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Thanks to Mr. Matthew Blum, I've been striken with a look into me once again.  In retrospect, I should of ignored it all and kept very private about little old me.  But I haven't, and I won't.  So, here it goes:My Family Owned A Beer Distributor In Clarion, Pennsylvania -  I recall fondly lifting...
For those that don't know my routine, if I'm missing at some point, I'll tell you where to find me.  More than likely it will be at Stahley's right down the road.  Heck, I live next door to their grandmother.  To the Stahley Family, at this point, I'm probably considered a part of their family.  ...
  I had a pretty close friend of mine point out something this evening that stuck.  They said, "Jason, I know you are passionate about your career and what you do and why you do it, but your true passion doesn't seem to be Real Estate?"  "Uh oh, there goes that referral source," so I thought.  I ...
I just spent the better part of a two hours reading every post I've ever written on this forum.  I clicked on every link I provided and read the majority of comments contributed.  It's a no-brainer, I have too much time on my hands.  But it got me to thinking about the nature of my particular con...
Every once in awhile, you witness something that makes you step back and take a real hard look at what you are doing....in every aspect of life.  Marlene Bridges was, to my knowledge, the first to bring this story to the attention of this community.  I heard about it originally from a young man a...
I got an email earlier today that asked if I would step up to the plate and write this week's review.  Let me echo many of those who have already done these in saying, "It's not an easy task."None the less, it was thrust upon me so I will offer my take.  I chose 10 posts by 10 individuals (I'm a ...
Well, I have this great stretch of land for sale over yonder that you can turn-around and sell for extreme profits.  Speaking of which, I have this great e-book that you can download for $5.95 and it will pave the path to riches beyond your wildest dreams.  Or, we can just deal with reality.I'm n...
 John Lennon was brilliant in my fading eyes.  Jim Morrison reminds me how crazy this all can be and how our system truly lies.  Life is, at times, a mystery.  I am here, I read and I see.  Active-Rain's mystery is whatever you want it to be, but I ask for something different.  Something special,...
Well, if I had an original thought today, it would die of loneliness.  Many have posted their subscribed-to list, here's mine.  One note, you may find that I don't just subscribe to the really good stuff...but the really bad stuff as well.  If you have a pecking order in your brain, you should be...
  If you want a masterpiece, this reminds me of why our existence will have a legacy no matter what happens.  Harry Chapin had a moment of brilliance.Maybe, just maybe, I'll be worthy of the title of 'Dad' somewhere down the line.  My father means the world to me, as does my brother Justin & my m...

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