home staging tips minneapolis mn: Do You Need to Stage Your Home in a Seller's Market? - 07/17/20 10:18 AM
I know many people are asking that question and wondering if home staging is needed when inventory is low and homes are selling quickly. The answer may depend a bit but if you don't stage, may you be leaving some money on the table? 
Let's say you list your home 'as is' and you put the asking price a bit lower so you don't have to do much of anything. You get an offer within a few weeks, maybe a few thousand below list but overall the percentage is still really good. Ok great!
But now let's say you bring in a … (22 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Home Staging Statistics You Will LOVE! - 02/14/20 07:23 AM
Here are some Home Staging Statistics you will love, just in time for Valentines Day!
In the most recent study of  634 homes (both vacant and occupied), done by the Real Estate Staging Association, they found that:
Un-staged homes spent an average of 107 days on the market. After staging, these homes sold on average in 25 days. Homeowners had their home on the market an average of 132 days before calling a Home Stager. Homes that were staged prior to going on the market sold on average in 18 days. Homes that were staged first, spent 86% less time on market.  

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Window Treatments When Selling Your Home - Home Staging Minneapolis - 11/30/19 12:22 PM
Window treatments are always a topic of conversation in a Home Staging Consultation when I meet with Homeowners that are putting their house on the market.
1) If you have heavy drapery or valances take them down. This isn't the look that buyers want right now plus they over power the room and hide the windows.   
Even drapery panels that cover the window in anyway should be taken down.  At the very minimum, extend the rod out past the trim so the entire drapery panel hangs outside the windows themselves.
In the picture below my recommendation would be to take the panels down … (3 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: A Need To Address Odors When Selling Your Home - 06/11/19 03:37 PM
This isn't the most fun topic to address, it's a little stinky. Okay really I had to say that! :) But seriously, when you are selling your home you need to address any odors that may be present.
This is a tough one because many of us don't smell an odor in our own home. Or we smell it when we first walk in the door but it seems to goes away after a few minutes so we forget about it. If you are selling your home you need to bring in an independent person that will be brutally honest with you. … (6 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Outdoor Spaces When You Are Selling Your Home - 06/06/19 04:47 PM
It's finally summer and with the brutal winter that occurred throughout most of the upper Midwest and beyond, people want to be outside. When working with sellers, one of the things I advise them on during a Home Staging Consultation is to treat almost any outdoor living space as additional square footage.
I know it is not counted towards the square footage total in valuing your home, but many buyers gravitate towards the outdoor spaces and you need to give them priority.
Whether it is a deck, patio, screened in porch or front porch, they all need to be addressed.
With a front porch … (7 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Artwork When Selling Your Home - 05/16/19 06:57 AM
I normally see two schools of thought regarding artwork when I am assisting home owners in getting their home ready to hit the market.
One is that all artwork should be off the walls and leave everything neutral. This I especially see if the home has just been painted and the seller is reluctant to put holes in the walls. The second school of thought is that all walls should have a piece of artwork including small spaces and hallways.
What should be your mindset for selling is somewhere in the middle.
You must have artwork on your walls when you are selling your … (12 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Tips for Selling Your Home When You Have Pets - Home Staging Minneapolis - 01/30/19 09:29 AM
Let me be the first to say that I love animals! Love love love. That does however exclude snakes :-)
But...when I put my house up for sale I had to address the issue of my dogs and what I was going to do when I had showings. It is something you need to give some serious thought to and discuss with your Real Estate Agent.
Although it is disclosed that there is a an animal in the home, it is always best if the potential buyer never encounters or sees your pet. They do not always read all the disclosures or remember … (3 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Fall Decor When Selling Your Home - 10/05/18 04:39 AM
I ran into this situation this week while doing a Home Staging Consultation. The home owner had filled every room with Fall decor. Table tops, baskets of pumpkins on the floor, little scarecrows hanging here and there, towels with leaves hanging in the bath. 
There is a right and wrong way to enjoy the seasons while selling your home.
Wrong Way:
Having Your Seasonal Decor Overwhelm The Features of Your Home:
This can happen even without seasonal decor, it's called clutter. You don't want buyers looking at your 'things' as they are not buying your things. You want them looking at the architectural features … (11 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Tips for Selling Your Home When You Have Kids - Home Staging Minneapolis - 08/17/18 12:43 PM
Selling your home is not easy nor convenient. When you have children it is even more challenging and much more inconvenient.
