home staging: Who Are Some Of The FOOLS Of Real Estate? - 03/31/20 05:55 AM

 "Everybody plays the fool sometime..."  
Aaron Neville
Maybe it was your love life and your heart got the better of you. Maybe it was too much alcohol at your office Christmas party.
Maybe it was your attempt at being "one of the cool kids".
If you're human you've been the fool...probably more than once.
What about real estate?
Who are some of the fools of real estate? 
 "Wise men profit more by fools than fools by wise men."
Marcus Porcius Cato
It is a wise buyer who looks past the listing's poor presentation, understanding that there is potential and value and, more importantly,
a deal to be had...at the … (21 comments)

home staging: Sensory Appeal Is Just As Important As Curb Appeal - 03/09/20 09:11 AM
Preparing your home for sale? 
You are not alone. The spring market is upon us and many homeowners are hoping to find a buyer. 
To guarantee you make the best impression on buyers I suggest you keep in mind that "sensory" appeal is just as important as "curb" appeal.
The visual appearance of a home prompts potential buyers more than any other factor.
Once homeowners step inside, they decide almost immediately whether or not they want to buy your home. It is essential that they be greeted with a spotless, ready-to-move-into home.
Clean or freshly painted walls and spotlessly clean or new carpeting make the best impression. Hardwood … (36 comments)

home staging: The Age Old Question In Real Estate...Why Aren't We Getting Offers? - 03/25/19 12:40 PM
The age old question in real estate....
" Why aren't we getting offers? "
The answer usually involves price, condition and/or location.
Many times the answer is obvious with obvious action required.
If it's price, lower it.
If it's condition, improve it, or lower the price accordingly.
If it's location...you wait for the right buyer or you lower the price accordingly.
All roads seem to lead to price reduction as the solution.
 I would like to suggest a premeditated solution...
the preventative strike against price reductions
is a Home Staging Consultation.
Home stagers use presentation, visual and emotional appeal, to increase perceived value...
preparing and presenting the product so it sells as … (37 comments)

home staging: Looking For Real Estate Advice? Proceed With Caution! - 10/02/18 09:36 AM
Have you noticed how willing people are to advise...on any topic...with complete authority.
Whether you are looking for it or not, everyone from your cousin to your hair stylist has suggestions and advice to share.
I think it's great when people are willing to help others. It's a wonderful thing when someone can share their first hand experience and spare others from making the same mistakes, save others time or help save them some money.
If you are looking for real estate advice,
advice on selling your home in particular,
it's really important to weigh all advice received.
Proceed with caution.
People can be quick to … (57 comments)

home staging: When A Home Becomes A Product For Sale Cleanliness Should Be A Priority - 09/18/18 06:23 AM
As a professional home stager, working in the real estate business, I spend most of my working hours in the homes of others.
I never know what I will find at each house I visit. 
Condition varies from one consult to another.
I've been in homes that were spotless and meticulously cared for. More times than not, however, that is not the case.
Most people are very busy and housekeeping is not a priority.
Family and survival are the priority, as they should be.
I tell all my clients "no need to apologize " for the dust bunnies and cat toys we find moving the … (65 comments)

home staging: Prepare Your House For Sale - Multiple Offers or Multiple Price Reductions? - 08/28/18 10:19 AM

When preparing your house for sale, it's important to remember that ACTIONS speak louder than words.
Words used to sell homes usually include
well maintained
like new
recently renovated
Home buyers are very perceptive.
They know "well maintained"  when they see it.
The evidence is there when they walk through your house, and it's surprising just how many sellers don't realize how obvious the evidence is.  
Actions can be far more powerful than words.
ACTION: Start by enlisting the help of experienced professionals to market your house.
Having the right real estate agent, an authority on your market, is crucial to a fast and successful sale.
Having a professional home stager … (37 comments)

