family: Next Time You Peel Potatoes Consider Trying This - 04/05/19 06:48 AM
When you prepare potatoes do you throw away the skin?  
My husband has always eaten the skin when we have baked potatoes. Fairly common.
When we peel potatoes, however, we toss the most people do.
Recently, while I was peeling, my husband asked me not to throw them away. Instead he wanted to try baking them.
Two things came to mind...
he is crazy
that is disgusting
He rinsed them, patted them dry with paper towel, tossed in olive oil and spread them in a single layer on a baking sheet.
Lightly salted with Kosher Salt and baked at 375° until crispy.
Absolutely delicious!
Whether you use a … (23 comments)

family: Marco Polo Has Changed The Way My Family Communicates - 01/20/19 09:07 AM
Have you heard of Marco Polo? Not the swimming pool game, the video chat app.
Kathy Streib, the Queen of apps, told me about it some time ago, but I didn't check it out until recently.
It has changed the way my family communicates.
It's so convenient and so much fun. 
It started with our recent four-week roadtrip.  My family had been using Snapchat for messaging, but Snapchat messages disappear after 24 hours. I wanted to stay in touch with my family, while documenting the trip, with messages that could be saved.
I decided to give Marco Polo a try.
Not only was it awesome for the trip, it … (54 comments)

family: If I Do Say So Myself...My Parents Make Adorable Elves. - 12/14/18 07:34 AM
You know how much I love to edit photos of my grandchildren for each holiday?
Well I have also edited lots of photos of my parents for the holidays to share on facebook.
Last Christmas I made this elf photo of Mom and Dad:
The great thing about the photo is that it is PNG. I can easily place them on any background.
So here is the pic I shared on facebook:
Shortly after posting it, I thought of  "elf on a shelf" and posted this...
Of course, one thing led to another
and I ended up spending half of Christmas Day posting my elf parents
on … (36 comments)

family: Our November 2018 RV Road Trip - New Hampshire to Florida - 12/04/18 09:27 AM
As some of you already know, Rick and I took a 3 1/2 week roadtrip with our RV recently.
We had never had more than a one week vacation. Rick's retirement this year made an extended vacation possible.
We both love Disney World and Universal Studios and it had been many years since visiting either. Our vacation plans began with reservations at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground. The rest of the trip was planned around that and visiting my parents in Florida.
We left New Hampshire on November 1.
We drove for three days...spending one night each in Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina.
On the … (18 comments)

family: Storyjumper - Fun & Easy Story Book Publishing For Kids Of All Ages! - 10/11/18 12:52 PM
Reading and writing...
what better way to create adventure for our children.
In addition to adventure, quality time together is something children also cherish.
Storyjumper is a fun way to experience both!
Storyjumper is a wonderful resource for writing and publishing your own books.
It is a very user friendly and easily navigated site. You can use your own photos to illustrate your books or you can use the backgrounds, scenery, characters and props that Storyjumper provides. They have a huge selection of clipart to choose from.
Setting up an account is FREE.
You can choose to keep your books private or you can make them public so … (30 comments)

family: What Happened Wednesday? There's A First Time For Everything! - 08/17/18 02:54 PM
Did you miss me?
This week, for the first time in seven years, I didn't post a Wordless Wednesday photo.
That's right....SEVEN years!
I've obviously been very good about making sure I have a photo for Wednesdays, no matter what my schedule or location. But not this week.
I woke up Wednesday morning in our trailer, surrounded by mountains, with NO INTERNET and realized I had not prepared a post prior to leaving home.
What happened? My mind was preoccupied with packing for a very special trip...
Neena and Papa took Jack and Thomas on their first camping trip.
A two night stay next door to Santa's … (26 comments)

