nh home stager faq: How Important Is Furniture Placement When Selling Your House? - 06/23/17 07:48 AM
How your furniture is arranged greatly impacts the impression buyers will have of your house. 
If you are preparing your house for sale and feel overwhelmed by the process, you are not alone. Preparing your house for sale is a lot of work.  
Once you have done the obvious...removed all the excess stuff ...lovingly referred to as clutter...the real fun begins.
Furniture placement.
Most sellers underestimate the importance of furniture placement.
Furniture represents much more than comfort and convenience. What works for you may not be very appealing to others.
Furniture defines a room's purpose. This is especially important for odd floor plans...those long narrow … (48 comments)

nh home stager faq: Does Home Staging Guarantee A House Will Sell Faster? - 06/16/17 05:55 AM
Many stagers and real estate agents make the claim that home staging gets homes sold faster.
 "Less time on the market " is the phrase most commonly used.
The truth is, there are no guarantees with home staging.
The reason for this is simple....
there are far too many factors that can extend time on the market that  home stagers have no control over.
The Price Isn't Right
If the home is priced too high, no matter how good the staging, it's not going to sell. Staging creates value, but it doesn't justify an unrealistic price.
Location Location Location
No matter how gorgeous the interior, a beautifully staged home … (30 comments)

nh home stager faq: Does Staging A Bookcase Really Help Sell My House? FAQ - 06/09/17 05:17 AM
Home Staging isn't just about furniture and paint colors. Home Staging is about creating appeal and value through strategic marketing. Each room is prepared to show space and function. The intent throughout is to increase the perceived value of the home in the minds of buyers.
My goal as a home stager is to make potential buyers believe a house is worth its asking price...to believe it's been well maintained....to see its value.
One way stagers create value is by creating space.
One way stagers create an impression of being well maintained is by creating order. 
Bookcases and built-ins offer a great opportunity to demonstrate exactly … (49 comments)

nh home stager faq: How Can I Quickly and Inexpensively Update My Home? Ask A Home Stager. - 06/05/17 06:08 AM
It's been proven time and again that visual appearance influences potential home buyers. Whether negative or positive, condition will be a determing factor in how fast, and for how much, your house sells.
If you are planning to list your house for sale, a home staging consult will arm you with the information you need to prepare and present your house in its best light.
Staging is usually associated with being expensive. However, most stagers offer "Occupied Staging" services which involves using existing furnishings and accessories as much as possible. 
We understand that homeowners want to avoid spending money on a house they … (24 comments)

nh home stager faq: How Do You Find And Choose A Professional Home Stager? - 06/02/17 05:49 AM
As Home Staging has become more popular, it's getting more common for sellers to seek professional help when preparing their home for sale. 
Many of the calls I receive regarding home staging are from home owners who understand the importance of preparing their home prior to listing, but they don't personally know any stagers. 
Although many real estate agents have a home stager on their team, most agents do not. 
Whether you are a seller looking to increase the visual and emotional appeal of your house, or a real estate agent looking to add a valuable member to your marketing team, finding the right … (57 comments)

nh home stager faq: Just How Important Is First Impression When Selling Your House? - 01/02/17 08:10 AM
You've heard it a thousand times....
" You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression."
But just how important is first impression when selling your house?
Whether it's referring to potential buyers viewing MLS photos, a potential buyer's reaction to curb appeal upon arrival, or a buyer's reaction within the first few seconds upon entering the front door...
the impression first formed in a buyer's mind greatly influences their opinion of a property.
That gut feeling when someone first walks in the door sets the tone for the rest of the showing.  A buyer's perception of a home's value is formed based on visual appearance and … (46 comments)

