home staging tips: Sensory Appeal Is Just As Important As Curb Appeal - 03/09/20 09:11 AM
Preparing your home for sale? 
You are not alone. The spring market is upon us and many homeowners are hoping to find a buyer. 
To guarantee you make the best impression on buyers I suggest you keep in mind that "sensory" appeal is just as important as "curb" appeal.
The visual appearance of a home prompts potential buyers more than any other factor.
Once homeowners step inside, they decide almost immediately whether or not they want to buy your home. It is essential that they be greeted with a spotless, ready-to-move-into home.
Clean or freshly painted walls and spotlessly clean or new carpeting make the best impression. Hardwood … (36 comments)

home staging tips: Selling Your Home: Preparation And Presentation For Positive Reactions - 02/10/20 01:59 PM
Today, as I was looking for an old post I had written, I found this one written five years ago. Seems far too appropriate not to share today since the Oscars were last night.
After all the hype and anticipation, the Academy Awards are over.
All that's left now is the fashion buzz.
Who wins "Best Dressed" and who gets criticized for their poor choice in style.
"There's no such thing as bad publicity."  Negative press regarding an actor's choice of formal wear isn't all that bad because it gets them talked about....it gets them the attention they crave and the attention they … (50 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Is Not Just For Sellers. Reduce Stress When You Reduce Mess - 06/08/18 06:42 AM
It's no secret that purging excess STUFF now and then is a good thing.
We all have too much stuff, and most of us don't deal with cleaning house as often as we should. Setting aside some time to reduce your possessions will not only help to make your living space more appealing, it will actually make your life less stressful.
Maybe it's a collection, that no longer has the sentimental value it once had, that is taking up valuable space in the family room.
Maybe a child has moved out and what was once their bedroom has become a catch-all for miscellaneous things … (48 comments)

home staging tips: Prepare and Present The Foyer So Buyers Will Want To See More - 12/18/17 06:42 AM
One of the most overlooked areas of the house when homeowners prepare to sell is the foyer or main entry area.
It is where I begin all of my Home Staging Consultations and for a good reason.
The first few seconds after a potential buyer enters a house are very important. Buyers wouldn't be there if they hadn't already seen something they liked. They must have had a positive reaction while reviewing mls photos or they wouldn't have scheduled a showing. Now that they are physically there, it's time to really impress them.
A buyer's first reaction when they walk in a house is … (33 comments)

home staging tips: A Good Source For Real Estate Listing Photos You May Not Have Considered - 10/16/17 08:20 AM
Selling a house requires quality photos of both the interior and exterior of a property.
The majority of today's buyers start their home search looking at mls photos online.
There have been a lot of articles and blog posts written regarding the value of quality photos.
This post will not be one of those "what were they thinking "posts addressing the vast amount of bad mls photos out there. Instead I would like to take the topic of real estate marketing photos in another direction.
Whether you take your own or use a professional photographer for your listing photos, I would like to suggest another source … (123 comments)

home staging tips: Mirrors Are Not The Best Choice For Over The Fireplace - 09/19/17 05:16 AM
One of the biggest decorating and/or home staging mistakes that homeowners, and many real estate agents, make is placing a mirror above the fireplace.
It generally seems like a good idea, but in most cases it's not the best choice.
A friend of mine, Michelle, moved into a new home recently. She shared a picture on facebook of her fireplace and wrote:
"No clue what I'm doing. But first attempt at a mantel. "
She was excited about all the possibilities for decorating the space.
I commented that she did a great job, and added:
"Just don't hang a mirror there. That's one of the … (61 comments)

home staging tips: How Important Is Furniture Placement When Selling Your House? - 06/23/17 07:48 AM
How your furniture is arranged greatly impacts the impression buyers will have of your house. 
If you are preparing your house for sale and feel overwhelmed by the process, you are not alone. Preparing your house for sale is a lot of work.  
Once you have done the obvious...removed all the excess stuff ...lovingly referred to as clutter...the real fun begins.
Furniture placement.
Most sellers underestimate the importance of furniture placement.
Furniture represents much more than comfort and convenience. What works for you may not be very appealing to others.
Furniture defines a room's purpose. This is especially important for odd floor plans...those long narrow … (48 comments)

