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Welcome to my blog! Now that I am retired, I don't blog as much as I used to, generally offering Home Staging advice and decorating tips when I do write. On Wednesdays I enjoy sharing a fun picture or meme using my grandchildren as my inspiration.



Have you seen it yet?  The dress that's making people crazy. The dress that's dividing the internet into two sides each claiming to be right.   Social media is a buzz over this very interesting, and confusing dress.  Is it blue and black or is it white and gold? Last night I saw it on facebook an...
Wordless Wednesday -  "It's All Fun and Games Until...."   Previous Wordless Wednesday Posts
After all the hype and anticipation, the Academy Awards are over. All that's left now is the fashion buzz. I'll be watchng Fashion Police tonight to see who wins "Best Dressed" and who gets criticized for their poor choice in style. "Worst Dressed" can be very entertaining."There's no such thing ...
Wordless Wednesday - Boys Gone Wild   Previous Wordless Wednesday Posts
When people say "It's the thought that counts"  it usually has a negative connotation.  It's something many people say when they are disappointed in a gift.  I don't see "thought" as negative. I actually prefer a gift that took a little thought. I want my gifts, the ones I give and the ones I get...
Wordless Wednesday - From The Heart   Previous Wordless Wednesday Posts
The ActiveRain Social event of the year is once again upon us.That's right....the Be The Star of Your Own Movie contest is in full swing for the fourth year and the Red Carpet Awards Show is rapidly approaching! If you weren't there last year, you missed out on a great time.   We hope to see you ...
With a little organization you can reclaim valuable space that is being wasted in your home.  You won't believe how much space you can create by simply getting rid of stuff you no longer need, and designating a place for everything else." A place for everything, and everything in it's place."Whet...
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Selling a home is a very emotional experience, for so many reasons. Once your house is officially listed the wait begins and, for those of us prone to anxiety, it's a big deal each and every time the phone rings.Whether you are waiting to hear a showing has been requested, waiting to hear feedbac...


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Author Bio: Sharon Tara is a retired professional Home Stager who served the greater Seacoast New Hampshire area. Sharon specialized in owner-occupied home staging consults to help sellers prepare and present their home for sale.