nh home stager faq: Home Staging Consultations - What's The Point? - 09/25/16 10:04 PM
Home staging has come a long way in the last few years, gaining more popularity and mainstream attention. Unfortunately, it's still a misunderstood and underutilized professional service.
Yes, home staging can be expensive. Full staging, including the rental of furniture and accessories for every room, can cost thousands of dollars. While worth the investment, and ultimately less costly than multiple price reductions and monthly carrying costs while lingering on the market, it's not an option for all sellers.
Home Staging Consults are a budget friendly option. At an average cost of $150 - $300 for a two hour consult, it's a service all … (26 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - Do I Still Need An Agent If I Stage My Home? - 05/28/15 05:08 AM
Obviously, as a Home Stager I believe in the power of preparation and presentation. Making your home as appealing as possible prior to listing is crucial to a successful sale. However, appearance alone does not sell a home.
Selling a home requires a strategic marketing plan.
Even homes that practically sell themselves due to prime location and/or great condition still require a lot of work leading up to the closing table.  
Homeowners who attempt to sell their own house do so without a proven, successful marketing plan. Their price and expectations are usually unrealistic. They have less exposure to potential buyers and spend more … (20 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - Is Home Staging The Same As Decorating? - 05/25/15 10:36 PM
One of the biggest misconceptions about Home Staging is that it's simply decorating.
Home Staging is not decorating. 
Home Staging is marketing....strategic and calculated marketing.
Advertisers spend a lot of time, effort and money making sure their products are appealing to buyers.  Every image, color and font is chosen specifically to stand out amongst the competition.
Marketing is used to attract and appeal to buyers.
Its really no different when selling a house. 
Preparing a home for sale involves highlighting positive features, minimizing negative features, and defining the space and function of each room.
Home Staging is about identifying and removing red flags....the things that could … (28 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - How Important Is The Appearance Of The Bathroom? - 05/11/15 10:26 PM
How important is the appearance of a bathroom when selling your home?
The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to prepare and present prior to listing your home for sale. The master bath is especially important.  No other room in a house is more personal in nature.  Logically, buyers know that sellers use the bathroom...  but emotionally, they prefer not to be reminded of it.
The best analogy would be checking into a hotel and finding the bathroom had not been cleaned. How would you feel seeing used soap, toothpaste in the sink, and wet towels on the floor? You don't want … (27 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - Can You Help Me Choose A Real Estate Agent? - 05/06/15 10:05 PM
NH Home Staging FAQ - Can You Help Me Choose A Real Estate Agent?
I've had many Home Staging clients ask me to help them choose a real estate agent.  I'm very happy to give the names of agents I've worked with and trust, but ultimately the decision is yours to make.
I suggest meeting with several agents and find the one you are most comfortable with. Personality is a major factor in finding the one that is right for you. 
Listen carefully when listing price is discussed. Price should not be based on what you think you should get, or what you need to get. The … (27 comments)

nh home stager faq: Is A Listing's Appearance The Real Estate Agent's Responsibility? - 07/09/14 10:56 PM
Is A Listing's Appearance The Real Estate Agent's Responsibility? 
 I've addressed this question with agents many times over the years.
 Yes, it's a great idea for real estate agents to introduce Home Staging to their sellers.
 It's a win win on so many levels. 
 However, it's been my experience that sellers appreciate and take more seriously the whole staging experience if THEY pay for it.
My advice to agents is to SUGGEST a Home Staging Consult to your sellers....as a valuable tool for increasing emotional appeal and perceived value.
Tell your sellers that a Home Staging Consult is an inexpensive way to guarantee their home … (20 comments)

nh home stager faq: Can We Skip The Home Staging Consult And Go Right To The Staging? - 10/31/13 09:49 PM
I received a call yesterday morning from a seller asking about my Home Staging services.   I told him that an initial consult, up to two hours, is $150 and I explained what my Home Staging Consult includes.  He wanted to know if he could skip the consult and go right to the staging.
I had a similar question the day before.  An agent asked if she could just hire me for staging, without the consult.  She said it's obvious her listing needs staging and a consult wouldn't be necessary. 
Both callers saw the consult as something separate from the staging.....like an estimate that a contractor gives prior to actually doing the work.
The term … (52 comments)

