pelican bay: 7073 Villa Lantana Way - Pelican Bay - 11/05/18 06:02 AM
 7073 Villa Lantana Way 
I have an amazing offering to share with you today! This sweet Villa Lantana home features three full bedrooms, three baths, and a roomy 2-car garage! This is the perfect answer for those searching for a low-maintenance home but who desire greater privacy than what can be found in condominium living.
What is special about this property is the courtyard-style design featuring incredible outside spaces for those who like having views of gorgeous landscaping to greet them every morning. In the morning, catch up with family and guests garden-side. In the afternoon, lounge by the sunny-side pool. 
Interior features include a … (5 comments)

pelican bay: Naples Real Estate Inventory Update 5.9.18 - 05/09/18 09:49 AM
Hello Naples Friends!
If you remember, I did a Naples inventory update back in November of last year. It's time to check out how each Naples neighborhood performed during the 2017-2018 season! Here we go!
Naples neighborhoods where inventories are UP.
Pelican Bay sits at 7. Up 2 since November.  Park Shore sits up 1 now at 9. Tiburon up 3 currently sitting at 12. Vanderbilt Beach up 2 sitting at 10. Pelican Marsh up 2 now at 10. Old Naples up 3 sitting at 12. Naples Cay up 5 now at 15. Pine Ridge up 2 with 12 months.  Aqualane Shores up 8 now at … (7 comments)

pelican bay: Pelican Bay Naples, Florida Update - 11/26/17 11:58 AM
The Pelican Bay Naples, Florida, real estate market is thriving. If you're looking at Pelican Bay, purchasing now will likely be wiser than waiting until March or April!
Here are the latest Pelican Bay Naples market stats:
Active: 152 Pending: 35 Closed past year: 327 Less than six months of inventory means buyers should not be shocked if prices increase this season.
Pelican Bay home stats:
Active: 13 Pending: 5 Closed past year: 38 Barely four months of inventory here!
Pelican Bay condo stats:
Active: 124 Pending: 27 Closed past year: 257 Less than six months of inventory here!
Pelican Bay villa stats:
Active: 13 … (5 comments)

pelican bay: Naples New Construction Luxury Report - 11/17/17 11:08 AM
There's so much good news in my Naples new construction luxury report, it will make you feel like you won the lottery. For some of us, that's what it might take to get into a few of these amazing offerings this year. Let's get started!
Here's the current Naples new construction market snapshot:
Active: 284 Pending: 64 Closed: 165 Buyers, Start Your Engines! 
While you're in the driver's seat with 20 months of active inventory this year, the race track is full of competitors. Keep your eyes on the traffic! That will have everything to do with how you maneuver to the finish … (2 comments)

pelican bay: 602 Naples Open Houses Today - 11/12/17 05:01 AM
Good Morning Naples Enthusiasts!
There are 602 Naples Open Houses today! Here's what's happening in some of the best neighborhoods in Naples, Florida:
Audubon Naples:      8              $599,000 - $1,300,000 Collier's Reserve:      1              $1,025,000 Coquina Sands:         5              $417,900 - $3,795,000 Grey Oaks:                5              $799,000 - $3,995,000 Mediterra:                10             $519,000 - $4,250,000 Moorings:        … (5 comments)

pelican bay: Naples Real Estate Inventory Update - 11/01/17 04:18 AM
Naples real estate inventories should be rising sky high right now but with a 13% drop in new listings compared to last year, some Naples neighborhoods could be gearing up for price increases this year.
Here's are the Naples neighborhoods where prices could continue to rise:
Pelican Bay -  5 months Royal Harbor - 6 months Park Shore - 8 months Tiburon - 8 months Vanderbilt Beach - 8 months Pelican Marsh - 8 months With an under-supply of inventory, it might be tough negotiating! Always go in with a Naples real estate negotiating boss if you deal with lower inventories. 
Here are the … (9 comments)

pelican bay: 1st Week of Pre-Season in Naples, Florida - 10/09/17 03:54 AM
Good Morning Naples Enthusiasts!
Everybody wants to know how the Naples Real Estate market is going to perform this season. The copy-cat canned response has formulated. Here's how it goes:
"Naples endured a category 3 storm head-on. Much of our structure remained sound with landscaping being the biggest victim. We will get that cleaned up and then people will marvel at how well Naples performed in the wake of what could've been impactful destruction."
I don't think that is as telling as real statistics so let's get started.
Here are the stats:
New Listings 230 Closed Sales 194 Terminated Listings 36 Expired 54 Back On … (11 comments)