home staging: Refinishing Kitchen Stools - Fast & Easy & Inexpensive - 07/21/18 07:57 AM
We found our new kitchen stools!
Last month I wrote about my new kitchen and how the last remaining piece in our transformation was finding new counter stools.
After going to many stores and not finding what I wanted, I just happened upon two stools at a yard sale.
They weren't really what I was looking for,
but they were in good condition, sturdy and only $20 for the pair.
On the way home we stopped and bought new fabric and spray paint.
My husband was quick to remove the seats and
give the stools a light sanding when we got home.
By that afternoon the painting … (23 comments)

home staging: It Doesn't Guarantee Your Home Sells - It Guarantees It Shows At Its Best - 04/03/18 09:03 AM
Spring is traditionally the hot real estate market season.  It is the time of year to expect an increase in market activity. With the shortage of inventory most states have been experiencing buyers are anxious for some new listings.
Although it's been a sellers' market for some time now, not all houses are moving as fast as their sellers would like. It's not wise to assume buyers will overlook the obvious... a lack of cleanliness and a lack of maintenance.
Not all listings are lucky enough to see a bidding war.
Preparation and presentation are always key to a faster sale.
 Make sure your … (28 comments)

home staging: Good Advice For Sellers Is Not What They Want To Hear But Need To Hear - 02/26/18 05:46 AM
A Home Stager's job is to help sellers improve the appearance of their home so it's more visually and emotionally appealing to buyers.
I specialize in occupied home staging consultations. I give advice on furniture and accessory placement, paint colors, cleaning, organization, minimizing the negative and maximizing the positive features of the house. I point out everything that could influence potential buyers.
The homeowners choose how much of my advice to follow.
It's not an easy job telling homeowners what's "wrong" with their home. Stagers don't want to insult anyone. We want to help them sell as fast, and for as much money, as they can.
Years ago an … (43 comments)

home staging: Don't Be The Listing They Talk About For All The Wrong Reasons - 02/12/18 05:47 AM
" There's no such thing as bad publicity. "
Would you consider this a true statement? Is all publicity good for business?
"The only thing worse than being talked about,
is not being talked about."   Oscar Wilde
Certainly in some professions it may be true.  In Hollywood and in Washington publicity used to be the stepping stone to success...getting all the attention they could until their name became a household word. The more attention the better.
Today not so much.
There are many high profile people out there today praying that they don't see their name next in the headlines.
In the real estate business your reputation … (64 comments)

home staging: Three Things To Consider When Interviewing Real Estate Agents - 01/09/18 01:04 PM
When choosing a real estate agent to sell your house it's a good idea to get recommendations from others who have first hand experience...people who have worked with an agent and would work with them again.
Ask your family, friends and coworkers for suggestions.
If you have already met with a home stager, ask the stager for recommendations.
Home stagers can be a great resource if you need help finding a real estate agent. 
Stagers have a lot of experience working with agents and they know which ones do the best job marketing their listings.
Home stagers know better than anyone the agents that … (13 comments)

home staging: Prepare and Present The Foyer So Buyers Will Want To See More - 12/18/17 06:42 AM
One of the most overlooked areas of the house when homeowners prepare to sell is the foyer or main entry area.
It is where I begin all of my Home Staging Consultations and for a good reason.
The first few seconds after a potential buyer enters a house are very important. Buyers wouldn't be there if they hadn't already seen something they liked. They must have had a positive reaction while reviewing mls photos or they wouldn't have scheduled a showing. Now that they are physically there, it's time to really impress them.
A buyer's first reaction when they walk in a house is … (33 comments)

home staging: Reduce The Stress of Holiday Decorating - Keep It Simple - 12/11/17 05:53 AM
Since it's that time of year for decorating our homes for the season, I thought I would share some of my favorite past Christmas tips and ideas for decking the halls.
Whenever possible I use what I have on hand to create holiday decor.
Tree branches are a really easy resource for Christmas decorating. Whether you leave them natural or paint them is up to you. It's really easy to make them whatever color you want using spray paint.
For Outside:
You can use a blend of bare tree branches, greens and berries you collect from your yard, if you are lucky enough to have … (41 comments)