A common theme I run into on most Home Staging Consultations is toys. It seems as though young kids just have a lot of them. I'm sure it is all because of Grandma and Grandpa. :)   
Many parents struggle as to what to do with all the toys that are in the living room, the dining room, their bedrooms, the family room, the bath tub and just about everywhere else.
Here are my recommendations:
Toys Are Not the First Thing the Buyer Should … (1 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: The Top 3 Staging Items to Purchase - Home Staging Minneapolis - 06/11/18 06:45 PM
Most people associate Home Staging with the dreaded 'D' word. Declutter! They think that a Home Stager will come in and tell them what they need to take out and remove.
That is part of it but most of my home staging consultations also include tips for the homeowner of items to purchase to make the home shine a little brighter. There are three top items I seem to always be recommending. These three things are not updates to the house or upgrades. They are items that you can take with you when the home sells.
1. New Towels
New towels are the best … (13 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Why Go to the Parade of Homes? Minneapolis MN - 03/02/18 11:12 AM
Many people think the Parade of Homes is just if you are in the market to build a new home; or to see the pretty decorations. Both of these are great reasons to go but there is another couple reasons you may want to go if you plan on selling your home soon.
1.Pay Attention To What Is There
By this I mean take it ALL in.
What are the paint colors? How many paint colors are used throughout the house? What do the light fixtures look like? Look at the floors, what is the stain color of the hardwoods? Does the carpet … (10 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Can I Decorate My Home for Christmas When It's for Sale? - 12/01/17 06:23 AM
As a Home Stager I get that question a lot. There is a very short answer....Absolutely!
Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday that most people understand. If it is your tradition I don't feel that you need to put that aside just for selling your home. The potential buyer will most likely also celebrate and decorate for Christmas and may appreciate seeing the perfect place for the tree and the warmth of the holiday in their future home.
There are a few caveats, however to decorating your home for Christmas while it is for sale. That caveat being, how into Christmas are you?
If … (11 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: But I Love My Themed Home! - 10/12/17 12:26 PM
What is a 'themed' house and is it okay?
A themed house is one that fits a very specific decorating motif. Such as a beach theme, or a desert theme. Is it okay to have one? Absolutely! Unless you are selling your home. Then I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you are selling, the theme has got to go.
A themed house, or even a themed room can turn off any buyer that does not like that theme. They may not like the feel of the house, or they can't see past the theme to see the … (8 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Advice You May Need if Selling Your Home - 01/13/17 08:39 AM
I was at a home yesterday doing a Home Staging Consultation and I ran into an issue that I see over and over again. Lack of light!
Plain and simple.....buyers do not like dark houses. I think you could look at hundreds of feedback comments on homes and never see "The house just had too much natural light." or "The  house was just too bright." You just never hear that.
But you do hear, "The house was so dark." or "Boy there just wasn't any natural light."
Perhaps your home has all of it's windows facing north or it was built in the decades … (34 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: Area Rug Rules for Living Rooms - 11/16/16 09:36 PM
Well the great thing about area rug rules is that you can break them! Really, it does come down to personal preference for both size and style but I want to address some common size options that you have. 
Although it is personal preference, I do believe there are times when a room can look odd if the area rug is placed wrong or if it isn't the correct size. Let's look at the main living area of the home such as the living room or family room. 
Option 1:
The rug comes up to the front edge of all furniture. In this option … (9 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: What Don't Buyers Want? Home Staging Minneapolis - 02/03/16 07:59 AM
A lot of people know what buyers want:
Stainless Steel Appliances
Open Concept
Move In Ready 
And so on.
But it is just as important to talk about what buyers DON'T want. Actually this is a little tougher to talk about as sometimes people take it personally. Don't take it personally. These are things we all need to know to get our homes sold. 
1: BUYERS DON'T WANT SMELLSI am not talking about smelling fresh flowers, although fake fragrances and air fresheners are bad. Many people are allergic to fragrances so be careful. 
The smells I am talking about are:
    A. Pet Smells. I have dogs, large … (11 comments)

home staging tips minneapolis mn: One Bedroom - Two Home Staging Tips. Home Staging Minneapolis MN - 10/19/13 04:05 AM
One Bedroom - Two Home Staging Tips. Home Staging Minneapolis, MN
Yes, I am going to give you two home staging tips from this one bedroom.
I purposely took a very average bedroom found in many homes. It isn't pretty...it isn't a beautiful model home. It was what many seller have when the kids have moved out leaving an abandoned bedroom. 
Take a look at this picture and tell me what you would do. BUT, you cannot paint. 
Okay go ahead....what would you do to make this bedroom look better for selling purposes? 

Da, da, … (8 comments)

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