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Fantastic overview of why the credit market is suffering so direly. August 2002 - Jim buys a personal residence for $200,000 because he wants to own a home. 2003 - Home prices rise so Jim has more equity in his home. 2004- Home price continue to rise. Everyone is a real estate genius. Jim's house...
OK, so it's been a long road to the white house, for any man, especially an African American. But he is there now so could everyone grab their hope by the bootstraps and get back to life as normal? What I mean is, buyers- quit missing out on one of the greatest buyers markets in history. Wealth i...
Although it has been a tough year it is easy to see that not all of even our small community as hit with negative prices. The Glenwood area (SK east of Hwy) was hit the worst. Manchester looks like it is one of the first areas to pull out of the local housing problems.
Well, my books are almost done for 2008... I made it, thank goodness! So many good agents did not. I watched one of our offices top producers lose his house. Actually I think I saw 4 agents in our office lose their house in '08. Although we are competitors, it was horrible to watch. We are also b...
I encountered a new one today. A very large mortgage company has pulled the most unusual stunt today. I represent a seller in a transaction to sell land that has been in place for over 2 months. Loan documents came in today, and they have stated their guidlines do not allow the commission to be *...
I recently had a closing of a home in the area. I am so frustrated. Although I gave my clients a heads up that one man's clean is another's mess, I was still apalled at the state of this view home over $600,000. The seller didn't sweep anything, vacuumed less than 1/4 of the carpet, left boxes, a...
As with all industries, real estate professionals have developed their own language and lingo to help efficiently communicate with each other more easily. However, many agents expect the layperson to easily pick up on it and sometimes even treat them like they should already know. The first-time ...
I was asked today how the market is doing in my neck of the woods. Actually, I am asked that almost every day. We are coming down off of a fast sellers market, yet our market is very strong. Buyers now have a chance to compare houses before making a decision without feeling like they need to writ...

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