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  Either you watch or you lead........Rest or Live.When it comes down to it, I've rested way too freaking long!  But, that is personal.  So I write this because IT doesn't get more personal than this (well it does, but I see no need to bring my Father's Hemorrhoid Issue into this).My bills are pa...
I know what is going on..... I had a coined saying years ago, actually it was a self-inflicted nickname of sorts.  That name was, "Master of the Obvious."  It reminds me of what I'm seeing, hearing, and feeling.  Is it getting brutal yet?  Are you ready to quit something you once thought of as a ...
I'll tell you right now what I learned about most on this forum.  I learned about myself.  It took a good spanking at times, it took some reading.  It took some wise souls to let me in on what this life is about.....Life is about turning your head and recognizing....Eye to Eye....whether you will...
I want to shout to the Gods & the Crowds amongst me....my amigo is married!  Bill Engleman is freaking married!!!Before you get married or after you do...you may want to check this out.... I've never been married, never took that step.  There is no advice I could give you Bill or Jill that would ...
When It Hits Home..... Boy meets house.Boy buys house.Boy gets a good deal.Yet, as with anything truly ironic, boy lacks the capacity to fix things.  Boy's mechanical fortitude is akin to spitting into the wind, shooting pool with a rope.Boy clogs sink.Boy tries Drano.Boy sees no results.I dialed...
Before all the hoop-la of the Sub-prime Market Meltdown & Lenders here and there going out of business, getting loans for a client was all too easy on most occasions.  In recent months, a shift has occurred and now we are back to a Market more similar to that of 6 to 7 years ago.  While the Sub-p...

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