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There are about $40 billion of hotel properties that are distressed today, and more are expected to slip underwater by mid-year. These are not just large high-priced properties in upscale, urban core markets. The problem is widespread and exists to some degree in just about every market. Now that...
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Got a client looking to build, acquire, or develop an office, retail, hospitality or any other type of commercial property? Can't find the funding needed on your own because the banks can't or won't extend the debt? Then now is the time to call Remington Capital. Our financing specialists thrive ...
Many Commercial lenders use the WSJ Prime rate as the base rate for commercial lending. I get questions almost every time a loan is structured using the "Prime Rate" Here is a bit of insight to understanding our "Prime Rate" and why it is used. The Wall Street Journal prime rate is the rate set b...
Although activity is not as strong as it was at the peak in 2007, there is very strong interest. There is a lack of quality assets in the market, so everything that goes out gets a lot of interest. We're seeing good interest and buyer demand from REITs, private equity, institutions and operators,...
Ever tried solving a jigsaw puzzle? Not the simple ones, where pieces are easily assembled. But the big picture puzzles. Those with lots of pieces in all sizes, colors and weird shapes. These are the puzzles that only the most experienced and determined puzzle masters are willing to take on and s...
Getting the right kind of financing at the right price, with the right terms, is a complex business to say the least. For one thing, structuring a commercial transaction is never without its hurdles and challenges. For another, many transactions often involve multiple layers of capital, each of w...
Nearly two-thirds of loans sold last year were performing loans. I expect non-performing loans to grab a higher percentage this year. A case study showed one company had whole loan and subordinate debt sales consisted of $6.1 billion in performing and non-performing loans. 2010 was a more preempt...
The current commercial real estate cycle will improve as new construction activity increases. We have seen new construction activity really contract, and what we will start to see is that good-old fashioned real estate cycle bringing us out from the deficits When new real estate comes online, job...
DPR is ideal for maturing loans with property values less than original debtGet ready! There's a big wave of new business opportunities on the horizon for commercial loan brokers. Thousands of once high-leveraged CRE loans will be maturing between now and 2013. Their property values are so low th...

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