pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay Naples, Florida Update - 11/26/17 11:58 AM
The Pelican Bay Naples, Florida, real estate market is thriving. If you're looking at Pelican Bay, purchasing now will likely be wiser than waiting until March or April!
Here are the latest Pelican Bay Naples market stats:
Active: 152 Pending: 35 Closed past year: 327 Less than six months of inventory means buyers should not be shocked if prices increase this season.
Pelican Bay home stats:
Active: 13 Pending: 5 Closed past year: 38 Barely four months of inventory here!
Pelican Bay condo stats:
Active: 124 Pending: 27 Closed past year: 257 Less than six months of inventory here!
Pelican Bay villa stats:
Active: 13 … (5 comments)

pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay High Rise Condo Market Update - 10/07/16 12:33 PM
Hello Naples Friends,
It's time for the Pelican Bay high rise report! Here I'll tell you:
How the Pelican Bay high rise market has performed What's going on now with the market What buildings are winning, losing and standing still The past 365-day performance of Pelican Bay high rise product:
A whopping 162 high rise condos in Pelican Bay sold during the past 12 months. With only 4.44 months on the market, that puts this segment in a pretty good undersupply. Prices are still going up but not at the rapid pace they have been. In fact, there have been 17 price reductions … (3 comments)

pelican bay condos: Cap d'Antibes - Pelican Bay Naples Update - 08/25/14 11:04 PM
Hello Naples Friends!
I know so many of you have been waiting, waiting, waiting for the launch of Cap d'Antibes, the last high-rise to be constructed in Pelican Bay Naples Florida. Well, it's not happening today either. The launch of this much-anticipated building is still being kept under wraps. While rumors suggest the launch won't happen for several years out, the "guy in charge" says they may start taking reservations next season (although he said that in a tone of voice that suggests he's said that before and doesn't really think it's going to happen then either). So I pulled out my … (1 comments)

pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay Market Update 11.28.12 - 12/28/12 11:52 AM
I performed an extensive analysis of Pelican Bay today to help a buyer better explain his price position on his offer. If you've been following my Naples real estate blog or had your ear to the ground here in Naples, you've heard two things repeatedly.
There's no inventory. We're expecting a very busy buying season. With sales steadily increasing, buyers are losing power in negotiations.  It's been an interesting pre-season. For example, there were 1,604 sales in Naples, Florida, from October to December 28th last year.  This year there were 1,923 (up 18%). That has put a new tone in the … (0 comments)

pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay Naples Florida - 09/14/11 10:29 AM
Hello Naples Florida Fans!

Here's a quick update about Pelican Bay!

According to MLS, the inventory in Pelican Bay is LEVEL! Whoo Hoo! This means there's (almost exactly) 12 months of inventory available on the market. While this is good news this report might be a little unfair since I fully suspect the inventory to increase considerably during the next few months in preparation for the season but the inventory across the board in Pelican Bay is level now which is something I haven't been able to claim in quite some time.

Actual Pelican Bay real estate statistics … (1 comments)

pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay Naples Florida Update! - 01/04/10 03:38 PM
I'm not quite sure what was in the air this time last year regarding the typical prospect for Pelican Bay, but it was just plain weird!  I suspect it had a great deal to do with the stock market blues that occurred in September 2008 and the typical, "I want to buy when Pelican Bay bottoms out" mentality. The mixture of the two occurrences made for an interesting few months. 
We saw a handful of single-family homes dip under 1 million again, a super glut of condos that sat without offers and a few low-rise condos sell for under $300,000!  It wasn't … (7 comments)

pelican bay condos: Sign Up For The Pelican Bay Pink Pages! - 05/04/09 12:57 AM
The Pelican Bay Pink Pages is now in circulation!  Here's an example of the first issue below:

The Pelican Bay Pink Pages offers a huge amount of information like:
Listings of Pelican Bay open houses Current Pelican Bay market trends Pelican Bay neighborhood updates Inventory reports The ability to search Pelican Bay homes The ability to search Pelican Bay condos Pelican Bay closed sale information Buy strategies and trends Selling strategies and trends There's more content than any blog or website can offer and it comes directly to you so you can be up to date on the latest Pelican … (6 comments)

pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay Continuous Updates! - 03/26/09 01:37 AM
Ever wanted to know what was going on in Pelican Bay but didn't want to bother your agent for the updates?  Get near real time information through my new Twitter account: @Pelican_Bay.   From there you'll learn what's new on the market, pending listings, closed sales and more updated several times throughout the day!  It doesn't get much easier than that!
Best Regards, Your Naples Smart Girl! … (0 comments)

pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay Naples, Florida Real Estate Update! - 09/10/08 04:47 PM
It appears people are getting better deals in Pelican Bay Naples, Florida this summer compared to last year at this time which is historically the best time to purchase in the neighborhood.  What does that mean for the season to follow?  Time will certainly tell.  Here's the latest happenings in Pelican Bay:
Current Listings: 304High: $17,700,000Low:  $320,000
Current Pending Listings: 33High $16,500,000
Total closed in '08:  171Total closed last 12 months: 226Average sales price= 94% of list priceAverage time on the market= 208 days


pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay Naples Florida Market Update - 06/16/08 09:49 AM
There are 320 active listings in Pelican Bay.  That's just about 1.5 years of inventory. 
The lowest priced listing is offered for $350,000 for a two bedroom, two bath condo in Laurel Oaks at Pelican Bay.  $350,000 seems to be the magic low number to get an offer or at least it has been for the three other units that were priced the same which sold soon after.
The highest priced listing is offered for $17,700,000 located at The Strand at Bay Colony.  It's clearly the most magnificent home existing in the area and if you have the means to purchase something of … (11 comments)

pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay Naples, Florida Prices Just Went Up! - 02/29/08 09:37 AM
Not all of Pelican Bay homes and condos are on the rise but if you were hoping to break into Pelican Bay with $350,000 it will take some negotiating if you can make it happen at all. 
Until earlier this month there were two units available in Pelican Bay for $350,000 but both of those units have since gone under contract.  The next greatest deal in Pelican Bay is now listed for $374,900.
***SPECIAL NOTE***If you are searching MLS or any websites with IDX you may notice listings with an address of 800 Vanderbilt Beach Rd.  This is Pelican Bay Inn which is … (4 comments)

pelican bay condos: Pelican Bay Sales Statistics Don't Lie - Neither Do I! - 02/06/08 01:57 PM
The calls and emails regarding Pelican Bay homes and condos continue steadily, most of which are still beginning with "I want a deal."  I've had the following conversations with countless people lately, and it continues to be a hard conversation with the buyer does not quite believe what I have to say based on all of the news they've gathered from various news sources across the county.  This post was written for not one buyer in mind but four to help me get some valid points conveyed. 
If you, too, are looking for a Pelican Bay deal.  DO NOT DELAY!
Here are some … (10 comments)

pelican bay condos: What's It Take To Break Into Pelican Bay? - 11/30/07 07:33 AM
Pelican Bay is one of the most sought after Naples, Florida communities primarily because of the unique amenity package it offers in regards to beach club, dining and other recreational and fitness facilities including the highly acclaimed Pelican Bay Golf Club.  There are over 70 Pelican Bay communities so there's certainly something for everybody at Pelican Bay.

So what's it take to "break in" to Pelican Bay right now?  Despite how some advertising may appear, the Pelican Bay Inn which was recently converted into condos is NOT in fact a part of Pelican Bay and does NOT offer Pelican Bay amenities. 
The lowest priced … (1 comments)

pelican bay condos: Chanteclair Maisonettes at Pelican Bay - Naples, Florida - 09/26/07 05:33 AM
Chanteclair Maisonettes at Pelican Bay is a low-rise condominium community consisting of 4 buildings with 40 units.  Sizes range between 1,250 square feet and 1,421 square feet of living space.  Views consist of the lake, preserve, or landscaped views.  All units were built in 1990.  Chanteclair Maisonettes at Pelican Bay is located at the southern side of Pelican Bay Boulevard off Glencove Drive, right next to Chanteclair Manor.  Chanteclair Maisonette property owners may rent their units up to three times a year with a 30-day minimum lease required.  See Chateclair Maisonettes for sale!
Currently, only one condo is available in Chanteclair Maisonettes at … (3 comments)

pelican bay condos: Beauville at Pelican Bay Market Update - 09/04/07 10:54 AM
Beauville at Pelican Bay  can be found right around the corner of the Pelican Bay Golf club and just off Green Tree Drive.  Considered a north central location, Beaville at Pelican Bay is a neighborhood comprised of both attached & detached villas (duplexes and single family looking homes on small lots).  Home sizes start in the 1,300 square feet range and continue past 3,000 square feet.  While some Beauville at Pelican Bay homes are located on the golf course and offer terrific Pelican Bay golf course views, there are properties available offering preserve or landscaped area views.  See Beauville at Pelican Bay properties for sale!
There are … (2 comments)

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