Rooms With Style was recently called to complete a vacant home staging in this newly refurbished and updated home in Golden Valley, MN. The home is stunning with beautiful detailing. The problem was the buyer could not differentiate between the living area and the dining area. Although the wiring...
I got a call from a very busy Realtor in town that I had never worked with. The Home Stager she had used for years had moved away and she got my name from a co-worker. She asked me to go to one of her upcoming listings that needed some guidance and help. She told me upfront of some things that ne...
I love getting deals and bargains, who doesn't. I signed up for this online site and I am loving it. Have you heard of You enter the city you are interested in getting deals from or enter your zip code. You can also tell them what kind of deals you are most interested in. Restaurants...
Yes, finally Mr. Cutie Pie has his own TV show and it started yesterday. Nate Berkus, Mr. Cutie Pie, had his season premier of his first ever TV show and I am so happy! I used to DVR Oprah just to scroll through to see when Nate was on the show. He is one of the most talented designer's plus he i...
Many houses have them, a weird space that when it is empty you don't have a clue what you would do with it. Show the buyer SOMETHING they can do with it. I have had a few of these lately during vacant home stagings. Here are three examples where I had to stand, stare at it and wonder.......what s...
Have you ever been told, "Close your eyes, envision your favorite place, where you are happy and relaxed". Maybe it was during a relaxation or breathing class, perhaps at a counselor's office. Where is your happy place? We all have one. It may be fictional, some place you would like to travel. Ma...
Master Bedrooms are extremely important square footage and should be treated as valuable property! In my opinion if someone has narrowed it down to two homes to buy the deciding factor will be the Kitchen and Master Bedroom. Everyone knows "kitchens sell homes". I don't disagree. But, I think the...
My last couple blogs documented a few things I did while attending the MN State Fair this year (especially the one of EVERYTING I ate), but now I want to show you my favorite thing at the Fair, The Birthing Center. Throughout the Fair babies from various animal species are born, usually everyday ...
What is your stress reliever? We all have one. Grabbing the remote and vegging out in front of the TV? Curling up with a book? Taking a walk? Having dinner with friends? Your choice of reliever will have something to do with if you are an extrovert or an introvert. Extroverts rejuvenate by being ...

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