home staging tips: A Need To Address Odors When Selling Your Home - 06/11/19 03:37 PM
This isn't the most fun topic to address, it's a little stinky. Okay really I had to say that! :) But seriously, when you are selling your home you need to address any odors that may be present.
This is a tough one because many of us don't smell an odor in our own home. Or we smell it when we first walk in the door but it seems to goes away after a few minutes so we forget about it. If you are selling your home you need to bring in an independent person that will be brutally honest with you. … (6 comments)

home staging tips: Artwork When Selling Your Home - 05/16/19 06:57 AM
I normally see two schools of thought regarding artwork when I am assisting home owners in getting their home ready to hit the market.
One is that all artwork should be off the walls and leave everything neutral. This I especially see if the home has just been painted and the seller is reluctant to put holes in the walls. The second school of thought is that all walls should have a piece of artwork including small spaces and hallways.
What should be your mindset for selling is somewhere in the middle.
You must have artwork on your walls when you are selling your … (12 comments)

home staging tips: A Couple Quick Tips when Selling your Home in the Summer - 07/19/18 08:49 AM
There are a couple things I see in the summer when doing Home Staging Consultations that many times need to be addressed and are super easy to correct.
1. Cobwebs

For most of us, we go in and out of our homes through the garage door, very rarely using the front door or even taking a look at it. In the summer months a cobweb can appear in a matter of hours. Sometimes it seems like minutes.
Every day when I water the flowers on my front steps I see cobwebs in the corners of the house and around the door. I spray … (3 comments)

home staging tips: But Those Valances Were Expensive! - 03/24/18 07:45 AM
I get that response many times when I recommend to clients that they take down the valances above windows when they are preparing to put their home up for sale.
I understand they may have been expensive but many times that was 20-30 years ago so you have gotten your money's worth. Even if they were purchased more recently you can take them with you to your  new home or leave them folded in a closet for the homeowner if they want to use them
The reason I make this recommendation is:
1) Valances cut the ceiling height down.
It chops the room off visually … (44 comments)

home staging tips: Does Your House Have a New Year's Resolution? Home Staging Minneapolis - 01/03/18 08:31 AM
We all seem to make them...New Year's resolution to achieve some big goal. Have you ever stopped to think that your house may have them too?
Let's start with the most popular resolution. LOSING WEIGHT!
Is your house bursting at it's seams? Way too much 'stuff' crammed in the basement, the closets, the storage spaces? 
Perhaps it wants to shed some of that weight and be able to breath a little easier with some extra space.
Another popular resolution is GETTING HEALTHY!
Getting healthy is much different from losing weight. You may have shed the pounds but if you are still unhealthy at your core … (3 comments)

home staging tips: Re-Purposing to Create Amazing Succulent Arrangements! Home Staging MN - 10/04/17 01:56 PM
If you haven't noticed, succulents are really in right now. There are even stores having succulent parties to pick your containers and plant them right at the store.
I do like them and although it is really tough to kill a succulent, I can do it. This real one sat in my Mom's condo unattended when she was in the nursing home for over a year and was fine and healthy. When she passed away I took it home and now it looks like this.
So I went to Plan B. The fake succulents are so incredibly real that I knew they were … (4 comments)

home staging tips: A Blog Post about Doors! Home Staging Minneapolis MN - 08/03/17 08:50 AM
It is....a post about doors! And no it's  not a construction post, ha. I recently was on vacation and one of the places we visited was Carmel-By-The-Sea, California. I fell in love with it!! And one of the main reasons was because of the doors. OH MY GOSH!
I seriously could not stop looking and photographing doors. Front doors, garage doors, gates and doors to gardens. Oh my! The character, the charm, the uniqueness got me to thinking.....why don't we all have great doors?
I have a boring front door. I paint it a different color every year to bring life to it … (6 comments)

home staging tips: If You Can See Through It - Clean It! Home Staging Minneapolis MN - 06/26/17 07:16 AM
When selling your house, if you can see through it, it must sparkle!
Let's look at the list:
That means inside and out, all levels of your home and yes the screens too. Your home does show better without the screens at all so clean them and put them in your storage area.
Dirt, grim, winter grit all need to go! That includes the tracks of the window sills.
Light Fixtures:
Buyers don't know if the light fixtures are worn, corroded or just plain old dirty. Spit and polish is the key on both interior and exterior light fixtures.
Glass shower doors:
Ugh....soap build up and water spots … (23 comments)

home staging tips: Advice You May Need if Selling Your Home - 01/13/17 08:39 AM
I was at a home yesterday doing a Home Staging Consultation and I ran into an issue that I see over and over again. Lack of light!
Plain and simple.....buyers do not like dark houses. I think you could look at hundreds of feedback comments on homes and never see "The house just had too much natural light." or "The  house was just too bright." You just never hear that.
But you do hear, "The house was so dark." or "Boy there just wasn't any natural light."
Perhaps your home has all of it's windows facing north or it was built in the decades … (34 comments)

home staging tips: Do Buyers Think It Is Halloween When They Approach Your Home? - 10/29/12 10:33 PM
Do Buyers Think It Is Halloween When They Approach Your Home?
Home Staging Minneapolis, MN
What do buyers see as they are approaching your home?
Is it dark? Poor lighting or maybe even no lighting? Are they slowing their pace thinking they mistakenly are at the Halloween Haunted House?
Does it creep them out to walk up the sidewalk and approach your dark porch or overhang? 

