nh home staging: Is Home Staging The Witchcraft Of Real Estate? - 10/16/18 05:51 AM
Is Home Staging The Witchcraft of Real Estate?
 As popular as it has become, Home Staging is still a misunderstood service.
Witchcraft? Magic? Mind Games? 
Sure, it's all of that...to some people.
But Home Stagers want you to understand that staging is actually a very STRATEGIC form of real estate MARKETING.
Home staging is strategically preparing a product for market.
The goal is to highlight your home's best features and minimize any features that could be considered negative.  
Witch features of your house are the most positive, and how do you guarantee that buyers notice them? Witch features of your house are the most negative and … (84 comments)

nh home staging: FSBO? Home Staging Should Never Be Considered Your Only Marketing Plan - 08/07/17 07:46 AM
Recently I did a home staging consult for a couple who found me online. As I usually do, I asked if they had an agent. Hearing their answer that they didn't have one was not surprising. Many sellers contact a stager prior to contacting an agent.
What surprised me was that they had no intention of having an agent because they felt if they consulted with a professional stager they didn't need an agent.
Home staging is my business and I firmly believe in the power of preparation and presentation, but I also believe that appearance alone cannot be expected to sell a … (55 comments)

nh home staging: NH Home Staging Tip: Inconvenience Is Part of The Selling Experience! - 10/28/13 05:42 AM
NH Home Staging Tip:  Inconvenience Is Part of The Selling Experience!
If you want to sell your house, expect to be inconvenienced in the process.  The best real estate marketing requires disruption of your daily routine, removal of your personnal belongings and some major changes in your home's appearance.  If you want to sell your house in the shortest time possible, it's in your best interest to take the advice of your agent and home stager.  
Here's more on the subject from Pennsylvania home stager, Suzanne Otto:
"I Still Live Here"
"I still live here" These are not words a … (11 comments)

nh home staging: NH Home Staging Advice – Security Tips While Your Home Is Listed - 09/15/13 09:35 PM
NH Home Staging  Advice – Security Tips While Your Home Is Listed
Listing your house for sale puts you in a very vulnerable position.  Not everyone that enters your  home can be trusted, and there will be a lot of people coming and going while your house is on the market.  
Janice Ankrett provides these 10 things you can do to protect your family, privacy and valuables during open houses and showings.  

Selling your home is a very 'public' process. 
You are opening your home to the public for all to see in hopes of finding the perfect buyer. There will … (10 comments)

nh home staging: New Hampshire Home Staging...Auto Detailing For Your Home - 09/28/12 02:54 AM
New Hampshire Home Staging...Auto Detailing For Your Home
It's the obvious analogy.....you wouldn't sell your car without cleaning it out, shining it up, and shampooing the carpet.  Shouldn't you do the same when selling your house?
The golden rule of marketing....make your product appealing to buyers!
A Home Staging Consult is the first step to detailing your home for a successful sale!
Here's a great post on the subject, written by Peg Barcelo-Jackson.
Home Stagers; the Auto Detailers of Real Estate?People sell their cars, or trade them in all the time for something better.
They always want to get as much as … (7 comments)

nh home staging: NH Home Staging Advice-Buyers Pay For What They Think They Are Getting - 09/20/12 10:26 PM
You've heard the expression
"You get what you pay for."  Not true in real estate.  In real estate...
You pay for what you think you are getting.  
In the search for a new home, buyers are most influenced by visual appearance.  Yes, they start their search in a certain location and within a specific price range.....but their decision on which houses to visit are based on MLS pictures.  The decision of whether or not to make an offer is based on what is seen at showings.
  Price is determined by the local market.   Home Staging helps justify the price.

nh home staging: New Hampshire Home Staging Myths - It's Not Like It's Shown On TV - 08/06/12 11:53 PM
So many misconceptions out there about Professional Home Staging!  
As a New Hampshire Home Stager I specialize in Home Staging Consults....supplying NH sellers with the information they need to transform and prepare their home for sale.  No crew and no TV cameras!  Wouldn't that be fun though!
My good friend and Florida Stager, Kathy Streib, wrote this great explanation of what to expect from a home staging consult.
Boca Raton Home Staging Myths-No We Do Not Arrive with a Large Crew.

