port royal: Naples Real Estate Inventory Update 5.9.18 - 05/09/18 09:49 AM
Hello Naples Friends!
If you remember, I did a Naples inventory update back in November of last year. It's time to check out how each Naples neighborhood performed during the 2017-2018 season! Here we go!
Naples neighborhoods where inventories are UP.
Pelican Bay sits at 7. Up 2 since November.  Park Shore sits up 1 now at 9. Tiburon up 3 currently sitting at 12. Vanderbilt Beach up 2 sitting at 10. Pelican Marsh up 2 now at 10. Old Naples up 3 sitting at 12. Naples Cay up 5 now at 15. Pine Ridge up 2 with 12 months.  Aqualane Shores up 8 now at … (7 comments)

port royal: Naples New Construction Luxury Report - 11/17/17 11:08 AM
There's so much good news in my Naples new construction luxury report, it will make you feel like you won the lottery. For some of us, that's what it might take to get into a few of these amazing offerings this year. Let's get started!
Here's the current Naples new construction market snapshot:
Active: 284 Pending: 64 Closed: 165 Buyers, Start Your Engines! 
While you're in the driver's seat with 20 months of active inventory this year, the race track is full of competitors. Keep your eyes on the traffic! That will have everything to do with how you maneuver to the finish … (2 comments)

port royal: 602 Naples Open Houses Today - 11/12/17 05:01 AM
Good Morning Naples Enthusiasts!
There are 602 Naples Open Houses today! Here's what's happening in some of the best neighborhoods in Naples, Florida:
Audubon Naples:      8              $599,000 - $1,300,000 Collier's Reserve:      1              $1,025,000 Coquina Sands:         5              $417,900 - $3,795,000 Grey Oaks:                5              $799,000 - $3,995,000 Mediterra:                10             $519,000 - $4,250,000 Moorings:        … (5 comments)

port royal: Naples Real Estate Inventory Update - 11/01/17 04:18 AM
Naples real estate inventories should be rising sky high right now but with a 13% drop in new listings compared to last year, some Naples neighborhoods could be gearing up for price increases this year.
Here's are the Naples neighborhoods where prices could continue to rise:
Pelican Bay -  5 months Royal Harbor - 6 months Park Shore - 8 months Tiburon - 8 months Vanderbilt Beach - 8 months Pelican Marsh - 8 months With an under-supply of inventory, it might be tough negotiating! Always go in with a Naples real estate negotiating boss if you deal with lower inventories. 
Here are the … (9 comments)

port royal: Port Royal Naples, Florida Update - 10/17/16 02:55 AM
Hello Naples Friends,
It’s time for my Port Royal Naples, Florida, market update. Some of you have already made it back. Welcome! We’ve been busy sprucing things up and making improvements all over town. Some of you are currently preparing to come down. Safe travels and I hope to see you soon.
* Please see the update at the bottom of this post.
If you’re buying or selling a Port Royal home, here’s everything you need to know to get started.
The current Port Royal real estate market:
Active - 49
Pending - 2
Closed during past 365 days - 33
Closed sales year before - 38
Closed sales year … (5 comments)

port royal: Port Royal Naples Florida Update - 08/25/14 11:29 PM
Hello Naples Friends! As many of you know, Port Royal Naples, Florida is kind of like the "Beverly Hills" of Southwest Florida.  Most people love it, few can or want to afford it but it is considered the best location in all of Naples. Let's get started with the basic market trend statistics:
42 Port Royal homes are on the market with an average list price of $10,937,476. 4 Port Royal homes are under contract with an average list price of $7,473,750. 47 Port Royal homes have sold during the past year with an average sales price of $6,982,477. That makes … (3 comments)

port royal: More Foreclosures Coming To Naples? - 12/10/12 04:23 AM
The short answer to, "is there going to be more foreclosures in Naples"? Is yes.  It's normal for there to be some level of distressed properties in our market. In fact, there are currently 159 foreclosures on the market which represents 2.9% of the overall market.