home staging tips: It Is Best To Eliminate The Bad Odor Rather Than Attempt To Mask It - 12/16/16 04:46 AM
When preparing a house for sale, it's very important to make sure there are no unpleasant or strong odors that could be offensive to potential buyers. Whether from smoking, cooking, pets, mold and mildew, or a general lack of cleanliness....it's best to eliminate the odor, rather than attempt to mask it.
When you use a form of air freshening product to cover up an odor, it usually makes things worse.
1. It probably won't hide the smell completely.
2. The perfumed smell and the bad smell may not mix well.
3. Many people are highly sensitive, and even allergic, to perfumed products.
Buyers who aren't comfortable … (40 comments)

home staging tips: An Effortless Scrub Free Way To Clean The Stove and Oven - 11/20/16 09:53 PM
The holidays are upon us! If you are hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas at your home, this cleaning tip is for you. 
Whether you need to clean your stovetop prior to visitors coming, or you want to give it a good cleaning after all the holiday cooking, this is the easy way to do it.
Believe me when I say I've spent lots of wasted time over the years scrubbing various stoves. I wish I had known about this years ago!
I saw this tip on Pinterest for an effortless way to clean stovetop grates using ammonia, and figured I would give it a try.
I … (41 comments)

home staging tips: Dress Your Table For Fall and Halloween - Black Is The New Orange - 10/20/16 10:22 PM
A Simple Halloween Tablescape - Black Is The New Orange
What is a tablescape, you ask?
For those of you wondering what I'm talking about....
creating a tablescape is basically setting the table.
It includes the centerpiece, linens, glassware, and dishes. It's about creating visual appeal, whether it's for a formal dinner party or a casual luncheon.
I don't believe in spending a lot of money on decor, especially holiday decor. I prefer using what I have on hand, and with a little creativity the results can be quite impressive.
As a professional Home Stager, I believe holiday decorating while your home is listed for sale … (31 comments)

home staging tips: Increasing Your Home's Appeal Actually Reduces Stress - 07/28/16 10:03 PM
This week I did a Home Staging consult for an older couple with years of accumulation. The more things I suggested removing, the more nervous the wife seemed to get. She was very concerned that the walls would seem bare and the rooms would appear cold and uninviting without all the "color". 
Once I explained that the opposite was true....
their home will be more appealing to potential buyers without all the visual noise....
she agreed to "give it a try" for 24 hours and see how she felt the next day.
I got a call yesterday....she not only has gotten used to the new look....she … (35 comments)

home staging tips: 20 Ways To Improve Your Home's Appearance Before You List It - 07/01/16 02:11 AM
As a professional Home Stager it's my job to improve appearance, to create appeal, to highlight potential. Most people are living busy and stressful lives and their homes reflect it. Our homes are set up for our convenience and for our comfort....not to impress others.
Maybe it's been several years since you made any changes and your home needs some updating.
Maybe your hobbies and collections have gotten out of hand and taken over the home.
Maybe you have decided to list your home for sale and the "whatever is most convenient and comfortable for me"  look won't have buyers reaching for their checkbook.
Whether you … (74 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Tip - Showcase The Positive Features! - 05/13/16 12:00 AM
Earlier this week I wrote a post with tips for inexpensive kitchen updates.
Seems only right that I should end the week with an inexpensive kitchen update.
Recently I did a Home Staging consult for a very nice couple with an amazing property.
The home overlooks the water.
The view from many rooms in the home is stunning.
The kitchen table is in a perfect location for enjoying their beautiful view.
Sorry for the terrible photo.
The glare in the windows isn't the only thing hiding the million dollar view....
Even if the view were visable in this picture,
the green paint is going to steal the show.
It's like … (51 comments)

