There are Two Reasons a Home Doesn't Sell.....It's Overpriced or It's Ugly. I heard this phrase on a television show on HGTV and it has always stuck in my head. There is so much truth to this simple statement. One can say..."Well, a bad location on a busy road is why it isn't selling". True, but ...
Yup, I'm at it again. A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog tooting my horn about being selected into the Top 20 MyKirkland's Designers in the Nation. Click on the previous link if you care to see the pictures from my application and read the blog. I went through at 30 minute interview with the corpo...
So yes, yesterday was my birthday and I received the coolest treat. I got home from a tiring day of Home Staging Consultations and getting ready for my warehouse sale. My husband and my two 4 legged kids had flowers for me which was the start of the Treasure Hunt for my gifts. What fun! The first...
Is it okay to toot my own horn? I feel a little weird about it but if I don't...who will? I found out yesterday that I have been selected as a Semi-Finalist to be one of the next Top MyKirkland's Designers! Yeah!! How cool is that!! After all the applications they have narrowed it down to 20. Now...
What a wonderful site I just came upon, a beautifully staged home in my backyard. I could not have done it better myself. I bought this cute birdhouse for my enjoyment and to complete a cute vignette in one of my flower gardens. I had doubts that any bird would actually make a home in it. What I ...
Eden Prairie, MN, a Southwest suburb of Minneapolis is ranked the #1 Best Place to Live by Money Magazine!  Four other MN towns, all suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul make the top 25. Plymouth, MN #11, Northwest Suburb Woodbury, MN #13, Eastern Suburb Eagan, MN #15, Southeast Suburb Apple Valley, M...
I always find it a little odd when someone is waiting for my parking space that is 20 feet closer to the door than the next parking space, and WE ARE AT THE GYM. Do you find that odd? Aren't they there for the exercise? I can understand if it is pouring rain, I can understand if it is 20 degrees ...
When selling a home, it's NOT ALL ABOUT THE TV! I walk into more and more homes for home staging where the TV takes up half the room, at least one entire wall. Then, all the furniture is positioned for perfect viewing of the TV. Okay for living, not for selling. When I make the suggestion that th...

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