suppose.  The … (2 comments)

bay colony naples: Carlysle at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update 1-5-11 - 01/05/11 02:16 AM
Three cheers for Carlysle at Bay Colony!

Carlysle experienced a FABULOUS 2010!  With only 1 currently on the market and 3 closed this past 12 months, that makes the listing inventory at a 4-month level or UNDER SUPPLY! 

So what happened in Carlysle at Bay Colony that produced such outstanding results compared to her two sister buildings, Biltmore at Bay Colony and Brighton at Bay Colony that paled in comparison as far as closed 2010 sales are concerned? 

First, pricing had a TON to do with it!  With an average of 88% list to sale price … (2 comments)

bay colony naples: Brighton at Bay Colony Naples Florida Update 1.4.11 - 01/03/11 11:54 PM
Here's your Brighton at Bay Colony Naples Florida update.  While Brighton at Bay Colony is one of my most favorite high rises in Bay Colony, Brighton at Bay Colony has not been performing as well as some of her sister high-rises in the area.  
There are a whopping 8 units or (4 years of inventory) currently on the market with an 80% list price to sales price ratio for the 2 units that did sell last year.  That's not as great as some of her sister buildings performed this past year but then again, Brighton at Bay Colony didn't break any … (2 comments)

bay colony naples: This Week In Pelican Bay Naples Florida - 09/05/10 06:59 AM

This week in Pelican Bay Naples Florida:
3 properties sold:
Pebble Creek at Pelican Bay 7671 Pebble Creek Cir #503 $912,500 (98% of list price) Went under contract in 31 days! St. Kitts at Pelican Bay 6585 Nicholas Blvd. #1504 $630,000 (90% of list price) Closed in 20 months but it was originally listed for $959,000. Willow Brook at Pelican Bay 792 Willowbrook Dr. #403 $325,000 (86% of list price) Took 17 months to close but it was originally listed at $650,000 WOW! 11 price changes occurred in:
Chateaumere Royale at Pelican Bay St. Kitts at Pelican Bay 2 in … (0 comments)

bay colony naples: Pelican Bay Homes Report - 07/28/10 02:28 AM
The Pelican Bay single-family home market has stabilized as a whole, although some areas within Pelican Bay are doing better than others.  As I wrote yesterday's blog post, the lowest-priced product is doing the best in Naples, Florida.  I expected the same for sales in Pelican Bay, but after further research, some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Pelican Bay turned out to be the biggest winners during the last 12 months.

Pelican Bay Single-Family Homes
There are 32 Pelican Bay homes for sale.
2 Pelican Bay homes are currently pending contracts.
32 Pelican Bay home sales have occurred during the past 12 months.
Hot … (9 comments)

bay colony naples: Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 06/11/10 02:29 AM

Bay Colony Naples Florida is the most luxurious community in Pelican Bay.  As it stands there are 50 properties currently available in Bay Colony.  Here's the break down:
Single Family Homes:
5- Bay Colony Shores
1- Strand at Bay Colony
3- Vizcaya at Bay Colony
Mid Rise Condos
3- Mansion La Palma
High Rise Condos
1- Biltmore at Bay Colony
4- Brighton at Bay Colony
5- Contessa at Bay Colony
2- Marquesa at Bay Colony
4- Remington at Bay Colony
5- Salerno at Bay Colony
6- Toscana at Bay Colony
10- Trieste at Bay Colony
1- Windsor at Bay Colony
6 units … (1 comments)

bay colony naples: Pelican Bay Pink Pages Newsletter To Be Released March 4, 2010 - 03/03/10 02:26 PM
The Pelican Bay Pink Pages is a monthly newsletter about Pelican Bay and Bay Colony Naples Florida. See sales statistics, neighborhood real estate reports, open houses, best deals, short sale information, and more.
The Pelican Bay Pink Pages are your most comprehensive Pelican Bay and Bay Colony resource! It's SO comprehensive you have to sign up for it..but no worries, that's to appease our local board of Realtors...your information won't be used for anything else!

bay colony naples: Bay Colony Naples Florida Update - 01/05/10 04:03 PM
There were a total of 37 properties that closed in Bay Colony Naples Florida in 2009.  That's just over half of what closed in 2008! Bay Colony like the rest of the Naples beachfront communities felt a little impact due to the economic downturn most likely from the dip in the stock market back in September 2008 among other factors. 
Bay Colony was considered one of Naples's shining stars when it came to real estate activity but sales traffic decreased considerably while we found inventories on the rise for the first time in years in 2009.  
It's not just the economic downturn … (1 comments)

bay colony naples: Pelican Bay & Bay Colony Non IDX Listings Now Available! - 05/11/09 10:28 AM
Did you know there are still Pelican Bay and Bay Colony agents who refuse to allow IDX capability on their Pelican Bay and Bay Colony listings?  That means they won't allow other agents and/or companies to advertise those listings on their websites.  This can cause quite an exposure problem since over 86% of all buyers are beginning their search on the Internet these days.  Some of the buyers I've worked with during the last couple of years do so much research before they come down that they actually send me a list of what they want to see before they get … (2 comments)

bay colony naples: Bay Colony Continuous Updates! - 03/26/09 02:16 AM
Are you finding yourself wanting to know the latest Bay Colony updates but don't want to pester an agent for details?  With inventories increasing and price reductions occuring, buyers want updates on information that just might land them the condo of the universe or the deal of the decade!  Even Bay Colony Shores is starting to move with what I've heard was a collosal deal negotiated just this week!  Attention savvy investors and "kept in suspense" sellers, I have created a new Twitter account to help you get several Bay Colony updates throughout the day!  Follow me @Bay_Colony or if you … (0 comments)

bay colony naples: Bay Colony Home Update - 03/05/09 06:52 AM
Bay Colony Homes (single-family):
13 Bay Colony homes are currently for sale. 
The Strand at Bay Colony is absolutely on fire!  There have been 3 magnificent homes on the market in The Strand at Bay Colony this year and already two of them are pending contract!  That's over 30 million in sales (list prices) so far for that little gem of a neighborhood!  There's only one left so if you've been keeping your eye on The Strand at Bay Colony, you might get on it!
Bay Colony Shores is absolutely not on fire.  This glorious subdivision is at a complete stand still … (1 comments)

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