tenant screening: Top Ten Things to Include in Your Rental Application - 05/12/21 11:20 PM
There are plenty of stressors that come with the territory of being a landlord. Lucky for you, the acceptance of a rental application as part of regular operating procedure on the part of the prospective tenants isn’t one of them. For years now, rental applications for the purpose of pre-screening have been welcomed by potential renters as industry standard. No need to worry about whether or not your customers will balk or be offended at the idea of you sifting through their personal affairs. On the contrary, they expect it.
But what if you are a first-time landlord, or new to the world of … (0 comments)

tenant screening: The Dos and Don’ts of Screening Tenants Through Social Media - 05/12/21 11:11 PM
When Myspace first came on the scene in 2003 as one of the earliest social media platforms, no one could have imagined the digital revolution just on the horizon. Fast forward to today and it is hard to remember a time when half of our lives were not lived on the internet.
These days a person’s banking information, their employment history, and even their personality is available online for anyone with access. So it should come as no surprise that when we are in situations where we want to learn more about a person, the internet is one of the first places … (0 comments)

tenant screening: How Can You Tell if a Tenant is Right for You? - 05/12/21 11:01 PM
A landlord’s job can be mighty tricky, especially when it comes to the process of selecting new renters. Not many people desire to be in the position of splitting hairs and passing judgement on strangers based on little more than the fact that they look good on paper. It can be a tough role to play.
Lucky for you, there is a whole arsenal of strategies one can implement to help screen tenants more effectively and impartially. These tactics take the guesswork out of the equation and allow property managers to make informed decisions based on the facts.
Read on to learn about all … (0 comments)

tenant screening: Passive Tenant Screening: Filter Candidates Without Lifting a Finger - 05/12/21 10:27 PM
If you’ve been a landlord in the past 20ish years, or even a renter for that matter, you’re probably more than familiar with the screening process. Credit checks, criminal history reviews and employment references have become industry standard in terms of what you can expect when you’re looking to rent. But what about the more subtle tactics?
Ever notice how all the properties you seem most interested in are being advertised in the same space? Or how a fully detailed listing can include screening requirements that put you out of the running before you even express interest? These observations, or lack thereof, are … (0 comments)

tenant screening: Screening Tenants to Secure Your Business - 05/12/21 09:33 PM
Maybe you’ve been there. You’ve gotten a great impression of a potential tenant. They seem trustworthy right off the bat, forthright, prompt and professional in their correspondence with you, and eager to abide by whatever stipulations you set forth. You trust your gut and move forward with the leasing process. Because when has it ever steered you wrong?
Fast forward to months into their lease term, and that perfect tenant was not the renter you thought they’d be. Now comfortably in your space, the ruse of trust and professionalism is gone, and you’re left wondering how you were so easily duped.
The situation described above … (2 comments)

tenant screening: Streamline Your Selection Process with a Tenant Scoring System - 05/12/21 09:24 PM
There’s plenty of fish in the sea. It’s a familiar phrase that most employ when discussing matters of the heart. But the same can be said for landlords looking for that perfect tenant. However, what happens when plenty turns to too many?
It’s a good problem to have – being inundated with just too many great potential tenants. However, the luxury of having a wide range of options doesn’t necessarily make the decision-making process any easier. In fact, it becomes much more challenging.
This is why savvy landlords have come up with systems to help them analyze applications, categorize information, and make a more informed … (0 comments)

tenant screening: 5 Reasons to Consider a Better Tenant Screening Process - 04/04/21 09:50 PM
We’ve all been burned before. Whether it’s arriving to your match.com date only to find that you don’t recognize the person from the photos, or realizing the so-called publishing job of your recent new hire was probably something more like a paper route. When you’re responsible for calling the shots, nothing is worse than feeling like you’ve been duped into making a decision that is less an ideal. This applies especially to landlords looking to find the right high-quality tenants for their properties.
For this reason and so many more, savvy landlords go the extra mile on the front end to thoroughly … (0 comments)

tenant screening: Using Social Media When Screening Tenants - 08/19/20 08:08 AM
Can I Use Social Media to Screen my Tenants?It’s no secret people love social media. Posting, retweeting, and keeping up with friends and celebrities has become a part of the daily routine for many. In fact, 7 out of every 10 Americans use social media to connect with others, engage with news content, and share information. Social media has become a means of expression, and, as a result, online profiles and history reveal a lot about a person. With this in mind, many employers and universities have turned to social media as an additional means of screening to determine whether or not someone is … (0 comments)

tenant screening: The Cost of Skipping Tenant Screening - 04/28/20 02:14 AM
Particularly for first time landlords, tenant screening may seem like a waste of time – an unnecessary road block standing between you and your rent checks. Who needs a credit report or background check you’re not even prepared to interpret? You trust yourself to meet a prospective tenant in person and judge whether or not they’ll be a good fit, so why waste time and money running them through the mill of screening services? Ironically, time and money are the exact things you’ll end up wasting if you don’t invest in a proper screening process. In fact, the cost of not screening your tenants can be … (0 comments)

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