home staging tips: 10 Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom - 05/08/16 09:51 PM
There are many ways you can drastically improve and update the appearance of each room in your home without spending much money. Today, let's discuss ways to create a more appealing kitchen and bathroom.
10 Inexpensive Updates For Your Kitchen and Bathroom:
Remove dated wallpaper.  Today's buyers don't want to remove wallpaper. Remove dated curtains.  In most cases I recommend no window treatments for the kitchen and a simple valance in the bathroom. Remove Visual Clutter.  Otherwise known as "visual noise", clutter is distracting and increases stress. Remove all the stuff from the top of, and the front of, the refrigerator. Remove the fake plants and … (67 comments)

home staging tips: Sometimes Home Staging Is Simply Making The Best of What's Available - 04/03/16 11:37 PM
Home Staging isn't always about vacant properties. Home Staging doesn't always involve replacing all the furniture with new. Home Staging isn't as "expensive" as most sellers and many real estate agents think.
As a New Hampshire Home Stager, I specialize in owner occupied properties. Most of my consults involve working with existing furnishings...making the best use of what is at hand.
"Creative and Unique Solutions....One Room at a Time" is not just my tagline, it's the nature of my business. Creativity has a lot to do with a successful transformation.
Not every seller is able or willing to invest in new or rental furniture. … (43 comments)

home staging tips: Five Tips To Guarantee Your MLS Photos Withstand Buyer Judgment - 01/14/16 09:45 PM
Listing your home for sale?  Let the judging begin!
   You can't sell a house without it being judged.
Prepare to be judged by all who see your MLS photos.
Home buyers begin their search online,  clicking through photos at lightening speed.
Judgment is cast within seconds.
If a house isn't visually appealing, potential buyers move on to the next listing. 
Home buyers act as both judge and jury!
MLS pictures are the evidence used to determine your home's fate.
Perception is key.
A buyer's perception of your house's worth is what matters most. 
Preparation PRIOR to listing is a seller's best defense.
Here are 5 tips to guarantee your … (94 comments)

home staging tips: Home Decorating Tip - Make The Best Use of What's At Hand - 10/22/15 10:15 PM
I have this silly little corner in my finished basement....one of those "what do you do with this space?" type areas.  I had a couple of pictures hanging on the walls and a chair sitting there. Nothing exciting.
The other day, as I passed by the corner, I felt a need to improve the space. I've never liked the pictures and I'm really tired of looking at them, so I removed them.  The problem was I didn't have anything to replace them and there are multiple holes in the walls from whatever the previous owners had hanging there. 
For a split second I considered filling the holes … (40 comments)

home staging tips: This Simple Tip Could Help Sell Your Home - 06/28/15 09:38 PM
If you are preparing your home for sale, or planning to list your home for sale soon, here is a simple step you can take to make a lasting impression on potential buyers.
Create a notebook that includes household documents and photos .  If you are organized and have things saved in one place, this will be a very easy task. Otherwise, it may take a bit of time on your part, but will be well worth the effort.
I'm currently in my third home. I made a notebook for the first two homes I sold, and both times I was told that … (67 comments)

home staging tips: NH Home Staging FAQ - How Important Is The Appearance Of The Bathroom? - 05/11/15 10:26 PM
How important is the appearance of a bathroom when selling your home?
The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to prepare and present prior to listing your home for sale. The master bath is especially important.  No other room in a house is more personal in nature.  Logically, buyers know that sellers use the bathroom...  but emotionally, they prefer not to be reminded of it.
The best analogy would be checking into a hotel and finding the bathroom had not been cleaned. How would you feel seeing used soap, toothpaste in the sink, and wet towels on the floor? You don't want … (27 comments)

home staging tips: NH Home Staging Tip - Consider Each Showing A Walk On The Red Carpet - 02/22/15 11:09 PM
After all the hype and anticipation, the Academy Awards are over.
All that's left now is the fashion buzz.
I'll be watchng Fashion Police tonight to see who wins "Best Dressed" and who gets criticized for their poor choice in style.
"Worst Dressed" can be very entertaining.
"There's no such thing as bad publicity."  Negative press regarding an actor's choice of formal wear isn't all that bad because it gets them talked about....it gets them the attention they crave and the attention they need to succeed in their business.
"The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about."   Oscar … (35 comments)

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