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Welcome to my blog! I usually write about three times a week....generally offering Home Staging advice and decorating tips. I also write about local events in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and I throw in the occasional healthy recipe.



As a Home Stager here in New Hampshire I've helped many clients prepare their house for sale.  One thing I hear over and over again is "I wish we had done this sooner!"  For those who have had their house on the market for a long time without much action, it's wishing they had consulted a stager ...
Sell your house using The Law of Attraction...The Secret To SellingYou've all heard of The Secret...the book and movie with the motto "Everything is Possible, Nothing is Impossible"'s all about changing your life through the power of harnessing your thoughts.While a positive attitude, power...
I recently received an email request for information on my New Hampshire Home Staging services.  I replied with a detailed description of what I provide, my fees and availability.  I stressed the importance of having the house 100% ready PRIOR to listing.Unfortunately the seller waited until the ...
As a professional home stager here in New Hampshire, I'm amazed at how many listings are still so poorly represented online.  Photography is not something to be taken lightly when marketing a house and MLS photos should be given #1 priority.  Small rooms are particularly difficult to capture, and...
Want To Sell Your House?  Think "Perfect Crime"Getting your house SOLD these days may require extreme measures.   No, I'm not suggesting you break the law, but I do suggest you think "Perfect Crime" when preparing your house for sale.  Today's buyer is like one of those detectives in the old movi...
Leaving your house vacant while it's on the market is not the best idea.  If you want to successfully sell your New Hampshire home and plan on leaving it vacant, here are some suggestions you should consider.   Janna Rankin Scharf is an Idaho real estate professional, but the facts regarding sell...

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