nh home stager faq: Should I List My House With New Appliances or Offer An Allowance? - 09/19/13 09:54 PM
Should I List My House With New Appliances or Offer An Allowance?
As a New Hampshire Home Stager I've been asked this question many times.  Every situation is different, but in most cases, it's best to buy new rather than offer an allowance. This is true whether you are talking appliances, flooring, or any other needed improvement.
Offer your home with new appliances and you have control over selection and cost....and you increase the perceived value of your home.
However, offer an allowance and your home appears not to have been well maintained and you end up in a negotiation situation, basically giving control to … (81 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - Can You Help Me Choose Paint Colors? - 06/07/12 09:43 PM
NH Home Staging FAQ -  Can You Help Me Choose Paint Colors?
Probably the most frequently asked question I get, as a New Hampshire Home Stager, has to do with paint color selection.
 Most Home Staging consults result in a room or more needing paint....usually involving the choice of a new color.
Yes, I can help you choose the colors.  Color selection is a crucial part of any Home Stager's services.
When preparing your house for sale it's best to use neutral colors to appeal to the broadest range of buyers.  It's the interpretation of "neutral" that confuses most sellers.  Builders beige or white are … (26 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - Should I Make Improvements Or Offer An Allowance? - 06/05/12 05:41 AM
NH Home Staging FAQ - Should I Make Improvements Or Offer An Allowance?
Today's buyer wants a move-in ready home.  
They don't have the time or interest in making improvements.
When given a choice:  
1.  moving right in with colors that are warm and neutral
 2.  being able to choose the paint colors themselves after moving in
Buyers choose #1 ...they don't want to pick colors, find a painter, be delayed moving in waiting for the painter to finish, or worse - live with the painter coming and going.
Being able to choose the type and the color carpet after moving in isn't such a great … (20 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - Does Staging Require Buying New Furniture? - 06/04/12 09:55 AM
NH Home Staging FAQ - Does Staging Require Buying New Furniture?
Most New Hampshire sellers are not familiar with Home Staging and their expectations are usually based on TV shows...not exactly "real life" accurate.
Home Staging doesn't always involve the removal and replacement of your furniture.  Yes, you can hire a stager to do that, but it's not required.
Sharon Tara Transformations specializes in Home Staging consults for occupied homes.  I will recommend replacement when necessary, but whenever possible I use the home owners' existing furnishings.  It's surprising what can be done simply by moving things around and "shopping" for accessories within the house.
1. … (23 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - What Exactly Is Clutter? - 06/01/12 11:46 AM
NH Home Staging FAQ - What Exactly Is Clutter?
No checklist for preparing a home for sale would be complete without including the term "declutter." 
It's got to be the most frequently used term in real estate staging. 
Knowing that you have to declutter is only helpful if you know how to declutter.  Uncertainty leaves you questioning where to begin and feeling overwhelmed.
The problem:  Your definition, your agent's definition, and a home stager's definition of "declutter" are probably all the same: "to remove excess and disorder."  However, what each of us deems as clutter, how each of us would actually approach the task of decluttering, and what the end results … (22 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - What Can I Do Before My Staging Consult? - 05/30/12 10:44 PM
NH Home Staging FAQ - What Can I Do Before My Staging Consult?
A Home Staging consult is generally two hours.  Obviously, the stager can accomplish more in that time frame if the seller has done some prep work.  
There are several things you can remove ahead of time, and save the stager from having to address them at the consult. 
Trash, donate or prepack:
 all personal photographs
 all religious items 
 all political items
 all trophies and medals
 all weapons
 all taxidermy
 all collections
 all personal documents  (framed diplomas, degrees, awards, certificates) 
1. everything from top, front, and sides of your refrigerator
2. all evidence of pets  (Find a concealed place to keep pet food and accessories)
3.  off … (30 comments)

nh home stager faq: NH Home Staging FAQ - How Much Does A Staging Consult Cost? - 05/28/12 08:32 PM
NH Home Staging FAQ - How Much Does A Staging Consult Cost?
Home Staging services and fees in New Hampshire vary.  Some stagers charge hourly, some by square footage, some have half day and full day rates.  Home Staging may involve rental of all new furniture or it may involve using what the homeowner has on hand.  You can hire a stager to do all the work or to do a "walk through" consult providing a personalized, detailed "to-do" list.
It's not always expensive.  There are levels of service to fit all budgets.  
How much does Home Staging cost on the Seacoast in New Hampshire? 
 Sharon Tara … (16 comments)

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