pelican bay: New Condo Construction in Naples, Florida - 05/21/17 07:20 AM
New condo construction in Naples, Florida is really heating up! If there was ever a real estate market in Naples, Florida developing behind demand, it's this one! Currently, there are 3 projects on the ground after a seven-year hiatus and response has been somewhat awesome!
What's spurring the success of these new developments? Value and lack of inventory!
My latest Naples Florida blog post talks about:
Aqua Naples Kalea Bay Mystique at Pelican Bay One Naples at Vanderbilt Beach Ritz Carlton exploratory study on Vanderbilt Beach Aqua only has 7 units left, the building was certified for occupancy last week and you can … (4 comments)

pelican bay: Pelican Bay, Naples, Fl. Villa Market Update - 10/08/16 04:20 AM
Hello Naples Friends!
In the spirit of catching you up to speed in Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida, here's my Pelican Bay villa market report. People are already hitting the streets and requesting showings before their friends and family come down, so if you're in the Naples real estate game, the season has already started.
Here are the Pelican Bay villa statistics:
17 Active listings (only 2 are less than 30 days old).
128 Average days on the market.
$1,604,582 Average list price.
$590 Average list/square foot.
1 Pending
176 days on the market.
$850,000 list price.
$437/square foot.
Sold during the past year:
34 Sold.
41 Average days on the market.
$1,367,353 Average list price.
$571 … (1 comments)

pelican bay: Pelican Bay High Rise Condo Market Update - 10/07/16 12:33 PM
Hello Naples Friends,
It's time for the Pelican Bay high rise report! Here I'll tell you:
How the Pelican Bay high rise market has performed What's going on now with the market What buildings are winning, losing and standing still The past 365-day performance of Pelican Bay high rise product:
A whopping 162 high rise condos in Pelican Bay sold during the past 12 months. With only 4.44 months on the market, that puts this segment in a pretty good undersupply. Prices are still going up but not at the rapid pace they have been. In fact, there have been 17 price reductions … (3 comments)

pelican bay: Pelican Bay Low Rise Condo Market Update - 10/07/16 05:25 AM
Hello Naples Friends!
Happy Fall! Here's my Pelican Bay low-rise condo market report. If you missed it, here’s my Pelican Bay high-rise market report. Ok, lots to talk about today so here we go:
48 Active Pelican Bay low-rise condos  
135 days average market time.
$636,248 Average list price.
$381 Average price per square foot.
5 Pending Pelican Bay low-rise condos
82 days average market time.
$471,580 Average list price.
$297 Average price per square foot.
Closed during the last year
87 Pelican Bay low-rise condos
78 days average market time.
$616,404 Average list price.
$592,435 Average sales price.
$363 Average list price per square foot.
$349 Average sales price per square foot.
96% of list price … (4 comments)

pelican bay: Cap d'Antibes - Pelican Bay Naples Update - 08/25/14 11:04 PM
Hello Naples Friends!
I know so many of you have been waiting, waiting, waiting for the launch of Cap d'Antibes, the last high-rise to be constructed in Pelican Bay Naples Florida. Well, it's not happening today either. The launch of this much-anticipated building is still being kept under wraps. While rumors suggest the launch won't happen for several years out, the "guy in charge" says they may start taking reservations next season (although he said that in a tone of voice that suggests he's said that before and doesn't really think it's going to happen then either). So I pulled out my … (1 comments)

pelican bay: Naples Florida Snapshot Report - 09/20/13 10:12 PM
Hello Naples Friends,
The John R. Wood neighborhood snapshot report was just released this week.  I'll report on the locations where I work and follow most:
Naples neighborhoods with a shortage of supply at this time:
Aqualane Shores:
30 Aqualane Shores homes sold during the past year. 19 are currently on the market = 7.6 months of inventory
Bay Colony:
2 Bay Colony homes on the market with 3 sold during the past year = 8 months of inventory
42 Bay Colony condos sold during the past 12 months with 27 remaining = 7.71 months of inventory
Grey Oaks:
59 Grey Oaks homes sold during the past year. 36 are … (2 comments)