But if you are primarily interested in Naples luxury real estate, I wouldn't get too excited.  There are only 2 properties listed over $1,000,000 that are being advertised as foreclosures. That represents .0003% of the total active Naples real estate inventory.  One is in Grey Oaks the other is located in Naples Boat Club. … (0 comments)

port royal: Naples Real Estate Update 11.30.12 - 11/30/12 12:25 AM
Good Day Naples Friends,  Tis the season! Naples real estate buying traffic is strong, activity is high and lots of exciting new Naples real estate happenings are occurring...
In fact, I just wrote a magnificent Naples real estate post about how the Naples seller behavior is changing only to realize for the sake of some of my deals on the table, I better not post due to the fact that I would not be writing in the best interest of my current clients.  Many times when my posts slow it's because I'm very involved in deals I simply can't write about for the … (1 comments)

port royal: Naples Real Estate Cyber Monday! - 11/29/10 12:39 AM
When most people think Cyber Monday, I doubt seriously anybody is wondering what kind of discount they can get on a Naples property by purchasing online today...in fact, I'll bet that most people wouldn't even imagine clicking their way to purchasing a property in most places. Of course, the more tech-savvy the town is, the more house purchasing click-happy buyers are but when many people think, "Naples Florida", we're barely what many would consider tech advanced.  In fact, I once saw on Fox News that Naples was at town rated "least likely to tweet".  Being @NaplesSmartGirl on Twitter, I was naturally … (2 comments)

port royal: New Homes and Condos In Naples Florida - 09/30/10 11:24 AM
There are currently 114 new homes in Naples on the market right now (built in 2010).  You can't deny the joy you get from that "new home smell".  I LOVE new homes and new condos for that matter and if you too are a new condo person, there are 22 new condos in Naples right now (built in 2010).  Of course, if you know anything about Naples Florida, you know they don't have to be built this year for them to be new.  Naples is HUGE on remodeling right now and there are 20-year-old beachfront high rise buildings that have been … (3 comments)

port royal: Naples Club Estates - 09/25/10 08:45 AM
While doing some research for a client, I was reminded about a community I hadn't thought much of in years. I learned about Naples Club Estates quite some time ago when it was named something else.  It's a quiet little 28 lot subdivision located a little further east than most of my clientele prefer (off 951 or Collier Blvd.). 

The tricky factor about Naples Club Estates is that the development sits on 155 acres.  For those of you who don't know Naples, dirt is a little difficult to come by.  There aren't that many Naples locations that offer a larger lot. … (0 comments)

port royal: Naples Rental Requests Down, Buying Up? - 09/22/10 05:11 PM
I've noticed I've had a drastic decrease in Naples rental requests so far this year.  This is FABULOUS news because:
 I don't handle rentals. Most people I've talked to who are looking for rentals don't want to buy real estate! Keep in mind it's still considered pre-season for the Naples real estate market so that trend could change, I suppose...sigh.  But I'm crossing my fingers that's a definitive sign that people are planning on purchasing this year instead of renting.  After all, people should consider purchasing this year...pricing is out of this world in many great Naples communities.  If you were smart and … (1 comments)

port royal: Naples Florida Real Estate Update - 04/23/09 05:15 AM
When chatter about the Naples Florida's real estate market bottoming out began last fall my first thought was relief! Hey, it's been a challenge the last few years and if you know anything about our area, you'll know that our market was one of the first to crater before all of the others began to slow largely due to the wild appreciation we saw the few years before. Naples is a crazy real estate market. I've had trouble watching the appreciation race to the top and sat in awe as I watched prices fall to amazing lows. Following the trends here … (4 comments)

