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Welcome to my blog! I usually write about three times a week....generally offering Home Staging advice and decorating tips. I also write about local events in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and I throw in the occasional healthy recipe.



Wordless Wednesday - From Head To Toe 
I've been a Home Stager in New Hampshire for many years now, and I'm surprised that the quality of MLS photos hasn't improved very much.  With the growth of the home staging industry and all the media attention I would expect to see a change.  The majority of MLS pictures are still average, or be...
Wordless Wednesday - Jurassic JackaThomasaurus 
When it comes to raising a family, actions speak louder than words. Your children learn from example. Don't tell them one thing and then do another.....they see right past it. They are more likely to do what you do, NOT what you say!Actions can be far more powerful than words. I was thinking this...
 Sunday, August 23, 2015 is National Go Topless Day andFree The Nipple  is scheduled at Hampton Beach in New HampshireHeidi Lilley, 54, and Kia Sinclair, 23, are using Facebook to mobilize women to gather at the beach for a topless sit-in. FYI...there is currently no law prohibiting toplessness i...
Wordless Wednesday - Catch Of The Day 
What Do A 1st Date, Bowling, Zucchini, & Garage Sales Have In Common? Has she lost her mind?  That's what you are thinking, right?Yes, I have. But that has nothing to do with the question. Bowling, zucchini, and garage sales all share the date, August 8, 2015. August 8, 2015 is National Bowling D...
Wordless Wednesday - Rock'n The Coast 
When you list your home for sale the focus should be on preparing and presenting it to appeal to the most people possible.  It's not about YOU....your taste, your style, your comfort or your convenience.  It's about THEM, potential buyers, and what will be visually and emotionally appealing to TH...

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