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Welcome to my blog! I usually write about three times a week....generally offering Home Staging advice and decorating tips. I also write about local events in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and I throw in the occasional healthy recipe.



NH Home Staging FAQ - What Can I Do Before My Staging Consult?A Home Staging consult is generally two hours.  Obviously, the stager can accomplish more in that time frame if the seller has done some prep work.  There are several things you can remove ahead of time, and save the stager from having...
NH Home Staging FAQ - How Much Does A Staging Consult Cost? Home Staging services and fees in New Hampshire vary.  Some stagers charge hourly, some by square footage, some have half day and full day rates.  Home Staging may involve rental of all new furniture or it may involve using what the home...
NH Home Staging FAQ - What Is A Home Staging Consult?  With all the Home Staging shows on TV, sellers get confused, and somewhat misinformed. What is Home Staging ?Simply put... home staging is preparing a product for market.There are many forms of Home Staging services offered, and not all home ...
NH Home Staging FAQ - Why Should I Replace The Light Fixtures?  One of my favorite improvements is updating light fixtures.  Most sellers and agents are surprised when I suggest  replacing the lights.  The impact a light fixture can have on potential buyers should not be underestimated.It's one o...
NH Home Staging FAQ – How Do I Find The Right Home Stager? Home Staging is a fairly new concept here in New Hampshire and finding a stager, nevermind the right stager, can be difficult.Many agents work with stagers or know of one they can recommend.  If you have an agent, check with them.If not, ...
  I recently transformed some cabinets to give my laundry room a new look, and I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy and FAST the project was.Those of you who follow my blog know that we just moved into a house that "didn't need a thing" and yet I keep finding things to improve and rooms to...
I was recently hired to provide a Home Staging Consult at a beautiful Barrington, New Hampshire home.  New paint colors were suggested and some furniture was rearranged.  For the most part, the suggestions made were easy to follow and no major updates were needed.This child's bedroom provides a g...

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