port royal: Port Royal Naples Florida Real Estate Update. - 08/12/08 04:05 PM
Port Royal Naples, Florida is the most exclusive neighborhood in all of Naples.  Situated south of Olde Naples and Aqualane Shores, you’ll find some of the most exquisite estates in Southwest Florida.
So how does the best of the best fare during a tough market?  Although some people would like to believe Port Royal is “recession-proof”, I couldn’t be so bold as to agree.  In fact, some great news about Port Royal is the fact that some prices have come down and some Port Royal homeowners have in fact negotiated a tad bit more than maybe they would’ve back in 2005-2006.
Here’s a … (2 comments)

port royal: Naples Renters Are Coming, Naples Renters Are Coming! - 05/29/08 02:34 PM
One of the trends I've noticed lately is the increase in number of rental searches that have been occurring on my Naples, Florida website.  So I can actually feel some of you think, oh how would you know!
Well, it's all in the search terms my friends. For example just today I saw:
Avalon at Pelican Bay rentals Terraces at Park Shore Naples rental vacation rentals on Gulf Shore Blvd Naples Florida I also received my first list of rentals for next season from a property manager in town who keeps me up to date with available rentals. 
People who are really on the ball start making … (2 comments)

port royal: Brett Arends, Do Your Wall Street Journal Readers A Favor! - 05/22/08 08:56 AM
As promised in my last post, Naples, Florida has recently had a visit by a Wall Street Journal reporter by the name of Brett Arends.  As expected, he has made Naples sound more like a devastation spot instead of the destination spot that Naples is which by any measure is no great surprise.
The unfortunate part of course is that by not reporting all of the facts, he's portraying a false impression of the state of the Naples market and the motivation of many Naples homeowners which in turn will greatly disappoint those planning on coming down here and capturing the … (9 comments)

port royal: Is Pine Ridge The New Royal Harbor? - 03/25/08 03:36 PM
For those of you who are familiar with the Naples, Florida subdivisions: Pine Ridge and Royal Harbor, I'm sure you must think I'm crazy to even be trying to tie the two areas together.  These two subdivisions hardly have anything in common.  Royal Harbor is located on the eastern side of Naples Bay in the southern portion of Collier County...very close to Old Naples I might add and best known for featuring many Pine Ridge Lots are available, well, just click on the links!

port royal: Naples Florida...A Healthy Addiction. - 03/18/08 02:12 PM
Nobody prepared me when I stumbled upon Naples, Florida over six years ago.  My husband, Jerry, and I happened to be vacationing at Fort Myers Beach in January of 2002 when we aimlessly drove to Naples to see what it was all about. 
We, like many unsuspecting tourists, took Tamiami Trail South all the way down until we got to 5th Avenue through Old Naples:
From there, we took a left and continued our track to Port Royal:
(This is one of the first houses I ever photographed in Port Royal.  I took the picture with my camera hanging out the window and clicked … (7 comments)

port royal: What's Your Idea Of A Deal? - 02/12/08 08:26 AM
By the show of hands (as I scan across the cyber room of the 71,030 people who have joined Active Rain) how many of you are currently working with someone looking for a "deal"?  Please put your hands down now and hold back the throw up that is now in your mouth. 
"I'm looking for a deal" has now replaced every other form of salutation including:
Hi my name is...May I speak with...How are you today...Would you like fries with that...and if it's not the first thing we hear, it's the next thing we hear:
Paper or plastic and "I'm looking for a deal"I could've had … (10 comments)

port royal: When You're Hot You're HOT...Some Naples, Florida Areas Are In Fact HOT! - 11/13/07 03:47 AM
Smart Naples buyers and smart Naples investors know how to dig a little deeper to get the true Naples real estate facts. 
Here's a snap shot of the Naples real estate market and the areas that are still in fact HOT:
Otherwise known as the town of Immokalee located in east Collier County...VERY DIFFERENT from the Naples area where many agricultural workers live.  Statistics show median sales prices are down 22% this year, down 45% last year even with that, they were up a whopping 130% the year before.
Before you purchase your next  Naples home or your next Naples condo … (10 comments)

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