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It's true, it's true, it's darn true!  In my 7 illustrious years in the Mortgage Business, 65% of my business has been Conforming Loans.  You know, the Gold Card Elite who have the type of credit that warrants dinner and drinks at the White House.  As crazy as the Market as been, Conforming Loans...
Well, it's official.  Yep, the Market is in limbo.  Actually, that's not totally right.  The Market is doing the limbo.  What do I mean?  Ladies & Gents, rates are ridiculously low!  How low you may ask?30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage - 5.25%15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage - 4.75%If you are on the fence ...
MSN Money had an interesting and relevent article today speculating on how Bank of America will handle the buy-out of Countrywide.  Click here to read the article.I'd like to focus on a few key points that were made in the article:- First off, the relationship between BOA & Countrywide is not new...
I have wanted to write about this subject for awhile.  Now before I go any further, I should point out that the Rehab I'm talking about has nothing to do with any addiction.   (I know, you are so disappointed and the title was such a tease:-). This has everything to do with newbie and/or seasoned...
What better way to start the New Year than to concentrate on one of the more important subjects in our economy and in our world?  Active-Rain is blessed with many things and one of those things happens to be a lot of talented writers within the Real Estate Profession.  Here's my attempt to highli...
Late at night while chowing down on a chopped sirloin and gulping up the last drops of Green Tea, I often times find myself watching the late night Infomercials we've become so accustom to seeing.  You know, Carlton Sheets & Company pitching the way to riches in Real Estate Investing.  I've done ...

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