advice for nh sellers: Home Staging Tip: Pull Back The Curtain - Don't Hide It, Fix It - 05/07/19 06:45 AM
When preparing a home for sale it's important to remember that buyers tend to be suspicious...and for very good reason.
Too often sellers try to hide the negative aspects of their house.
I've actually heard real estate agents, who should know better, suggest hiding things...
cover a damaged floor with a throw rug...
place a large piece of furniture in front of a damaged wall.
It is not only ethically wrong to try and hide things from buyers, it's not at all practical.
If there is damage of any kind, and you try to hide it, it won't stay hidden for long. 
Honesty is … (44 comments)

advice for nh sellers: Five Tips To Guarantee Your MLS Photos Withstand Buyer Judgment - 01/14/16 09:45 PM
Listing your home for sale?  Let the judging begin!
   You can't sell a house without it being judged.
Prepare to be judged by all who see your MLS photos.
Home buyers begin their search online,  clicking through photos at lightening speed.
Judgment is cast within seconds.
If a house isn't visually appealing, potential buyers move on to the next listing. 
Home buyers act as both judge and jury!
MLS pictures are the evidence used to determine your home's fate.
Perception is key.
A buyer's perception of your house's worth is what matters most. 
Preparation PRIOR to listing is a seller's best defense.
Here are 5 tips to guarantee your … (94 comments)

advice for nh sellers: Don't Expect Home Buyers To Imagine The Possibilities - 04/12/15 09:51 PM
A very small percentage of people are capable of  visualization.  Actually, it's only about 10 percent.  This means that about ninety percent of the potential buyers looking at a home can’t imagine it any other way than how it is shown to them.
Think about that for a minute....
If furniture is crowded, most buyers are not going to imagine a better furniture arrangement. 
If wall colors are too dark or too bright, most potential buyers are not going to imagine warm inviting colors.
If the home has dated wallpaper, most potential buyers are not going to imagine the walls freshly painted.
If flooring is … (38 comments)

advice for nh sellers: Do You Want To Sell The House Or Do You Want To Be Comfortable? - 06/24/09 04:50 AM
Selling a house can be a stressful process.  Preparing a house for sale is a lot of work.  Living in a house for sale can be very inconvenient.  You may have to rearrange the furniture or even worse, move your favorite recliner to storage. 
If you want to sell your house, here's the first question you need to answer:
What's more important to you -  that you be comfortable in your favorite chair or that you sell quickly without having to reduce the price?
I find it quite amusing when sellers take a firm stand, arms crossed, a look of defiance on their face, and refuse … (21 comments)

advice for nh sellers: Moving The Furniture Could Mean Moving Out Sooner - 12/29/08 05:59 AM
How your furniture is arranged could be the deciding factor as to whether a potential buyer chooses your house or another house nearby.  How large or small a room looks can depend on the arrangement, and the amount, of furniture in the room.
 Something many sellers don't think about is the importance of furniture placement. 
Sellers get used to their furniture a certain way based on their lifestyle and what is appealing to and convenient for them.
Many times the style is dated or overpowering and sends the wrong message to potential buyers.
This master bedroom had several things working against it.  Although this is a large room, it is perceived as crowded due to … (6 comments)

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