What about when they unlock the front door and step inside? Are they worried they are entering................
"The Twilight Zone"

Is the entryway cold.....cavernous and making them think the … (13 comments)

home staging tips: A New Favorite Decorative Item - Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN - 05/06/12 09:46 PM
I love mixing old and new. Things from the past and current trends. 
You know that saying 'what's old is new again' and that is the case with Mercury Glass. You can find great Mercury glass pieces in Antique Stores, Flea Markets and even on Grandma's shelf. 
And you can find new Mercury Glass items now everywhere, even at discount stores! 

I love putting collections of Mercury Glass pieces together as a display or one piece individually as an accent piece in a bathroom or on entryway table. 
Standard Mercury glass is silver or silver toned but you can find … (16 comments)

home staging tips: My Favorite Designer Shared Her Favorite Paint Colors! - 04/18/12 10:35 PM

home staging tips: What Is The Dollar Value of A First Impression? - 11/02/11 01:30 AM
Do you have any idea what the dollar value is of a buyer's first impression?
Home Stagers talk about first impressions all the time. We talk until we are blue in the face and sometimes we are still dismissed with "it's not that important, I have a great kitchen."
That may be true but the first gut reaction never goes away. I heard Real Estate Agent and Mogul Barbara Corcoran put an actual dollar value on first impressions and I sat up straight in my chair. I had never heard it expressed in actual $$$ before.

If you are not aware … (49 comments)

home staging tips: Part 5 of a 4 Part Series :) - 07/13/11 01:55 AM
Yes....That's What I Said. This is Part 5 in my 4 Part Series on "Home Staging is More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture".
So don't tell me I can't count, I know, I know!
I first told you that this would be a four part series featuring one home and suggestions I made in each room. I wasn't going to include the bedroom as....ah, boring. I wasn't going to include the kitchen because that had been a separate post.
But then I thought, why not highlight the Master Bedroom even if the suggestion was basic; and why not show the kitchen again … (31 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Is Much More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture - Part 4: Staging A Home, MN - 07/07/11 02:38 AM
Home Staging Is Much More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture - Part 4
Staging A Home - Minneapolis, MN
This Four Part Series takes place in one home and I am highlighting the suggestions I made to the client in various rooms.
Part 4: The Porch
This porch was an addition; built around the original stucco exterior of the home. It looks out onto a stunning landscaped yard. Let's take a look.
ERRrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkk......hold on! Is it the porch???
Let's check again......maybe we took a wrong turn.

Nope I think it's the porch but it sure is looking like … (27 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Is So Much More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture - Part 2 - Home Staging Minneapolis, MN - 06/30/11 02:42 AM
Home Staging Isn't Just About De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture Around - Part 2
Home Staging Minneapolis, MN
If you saw my Part 1 of this series you will remember that I am showing pictures of one home and suggestions I made in each room.
Part 1 showed the Family Room and now lets take a look at the Living Room.
It was the first room you saw inside the front door. Yes the client was moving but they never really used this room so it was empty and neglected.
The focal point of the room is the fireplace and it isn't … (27 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging is so Much More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture - Part 1 - Home Staging Minneapolis, MN - 06/27/11 09:13 AM
Home Staging is So Much More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture - Part 1
Home Staging Minneapolis, MN
 Yes, Home Staging is about de-cluttering, yes it is about moving furniture for the best traffic flow and focal point. But it is so much more.
In this Four Part Series I will show one home with suggestions made to each room.
This room is the Family Room. The paint was the main issue. Although blue is an 'in' color right now, it depends on the shade and hue of blue and the room it is used in.
This blue wasn't doing much for the room, … (27 comments)

home staging tips: Are Your Kitchen Cabinets Dated but You Don't Have Thousands of Dollars for New? - Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN. - 06/14/11 02:11 AM
Are Your Kitchen Cabinets Dated but You Don't Have Thousands of Dollars for New?
Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN.
As a Designer and Home Stager I come across many kitchens that need updating. Many homeowners want to update their kitchens, either for gaining top dollar when selling or for their own enjoyment.
I can't say it enough, "KITCHENS SELL HOMES". Period.
A total kitchen update costs tens of thousands of dollars and if you are staying in your home it is okay, spend the money and enjoy it.
If you are selling you may be wondering the best place to spend your money to … (38 comments)

home staging tips: The Most Common Mistakes I See in People's Homes - Part 4 - 05/18/11 01:41 AM
The Most Common Mistakes I See in People's Homes - Part 4What are the most common mistakes people make in their homes? As a Home Stager and Designer I see them over and over and they are quick and easy to fix.
Check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this series to see the first of the four mistakes I feel are the most common mistakes I see when I walk in to people's homes.
The fourth and last in the series is:
Artwork Hung too HighI see this all the time. Artwork most typically should be hung … (36 comments)

home staging tips: The Most Common Mistakes I See in People's Homes - Part 2 - 05/13/11 12:58 AM
The Most Common Mistakes I See in People's Homes - Part 2  Previously I shared a common mistake I see in many homes in Part 1 of this Common Mistake Series. As a Home Stager and Designer I see hundreds of homes.
Don't beat yourself up if you are doing any of these mistakes. That is the reason I call them "common" mistakes. The second most common mistake I see in homes is:
Not enough lamps
Ceiling lights do not replace the need for lamps. If you are selling your home lamps are needed to bring more light into a room, … (33 comments)

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