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Things you won't find in this top ten may or may not be highly debated on Capital Hill, around the water cooler, on talk-shows, in your local prison, on Fox News, or even at the local pub over beers and Jaeger Bombs.                     In No Particular Order: 1)  Real Estate Professionals need m...
   Today, the 13th of a Friday, I wondered just that.  What if I woke up Monday morning as a (Gosh, I hate this term) loan officer, and started all over?  Where would I start?  What would I do?  How would I do it?  I ran a blog a few days ago on the fundamentals and off the cuff, I might start th...
!!!!Alterna Mortgage HAULTS FUNDING...    Yes, you have read that correctly... I am just reaching out to share some important news about the abrupt ending of Alterna Mortgage late last week.   If you do not already know - every Alterna employee was given our notice of dismissal and that funding w...
I often wonder that.  I'm not talking life itself(That is a whole different ball of complex wax), but here on Active Rain.  How did Mr. Sardi end up on this Great Forum?  I'm not sure if I was invited...if I was, not sure by who?  I'm not sure if I stumbled across this fine establish by mere cybe...

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