family: My Favorite Christmas Was Spent In The Hospital - 12/30/17 06:52 AM
My favorite Christmas memory? Spending Christmas in the hospital, of course!
You have probably been enjoying, as much as I have, all the "Christmas memory" posts written this month. We have Kathy Streib to thank for all the great stories being shared.
Kathy's December Challenge is to share a favorite memory or gift.
Well, this one is a no brainer for me. My favorite Christmas memory just happens to also be one of my best gifts. 
Every year my immediate family celebrated Christmas and opened our presents on Christmas Eve. We visited my grandparents and other relatives on Christmas day.
Our Christmas Day traditions changed over the years. … (39 comments)

family: Merry Christmas To All My Cat Loving Friends! - 12/25/17 09:58 AM
My brother sent me a funny
Elf Yourself
video of himself this morning.
Of course I couldn't resist making my own fun video.
Three guesses who the stars of my video are...  

If you would like to elf yourself,  elf your family or your friends...
check out Elf Yourself 
made available by Office Depot and OfficeMax. 
There are many different songs to choose from and you can make a video of just one elf or up to 5 elves.

family: It's Not The Same As Being There But It's The Next Best Thing - 11/17/17 07:39 AM
We are all writing about the things we are most thankful for and, not surprisingly, most of the things mentioned are what you would, health, home, job, etc.
One of the things that I'm very thankful for is Skype.
Skype may not be something you would consider as a "blessing"....more of a technological convenience in our web obsessed lives. However in my family Skype has more of an emotional attachment.
My parents are snowbirds. They spend the majority of the year in Florida, safely tucked away from the cold, snow and ice during the winter months. As much as my mom loves the … (33 comments)

family: Thankful My Dad And My Husband Are So Handy Around The House - 11/14/17 11:19 AM
I've been blessed with two very "handy" men in my life. 
My dad could do and fix anything.
Growing up as a kid I don't remember ever seeing my parents hire others to do improvements and renovations around the house.
Dad built porches, changed flooring, added windows and even remodeled the entire kitchen. Plumbing, name it, he could do it.
He did it all and he did it right.
I'm talking about quality work that withstood the test of time.
They say that women choose men like their dad.
I guess that's true, because my husband is another man who can do and … (21 comments)

family: I Captured The Moment The Moment Was Captured - 10/29/17 06:25 AM
In July my husband and I were on our boat with our daughter and her boyfriend. It was a beautiful day and as the sun set it became an even more beautiful evening.
Of course, we all grabbed our phones to capture the moment.
While the others went for the obvious shot, I captured something else....
I captured the moment that the moment was captured.
"There is one thing the photograph must contain,
the humanity of the moment. "  Robert Frank
"Photography is an art of observation.
It has little to do with the things you see and
everything to do with
the way you see them.  "  Elliott Erwitt
Entry: 2017 ActiveRain … (36 comments)

family: A Self Absorbed Self Reflection On Selfies - 10/26/17 05:49 AM
As a professional Home Stager I tend to be a bit obsessed with image and perception.
 I admit to being overly sensitive when it comes to appearance, on many levels, including my own self image. In my profession, that's not a bad thing. In real life it's not always a good thing. 
I've made great progress as far as accepting myself for who I am. I am no longer the insecure, self conscious young girl I used to be. Key word being "young". LOL 
With age comes great confidence!
With today's selfie-centered culture we are bombarded with social media selfies on a daily basis. 

Personally,  … (30 comments)

family: Jack and Thomas Review 110 Grill In Rochester NH - 08/28/17 04:51 AM
Last month I wrote about a local restaurant offering FREE children's meals through the month of August. 
Rochester NH Restaurant 110 Grill To Offer New Concept In Kids' Meals
Sounded like a great concept to me! I mentioned I was going to check it out with a couple of the grandchildren.
Many of you suggested I have the kids do a review, but it was Michael Jacobs who had the best idea....have the kids do a video review.
Well last night we did just that.
My husband and I took grandsons, Jack and Thomas, to 110 Grill and the boys were happy to do a review.
The atmosphere is … (33 comments)

