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                                                               In any industry, the question begs the answer.  What makes him/her good at what they do?  What makes a good mechanic, doctor, bartender, secretary, plumber, insurance agent, stock broker, professional roller derby referree, etc, etc, ...
                                                               If you happen to be in the Raleigh, North Carolina area in your travels and have a taste for Italian, I'll clue you in what was once the best kept secret in Carolina Cuisine.  In Northern Raleigh, just off of Capital Boulevard is a pl...
                                                                     "Allentown, PA, the financial capitol of the free world." Hmmmmm........maybe I won't hold my breath!  That was one of the comments made by a fellow Rainer when I made mention of the plan to have the financial instituitions in N...
                                                              Got a message this morning when I got into the office, a young lady looking into refinancing her home.  So, I called her back and throughout the interview one of the questions I always ask is, "How did you come across me."  Her retort ...
Ok, I have yet to do this here on the ActiveRain blogging that I've done, but I'm going to blog on something that has absolutely nothing to do with real estate.  It has to do with a movie.  The movie 'Borat' to be specific.  Well, I guess there is a little something about it that involved real es...

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