Whenever I Think of Our Military I Start to Cry.  It doesn't matter where it is. A story on TV. A soldier walking on the street in his/her uniform. What really affects me is when they have our veterans and current soldiers stand at church and we pray for them and their families. I have tears stre...
I Ate the Weirdest Thing! And I Loved It!! Okay, it's nothing weird or gross like on "Survivor". No slugs or worms. I bought it in the Grocery Store so it is safe and all that but it was so different I just needed to tell you. A Chile Mango Frozen Fruit Bar. It's like a normal Fruit Bar with larg...
Ideas and Inspiration - How to Think Outside the Box with a Flea Market Find. Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN. I love flea market finds. First because they are cheap. Second because they are unique and different. The best part is to find a way to use them for something other than what t...
1907 Was A Very Good Year - Home Staging and Redesign in Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis and St. Paul are filled with older homes, homes with character and charm. I recently staged this 1907 home in Minneapolis. Before staging is was tough to see how the alcove inside the entry could be used.       A...
I'm Taking Today Off! Yup, phones will be shut off. No computer, IPad or Blackberry. And it is all for a good reason. A Golf Tournament for a Non-Profit that is Close to My Heart: Midwest Challenge. I put together a foursome of all Ladies. Men....look out! (In more ways than one!!) We'll be playi...
It's Sunday So Guess Where I Will Be? The obvious choice would be Church. Well yeah I went there too but some weekends I go on Saturday night so wrong answer. Next obvious choice, Perkins for Omelets and Pancakes! Nope but it is sounding good. It is Sunday and that means one thing for sure. DOG P...
This Ain't Your Mother's 1950's Rambler! Home Staging and Redesign in Minneapolis, MN I got the opportunity to work with a contractor who bought this 1950s Rambler in it's original condition and totally updated it for today's buyer. Do you remember the Rambler's from the 50's. Small chopped up ro...
I Have a New Favorite Song! This song makes me smile and puts me in such a good mood whenever I hear it. Lucky for me that since it is new they play it a lot on my favorite radio station. I wanted to share and hope it makes you feel good too.     This had been my favorite song. If you are going t...
The Most Common Mistakes I See in People's Homes - Part 4What are the most common mistakes people make in their homes? As a Home Stager and Designer I see them over and over and they are quick and easy to fix. Check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this series to see the first of the four mistake...
The Most Common Mistakes I See in People's Homes - Part 3I see many mistakes that people make in their homes when I go in to assist them in Staging their home for sale or on a Redesign visit.   It seems as though there are four "common" mistakes that I see over and over. In each of Part 1 and Par...

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