decatur property management: Investor Property Considerations - 12/18/18 12:06 PM
If you are looking for investment property in the Emory area, do your research!
Condominiums and Townhomes are generally not the best investment vehicle for an Investor.
As an Emory Property Manager, I am often asked to find properties for Investors that are affordable in neighborhoods that are fairly pricey.  One of the first requests is to look for Townhomes or Condominiums.
Let me explain why this is not the best investment purchase:
Properties in Townhome and Condominium Communities in Georgia that were built after 1994 are subject to the Property Owner's Association Act, which allows Homeowner Associations to limit the number of rentals allowed … (0 comments)

decatur property management: Winter Safety Tips for Emory Investors - 12/05/18 02:22 PM
Investors who manage rental property in the Emory or Decatur neighborhoods don't generally have to worry about severe winter weather - except when the temperatures drop and snow and ice incapacitate the area.  While the colder weather only lasts several days, a few precautions could protect your home and the safety of your tenants.
There are a few steps you can take to limit the number of issues that might affect your property.
According to FEMA, residential fires cause more fatalities, injuries and property damage during the winter months between December and February.
The furnace of your Emory home should be inspected before it gets … (0 comments)

decatur property management: Decatur Rental - 233 Mt. Vernon - $1950/Month - 01/06/18 01:54 PM
Located in Prime Decatur Neighborhood close to everything - Minutes to Emory University, CDC, and Downtown Decatur Events!  Three Bedrooms/One Bath/Living Room/Separate Dining Room/Sunroom-Den/Eat-in Kitchen with White Cabinets, Stainless Steel Appliances, Gas Stove, Tile Floor/Back Porch/One-car Garage/Large Fenced Yard

decatur property management: Decatur Property Management - Attracting Good Tenants - 01/20/17 10:12 AM
Preparing Your Decatur Rental PropertyRenting your Investment Home in Decatur is important, but attracting good, long-term tenants is vital.Before you begin marketing your Decatur property for lease, take a critical look at the overall condition of your home.  Renters have certain expectations when they are searching for a place and Condition matters!   
Here are a few essential preparations that will help attract good, qualified tenants :
Curb Appeal - The exterior appearance of your investment property is your first chance to make a great First Impression.  Make sure that shrubs are trimmed, lawn mowed, flower beds cleaned.  Paint or pressure wash the exterior if necessary. … (0 comments)

decatur property management: Checklist for Prospective Tenants - 12/08/16 09:36 AM
If you plan to lease a property in the Emory Area or in Decatur, you should know what may be expected before you complete an application to rent a home.
Finding the right home in the Emory Area where you want to live is an obvious first step, but prospective tenants often have to pass stringent credit and background checks. In popular neighborhoods where rental properties are at a premium, there may be tough competition for a desirable home. It's best to be prepared in advance:
Check your credit - most credit companies allow you to have one free credit check per year.  Here are the phone numbers … (1 comments)

decatur property management: Emory Area Property Management - Maintenance - 12/03/16 08:28 AM
.One of the most  critical services that a good Property Manager performs for their client, is making sure their Investment property is well maintained.
If you have qualified, happy tenants in your Emory area property, it is important to keep them happy and to handle requested repairs in a timely manner.  Your investor's property is a valuable asset and regular maintenance will assure it stays that way.
Property Managers can schedule regular HVAC maintenance, annual termite inspections, or arrange for lawn service when requested.  Managers often handle projects that range from simple repairs like replacing a garbage disposal or other relatively routine repairs, to overseeing … (2 comments)

decatur property management: Removing Tenant Property Could Be Illegal! - 08/06/16 03:18 AM

What happens if a tenant who owes you money moves out of your Decatur rental property in the dead of night?
​You happen to stop by your rental property in Decatur shortly thereafter and discover an unoccupied home.  The place is in terrible condition with debris on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink and on the counters,  a filthy refrigerator with food inside.  Clothes and other items are strewn about.  The tenants also left numerous personal property items behind - some of value and some obviously trash.  Your tenants have definitely abandoned the premises and are long gone!
After you've calmed down, … (3 comments)

decatur property management: Atlanta Renters Love Dogs - Property Owners Not So Much! - 07/09/16 01:54 AM
Some Pet owners are finding it difficult to lease a property in Atlanta and in the Emory area because many property owners are reluctant to accept pets.
We Love Our Dogs
According to a recent survey by, more than 70% of renters own a pet. In fact, 65% of American households own a pet – 42% owned a cat and 54.4% owned a dog.
Some two-thirds of pet owners have experienced difficulty in finding a rental property that allowed pets.
If you are an investor with a rental property, one of the frequent questions you will hear is “do you take pets”?
There are horror … (1 comments)