family: At The End Of The Day All That Matters Is Love And Memories - 08/21/17 10:58 AM
Many, many years ago, when I was very young I found an old photo album in my parents' closet.
Some of you may be old enough to remember when photos were placed in albums using little paper corners. The album I found had pages full of  little corners, but no photos. Underneath the corners, where photos used to be, were captions....
"Sharon at the beach, age 2"
"Sharon's 3rd birthday party"
"Sharon at the zoo"
Not one photo.
Like a cruel my history had been erased.
I remember thinking that it would have been better had I never found that album. Why on earth was … (44 comments)

family: Happy Father's Day To My Monkey Boy - 06/18/17 06:27 AM
That's right..... I call my dad "Monkey Boy".I originally wrote this several years ago, but thought it was time to share once again...
 Several years ago our garage door opener was broken.  The very heavy door had to be opened and closed manually.   We had to wait for a part and dealing with the door was becoming a real pain for me.
My parents came for a 2-week visit.  Each time we went anywhere Dad handled the door.  It was so nice not having to do it myself.
One day I drove up to the garage door and Dad immediately jumped out to … (27 comments)

family: First Words, First Steps, And A Very Special Neighborhood - 03/20/17 06:17 AM
What makes a house a home? What makes a home special?
Some people have lived all over the very interesting and exotic locations. Whether you are one of those people or someone who is still living in the house you were born in, our experiences in our homes help make us who we are today.
My first home (that I actually remember) was my childhood home, in Massachusetts. I lived there from the age of six until I got married fourteen years later. My parents continued to live there for many more years before retiring to Florida, so my children also have fond memories … (36 comments)

family: Giving Money As A Gift - Three Ideas For Cash Giving Presentation - 12/20/16 06:35 AM
Money isn't the most original gift, but sometimes it's the most practical.... and sometimes it's exactly what the recipient wants.
My grandchildren love money. 
I was preparing a gift for one of them recently, which involved $25 in cash. He's only 5 so I knew giving it all in ones would be more impressive. I wanted him to see the money, but at the same time I didn't want 25 one dollar bills scattered all over the floor at his party. I wanted the money to remain contained.
Here's what I came up with:
I placed bunny in a gift bag, holding a box of … (36 comments)

family: It Is Best To Eliminate The Bad Odor Rather Than Attempt To Mask It - 12/16/16 04:46 AM
When preparing a house for sale, it's very important to make sure there are no unpleasant or strong odors that could be offensive to potential buyers. Whether from smoking, cooking, pets, mold and mildew, or a general lack of's best to eliminate the odor, rather than attempt to mask it.
When you use a form of air freshening product to cover up an odor, it usually makes things worse.
1. It probably won't hide the smell completely.
2. The perfumed smell and the bad smell may not mix well.
3. Many people are highly sensitive, and even allergic, to perfumed products.
Buyers who aren't comfortable … (40 comments)

family: Count Your Rainbows - 11/29/16 05:06 AM
Count your 
your thunderstorms
I took this photo, this summer, as my husband was mowing the lawn.
I was looking out the window, just as the sprinklers came on,
creating a rainbow across his path.
Taking the picture through the window screen created an interesting effect.
Entry for:  ActiveRain 2016 Photography Contest
Category:  Real Life, Miscellaneous

family: Did You Know Anastasia Was The First Teen To Share A Selfie - 11/28/16 06:17 AM
A self-portrait photo, usually taken with a cell phone held at arm's length, for the purpose of sharing on social media.
You may think selfies are a new thing. They really aren't.
According to Wikipedia:
Robert Cornelius took a picture of himself in 1839.
 It is the oldest known existing photographic portrait in America.
You could say it was the first selfie.
Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II
(the famous Anastasia of the Russian royal family that was murdered in 1918),
 took a photo of herself, using a mirror, and shared it with a friend via mail.
Anastasia was the first teen to … (22 comments)

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