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People amaze me.  While I'm sure there are certain things about my existence that boggles those that surround me, I'm also quite sure that there are individuals out there whose lives live in graves.  And all they choose to carry is a shovel.I got a call from a gentlemen who had applied for a mort...
I like reading the past.  I like studying it, watching it, and trying to understand it.  For all those who gripe that I don't write about Mortgage Stuff enough, I promise the next one has everything to do with the business I'm in.  Yet, for now, bear with me.  This post has nothing to do with Rea...
Sarah Cooper called me out!  Can you believe it?  Little old me, this Mortgage Broker in Allentown, Pennsylvania...so innocent and so good?  She said I was wrong.  The freaking nerve!  Ok, my SEO quota fulfilled and sarcastic self aside, my turn to retort to Active-Rain's Sweet Little Sarah.I mad...
                                                              This Should Fit The BillEvery once in awhile, in a daze where the moon is blue and my mind renders no immediate thought, a title of a post comes to mind and I have no clue of what the context may be about.  So, off the cuff and raw/unc...
When I began my journey into Real Estate, there was a chance that I not only was to switch careers, but to change my living situation.  Actually, that wasn't a chance, that was a necessity.  At that time, the building I was living in, a very historic one at that, was being shut down by the city o...
Here you go.......  Thanks to the sister I never had, once again I am writing one of these MEME things.  Ironically, I do believe that the introduction to writing these little portraits of your life was the very stimulus of why and how I came to write as personal as I do.  Heck, I could write abo...
Who would ever thought of the impact that the Internet would have on both our social and business lives way back when?  Shoot, that last sentence makes me sound old....not that there is anything wrong with that:-)  Yet here I sit, this guy in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  I am a guy, who because of t...
*The following is an entry from the Mortgage side of things into the First ActiveRain -- Buyer Challenge ).  There have been some wonderful contributions from some very talented Realtors out there.  I was asked to throw in what financing options potential buyers had.  Here we go.* Tom & Michelle,...
                                                                   The original idea for the very first post came on a drive home one Friday night from work.  So, what better way to introduce my take on some of the greatest contributors here, than on another Friday evening.  This is my take and p...
Ironically, I had a conversation with a client with whom I closed a loan for about 10 months ago that led to this post.  The irony is that Jo-Anne Smith proposed that I write something about honesty and the mortgage business.  If you believe in the popular press...The Media, honesty and mortgage ...

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