advice for realtors: Home Staging Tip: Pull Back The Curtain - Don't Hide It, Fix It - 05/07/19 06:45 AM
When preparing a home for sale it's important to remember that buyers tend to be suspicious...and for very good reason.
Too often sellers try to hide the negative aspects of their house.
I've actually heard real estate agents, who should know better, suggest hiding things...
cover a damaged floor with a throw rug...
place a large piece of furniture in front of a damaged wall.
It is not only ethically wrong to try and hide things from buyers, it's not at all practical.
If there is damage of any kind, and you try to hide it, it won't stay hidden for long. 
Honesty is … (44 comments)

advice for realtors: A Very Important Question To Ask Yourself Before Photographing Listings - 04/09/19 08:17 AM
So, I'm watching tv last night and get a text from a close friend. 
Never saw this one coming.
Text included a photo. A local listing photo. An OMG local listing photo.
My friend is a real estate agent and someone in her office found this photo on Zillow.
The photo was quickly deleted, but not before it was saved. That is what happens on the internet.
Remember, when you post something it is forever.
You've seen listing photos with the agent caught in the mirror.
Sure, we see those all the time.
What I haven't seen before, in a listing photo, is a person in the mirror … (73 comments)

advice for realtors: What's The Difference Between "What" and "How?" Ask A Home Stager. - 01/26/09 11:50 AM
Today's sellers are very familiar with the terms declutter and depersonalize. 
They know what needs to be done to prepare their house for sale. 
What most sellers don't know is how to actually do what needs to be done. 
What is considered "clutter" and what is decorative? What exactly is "personal" and should be removed? What colors are neutral and what colors are too vanilla? What furniture works best to showcase each room? What is "dated" and how do you update?
When confronted with the generalized tasks of "decluttering, updating, and cleaning" an entire house, many sellers become overwhelmed. 
Years of accumulation can seem impossible to manage.
What sellers need is someone to come in and … (13 comments)

advice for realtors: Declutter + Depersonalize = Deposit? Depends... - 08/17/08 04:37 AM
Home staging is one of the best marketing tools and many consider it their secret weapon against the competition.  However, it is not a magic wand and it is not the be all, end all to getting your house sold. 
 If your house is over priced, staged or not, it will sit until someone comes along who is willing to pay the price.  That could be a very long time.    
Time on the market is money out of your pocket.
It's funny how valuable something becomes, in our mind, when we decide to sell itl  Price cannot be determined by your emotional attachment.  Price cannot … (12 comments)

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