decatur property management: What Can A Decatur Property Manager Do For You? - 07/09/16 01:05 AM
Managing your own Decatur investment property is often difficult, especially if you need time for a demanding full-time job, a busy family life, and want some precious down time.
Those annoying tenant requests always seem to come at critical times – just when you are leaving for vacation or an important business trip.
You may have inherited a family home or become a new Decatur investor. Your Decatur home may need repairs or updates – someone will need to meet the workmen.
When your property is ready, you will need to advertise for new tenants – someone will need to screen … (0 comments)

decatur property management: Managing Residential Property Near Emory University - 07/08/16 03:41 AM
This Blog was first published by Emory Decatur Property Management on 7/4/2016
You may need a little assistance in managing your Emory area investment home or Decatur property – particularly if  you have moved away from the Atlanta area.
Some investors and owners do successfully manage their own properties.  An experienced Decatur property manager, however, can save you many headaches, like those calls in the middle of the night to syfon water out of a flooded basement or an alarm going off that your tenant can’t locate.  Tenants have called me recently for both of these issues and they need to be handled quickly.
Managing property for other people requires … (2 comments)

decatur property management: Decatur Homes Financing Tips - 05/24/16 07:51 AM
As financing becomes more complex, many Decatur home buyers are mystified by the lending process.  Atlanta Decatur Homes advises Buyers to find a good, professiona llender who knows their stuff, someone who can anticipate any issues that may arise and walk you through them.  We can also recommend our favorite lenders, who are professional and experienced.
Here are a few questions to ask your Lender:
Lock-ins are important when rates are rising – ask how long the lock-in period runs and whether you can get a lower rate if rates drop during the period’ Ask whether you will be required to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (and ask them to explain PMI … (0 comments)

decatur property management: Medlock Park - No Commute Emory Neighborhood - 05/16/16 03:39 AM
While Emory commuters from outside the Atlanta Perimeter are gathering their children and rushing to their cars, homeowners in placid Medlock Park are still snoozing, or enjoying a second cup of coffee.
As North Decatur Road, the main conduit to the Emory community (Emory Hospital, Emory University, Eggleston Children’s Hospital, the Center for Disease Control ) creeps with traffic, many Medlock Park residents walk, bike or catch an Emory Shuttle Bus to work in the area.
Medlock Park residents are also fortunate to have nearby shopping centers with grocery stores, restaurants and shops, including a new Walmart, the DeKalb Farmers Market and soon to open Sprouts Market. There is also … (0 comments)

decatur property management: Decatur - A Walkable Eventful City! - 05/16/16 02:46 AM
Decatur is located less than 8 miles from Downtown Atlanta and approximately 2.5 miles from Emory University, Emory Hospital, Eggleston Children’s Hospital and the Center for Disease Control. Decatur is a small City with major civic participation, local Police and Fire Departments and a renown School System.
Neighborhoods around Decatur contain renovated older bungalow-style homes, well-kept lawns, parks and sidewalks. It has a vibrant, friendly atmosphere and many residents live close enough to walk to shops, restaurants, and frequent downtown events. Annual events for Decatur are organized by the Decatur Business Association and other civic and educational organizations. It’s a rare week … (0 comments)

decatur property management: City of Decatur - Something for Everyone! - 04/16/14 07:22 AM
Decatur, Georgia, has become one of the most popular in-town neighborhoods in the metropolitan Atlanta area.   Early citizens rejected a proposal to make Decatur a major railway terminal because they didn’t want the noise and pollution, and subsequent city planners have built a vibrant community that oozes charm and retains the original character of the surrounding neighborhoods. Decatur is a small city that has done things right!

What makes the City of Decatur Great?
Location is always key for prospective home buyers, and Decatur is centrally located just a few miles Northeast of Atlanta,  about 20 minutes from the Atlanta … (1 comments)

decatur property management: Home Won't Sell - Consider Renting It - 03/08/12 06:16 AM
Posted on March 8, 2012 by atlantadecaturhomes <!-- .entry-meta --> The National Association of Realtors thinks that property values will rise 1.1% this year, but this modest rise in value may not help your home to sell.  Popular realtor site, Active Rain,  indicates mixed expectations from various sources.

Our economy is still fragile and home sales are up only slightly.  Until the job market and the building industry improve considerably and foreclosures and short sales ebb, home prices will not go up. 
If Your Home Doesn’t Sell, Is Renting the Best Move?
Maybe.  If  you are offered a new position … (0 comments)