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We all want to be important. But what are the right ways to be important? Challenges are we got to be creative and have the courage to get out of our comfort zone. We have to know the gift of God, then follow the heart to be authentic and unique. Never try to be important in a materialistic way, ...
Mindful Monday - Real Story, Real Inspiration. Do you know the story of the Elephant and 6 blind men? 100 years back one King brought 6 blind men to an elephant and have them experience the elephant. Everyone touched different parts of the elephant's body and described the elephant in a different...
Smile has lots of great benefits. Are you smiling enough? Stress will always be there, it's about what perspective do we have towards that particular stress. Some people work more efficiently under stress, get great results and become happy. On another hand, some people get depressed under stress...
Often we don't do the important things we need to do because of lack of time. We don't exercise regularly, eat healthy on a regular basis or don't spend enough time on the important stuff we should do, because of lack of time. Time is always going by, it never stops. If you don't have enough time...
Often we hear this from our sellers, should I fix the house before putting in the market or just sell as-is. Most of the time it really depends on how much is the market value. You don't want to overspend on the house you are selling as you may not get that money back, on the other hand, if the r...
How strong is your morning routine? Are you working on your morning routine getting better every day? A strong morning routine gives a strong kick start of the day. When you start the day good, you have a better chance to finish it good. You should at least have 1 hour for yourself in the morning...
If you have any thoughts of selling, there can't be a better time than this fall. There is 4 major reason to sell your home and buy the dream home this fall.  

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