Often when a seller in Boca Raton calls for information on Home Staging, they ask me if I’m … (6 comments)

nh home staging: Home Staging Tip: Kitchen Cabinets - The Devil Is In The Details - 03/25/12 11:55 PM
Kitchen cabinets with glass doors reveal more than just the contents of the cabinet.
A cabinet with a glass door adds interest and is a positive selling feature only if
the contents of that cabinet are visually appealing.  
Otherwise,  potential buyers could see the glass door as a negative feature.
Think about it....
Seeing your "stuff" could make buyers think twice about having glass doors. 
Not everyone has perfectly matched dishes.  Not everyone keeps a tidy cabinet.  Most people want to put things away without concern of keeping up appearances.
  Instead of valuable storage space, your cabinet could represent decorative wasted space.
At a recent New Hampshire Home … (27 comments)

nh home staging: NH Home Staging Tip: The Flooring You Choose Can Make Your Home Appear Larger - 03/17/12 01:11 AM
NH Home Staging Tip:  The Flooring You Choose Can Make Your Home Appear Larger 
Does every room in your home have a different color carpet?
Do you have tile in the kitchen, wood in the living room, and carpet in the bedrooms?
If so, your home probably appears smaller than it really is.
Don't chop your house up into small pieces!  
Here's what the "The Flooring Girl", Debbie Gartner, has to say about adding perceived square footage through flooring selection.
Flooring can have a big impact on how large your home looks and feels. Your flooring is like the 5th … (18 comments)

nh home staging: Don't Try Home Staging To Get Your House Sold - 05/23/11 03:42 AM
Home staging is often a last resort strategy, used when all else fails.  Too many sellers and Realtors take a "wait and see" attitude when it comes to staging and it ends up costing them thousands of dollars.
Most sellers say they are serious about selling their home, but haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to preparation and presentation of their product for sale. 
When sellers underestimate what needs to be done in preparation and over value when determining their selling price, Realtors find themselves listing with their hands tied, based on the seller's unrealistic expectations.
"We'll see how it goes"
"We'll give it a month"
"We'll have to lower the price"
 then, finally... 
  "Maybe we should try staging" … (86 comments)

nh home staging: Are You a Jammie Pants Home Seller? - 02/08/10 01:06 AM
Mary Douglas, Colorado Realtor, has a very humorous approach to helping sellers understand the importance of proper home preparation.  Dressing for success is not just for professionals, it also applies to your house for sale.

I'll admit I love my flannel  jammie  pants, they are very comfy; but when I'm going out, they certainly stay at home and I am dressed.
Yesterday, when I went grocery shopping, I was amazed at how many people wear their flannel jammie pants to the store!  
There were jammie pants people in the cereal aisle and jammie pants in produce, in fact I probably saw … (25 comments)

nh home staging: Ode to Odors - Preparing Your New Hampshire Home For Sale - 02/06/10 04:05 AM
Here is some very valuable advice for my local New Hampshire sellers currently preparing their home for sale.  It comes from fellow Home Stager, Deena Cottingham.

When I do Pre-Market Consultations as a Home Stager, I often see -- and smell -- a variety of scented products throughout the home. There's the plug-in variety, the spray variety, the stash-in-a-corner-and-please-absorb-the-smell-in-here variety.
I often ask about their presence . . . is there an issue in this room? Are you worried about an odor problem? Most home owners shrug and say that they think it's just prudent. You know . . . … (8 comments)

nh home staging: Please Leave! 5 Reason's to Hit the Road when your House is being Shown - 12/11/09 02:23 AM
Advice for sellers: Don't make the mistake of staying home when your house is being shown...it's just not a good idea.  Here are five reasons for you to leave before potential buyers arrive.

If you have your home listed for sale and I show up with a potential buyer...please leave!  Go for a walk with dog, take the mail up to to the corner or go for a ride in your car.  Nothing shortens up the time a prospective buyer(s) will spend in a home than the homeowners being home...even the quiet ones who sit in the den and try to … (18 comments)

nh home staging: How to Take Better Real Estate Photos - 12/08/09 09:59 AM
First impression begins online with your listing photos.  If you aren't going to hire a professional photographer for your MLS photos, then you should seriously consider the photography tips listed in this post by Amy Hunter. 
The pictures you use will determine how many calls for showings you receive.  The pictures you use will determine buyers' perceived value of your home.

We have all seen too many really bad photos in real estate listings.  Some real estate agents are better than others at taking photos, and some agents really are excellent.  I believe that anyone can take decent photos of their listings … (9 comments)

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