pelican bay: Naples, FL Luxury Golf Insight - 08/03/13 02:24 AM
It's funny how life introduces new experiences.  Lately, there's been a great deal of chatter about golf, which seems weird to me, considering so many people who enjoy golf in Naples typically get out of here during this time of year and head back home...wherever that may be. 
I compiled all that chatter into one big fat's time to learn how to play. 
I was introduced to David McQuade, the Director of Golf at Collier's Reserve, quite some time ago by a great friend of mine.  I'd heard he was a great instructor, and I knew he had a great personality, so … (2 comments)

pelican bay: Naples Real Estate Update 3/26/13 - 03/26/13 12:57 PM
If I had to use just one word to describe the 2013 Naples Florida real estate season, I might use the word, "heartbreak" or "challenging".  2013 marks the season where sellers recognized they were once again in the driver's seat and buyers had a difficult if not impossible time finding Naples properties suitable for their objective. Here's a compilation of some of my experiences this season and some points you'll want to know about if you are still considering selling or making a Naples real estate purchase.
Lack Of Inventory ~ This is something I've been talking about for quite some … (2 comments)

pelican bay: Pelican Bay Market Update 11.28.12 - 12/28/12 11:52 AM
I performed an extensive analysis of Pelican Bay today to help a buyer better explain his price position on his offer. If you've been following my Naples real estate blog or had your ear to the ground here in Naples, you've heard two things repeatedly.
There's no inventory. We're expecting a very busy buying season. With sales steadily increasing, buyers are losing power in negotiations.  It's been an interesting pre-season. For example, there were 1,604 sales in Naples, Florida, from October to December 28th last year.  This year there were 1,923 (up 18%). That has put a new tone in the … (0 comments)

pelican bay: More Foreclosures Coming To Naples? - 12/10/12 04:23 AM
The short answer to, "is there going to be more foreclosures in Naples"? Is yes.  It's normal for there to be some level of distressed properties in our market. In fact, there are currently 159 foreclosures on the market which represents 2.9% of the overall market.

But if you are primarily interested in Naples luxury real estate, I wouldn't get too excited.  There are only 2 properties listed over $1,000,000 that are being advertised as foreclosures. That represents .0003% of the total active Naples real estate inventory.  One is in Grey Oaks the other is located in Naples Boat Club. … (0 comments)

pelican bay: Naples Real Estate Update 11.8.2012 - 11/08/12 04:30 AM
Good Day My Naples Friends!  The election is over! The President is still the President and you can now get high legally in WA and CO...what a bizarre coincidence! The Naples real estate market shows signs of a fierce premature heat up but buyers might have a new edge in negotiations...
Between October 1st and November 6th:

There were 627 sales in the Naples area last year with 48 of those sales listed at $1,000,000+.  The highest-priced property sold was listed at $6,950,000. 

This year a total of 735 sales in the Naples area with 45 sales priced … (3 comments)

pelican bay: Naples Real Estate Now - 7/25/2012 - 07/25/12 07:04 AM
I was contacted yesterday by a correspondent who’s preparing to write a segment on the current Naples real estate market. When she calls I always try to give her accurate, cutting edge information only a few may have already realized.  Here’s what I told her:
If last year’s big Naples real estate story was dwindling inventories, this year’s big story will probably be about the turn towards a seller’s market, smaller list price to sales price ratios and higher pricing.
Naples Real Estate Buyers: Get Strategic!  Up until now, it’s been fairly easy to march into any Naples neighborhood and find some sort … (1 comments)

pelican bay: Foreclosures in Pelican Bay - 07/15/12 04:07 AM
Hello Naples Friends,

I just received an email from a gentleman who asked, "Are there any foreclosures in Pelican Bay".

The long and short answer to that question is:

There's 1.

As it stands right now there are only 251 active listings in Pelican Bay which equates to 10 months of inventory putting Pelican Bay in an under-supplied inventory status. There are currently 46 pending sales in Pelican Bay today which means despite the time of year, Pelican Bay is experiencing fabulous sales traffic.

Another portion of his question included,  "is anything under $250,000 in Pelican … (5 comments)

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