home staging: New Hampshire Home Stager - The Mad Hatter Of Real Estate - 10/30/17 10:12 AM
There will be no real life costume for me this year,
but I do have a fun virtual costume to share.
Some of you may remember that last year I was Alice in Wonderland
and the previous year I was the
Queen of Hearts.
It just seems natural that this year I should stick with the Wonderland theme
so I've decided to be...
The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter seems like a very good fit for me....
As a Home Stager, much like a real estate agent, I do wear many hats.
Interior Designer, marketing expert, color consultant and advisor are the obvious ones.
But what about Match Maker?
Home … (33 comments)

home staging: It's Not Just Angle And Lighting That Make Bad MLS Photos - 09/29/17 06:04 AM
How important is quality when it comes to the use of photos to sell real estate?
What defines "quality" as far as mls photos go?
There have been several posts written regarding mls photos...
the benefit of professional photography,
"bad" mls pics and how they reflect on the listing agent,
the value of quality photos as a marketing tool, 
to just name a few.
Yesterday I read a post, The Value of Professional Photography, written by  Joan Cox.
Joan posted a mls photo that basically showed only a bed, pointing out that a picture of a bed does nothing to help sell the house.
Joan makes a great … (73 comments)

home staging: Mirrors Are Not The Best Choice For Over The Fireplace - 09/19/17 05:16 AM
One of the biggest decorating and/or home staging mistakes that homeowners, and many real estate agents, make is placing a mirror above the fireplace.
It generally seems like a good idea, but in most cases it's not the best choice.
A friend of mine, Michelle, moved into a new home recently. She shared a picture on facebook of her fireplace and wrote:
"No clue what I'm doing. But first attempt at a mantel. "
She was excited about all the possibilities for decorating the space.
I commented that she did a great job, and added:
"Just don't hang a mirror there. That's one of the … (61 comments)

home staging: Do You Know The Difference Between Decorating And Home Staging? - 09/11/17 08:05 AM
There is a huge difference between Interior Decorating and Home Staging.
If you only knew how many times I've suggested removing window treatments to sellers and had the reply " Oh no, those were very expensive. They were custom made. "
Custom drapes, wallpaper, furnishings....custom bedding. It doesn't matter how expensive or who the decorator was that selected them for you. If a home stager is telling you to remove them, it is for a very good reason.
They are dated....styles change with time and your expensive, silk drapes that were hand sewn in 1990 are no longer in style. They age your home … (82 comments)

home staging: Home Stagers Provide Advice. Homeowners Must Make The Final Decisions - 09/01/17 07:33 AM
This week I had a staging consultation with a lovely couple hoping to list their home soon.
They were a pleasure to work with. They were receptive to everything I suggested, but more than that....they were interested in the process. They wanted to fully understand the reasoning behind doing the things I suggested. 
The first thing I usually tell homeowners is that none of my advice should be taken personally. My intent is not to insult their personal taste or style. My intent is to make their house appealing to as many potential buyers as possible.
They fully understood and said there was nothing … (31 comments)

home staging: Preparing Your House For Sale Doesn't Have To Be A Dirty Job - 07/17/17 07:01 AM

Preparing a house for sale is not an easy job.
But...it can be made much easier with some help from an experienced professional.
With professional advice the process of preparing your house for sale is not only easier, it's faster and involves less stress! 
You've heard the expression  
It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
When that "someone" is an experienced professional, it's not such a dirty job after all.
Let's use cleaning fish as an example. When you have someone experienced, someone with the right tools and skills, the process is fast and clean. It's like watching a master artist at work.
On … (26 comments)

home staging: Which Photo Is Best For Real Estate Marketing Success? - 06/30/17 06:01 AM
Selling a home is just like selling any other product. It must be presented in the best light possible...strategically marketed to be both visually and emotionally appealing to the majority of buyers.
Your product must do more than simply fit the size, price and location requirements of a buyer. It must stand out from the competition, appearing well maintained and cared for. The perceived value of your product will be based primarily on its appearance, beginning with the photos you choose to use on the MLS.
The greatest marketing tool you have to sell a house is photography.
Buyers are visual creatures. What they … (34 comments)

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