diy projects: A Project to Start Off the New Year - Chalk Painted Furniture! - 11/29/18 10:56 AM
It's been very popular for a few years....have you tried it? Chalk Paint? You see so many vintage shops selling old furniture that has been redone in chalk paint; and pop-up weekend shops carry many chalk painted pieces. I have bought a few and love them. Purchasing the finished product always seemed the easiest to me.
BUT......I have a vintage round coffee table with caster feet that I love and when I purchased it almost 20 years ago it was the very popular sage color. 
I have been so tired of that color (besides it being a bit dated) but I never … (4 comments)

diy projects: Re-Purposing to Create Amazing Succulent Arrangements! Home Staging MN - 10/04/17 01:56 PM
If you haven't noticed, succulents are really in right now. There are even stores having succulent parties to pick your containers and plant them right at the store.
I do like them and although it is really tough to kill a succulent, I can do it. This real one sat in my Mom's condo unattended when she was in the nursing home for over a year and was fine and healthy. When she passed away I took it home and now it looks like this.
So I went to Plan B. The fake succulents are so incredibly real that I knew they were … (4 comments)

diy projects: Your Trash is probably my Treasure - 08/20/16 12:14 AM
I love to turn old things into new. If I had more time I would have a blog just on DIY trash to treasure projects. So whenever I do have the time for a project I get so excited.
This latest project sat in a corner for a couple years and I finally got it out and finished it. What took me so long? It literally took me about an hour to do.
Here's the story of this trash to treasure find:
I staged a vacant house a few years back where the homeowner had passed away. The home was built in the 1940s … (47 comments)

diy projects: The Story of a Chair. Home Staging Minneapolis, MN - 08/09/16 10:39 PM
If a chair could tell a story I wonder what it would say? Especially this chair.
I saw this chair in a house that was going to be remodeled; I was hired to do all the design selections and then stage it. When I saw the chair I knew it was a classic, well made and had been a stunner in it's day.
Who had owned it? What stories had it heard?  
The house had basically been abandoned after a death and estate issue. I asked the investor if I could have the chair and he said "sure." I called my upholsterer, had him … (7 comments)

diy projects: You Know That Ugly Bookcase You Have? Home Staging Redesign MN - 10/20/12 11:33 PM
You Know That Ugly Bookcase You Have? 
Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN
You know....the one you got in college that you have been moving with you to every new house. Or is it the one you got as a hand me down when you got your first place? Or maybe the one your spouse brought into the marriage that you have always hated?
We all have them. Tucked somewhere in a corner crammed with 'stuff'. Off in a forgotten guest room or office.
Well, I had one. And it wasn't tucked in a forgotten guest room. It was in the … (25 comments)

diy projects: DIY - You Never Know Where You Will Find a Treasure! Home Staging MN - 08/14/12 10:29 PM
DIY - You Never Know Where You Will Find a Treasure!
Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN
I love to go to flea markets when I have time to browse and let my imagination go. But sometimes you will find a treasure where you least expect it. 
I did a home staging consult for a woman who's mother had passed away and she was getting the house ready to sell. She had emptied the home of many items already but there was still a lot of 'stuff' her Mom had collected in her 93 years.
Down in the basement sitting in … (22 comments)

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