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In this ever-changing Market, Niche Products are not immune to changes, sometimes overnight.  While this certainly doesn't define the term 'Ideal' ... it is the reality in which we live.  I wanted to take some time to update our Rehab Loans, which are an excellent Financing Source for new and sea...
Catchy title, right?  I was honored (kind of) when Jeff Belonger asked me to write this review.  One of the best financial tools to sure up our economy has a heck of a lot to do with Mortgages.  I believe the housing industry to be the backbone of our economy.  Real Estate is a pretty big in this...
Since day one, I've heard the ramblings, the rumors, the news & the views, that Banks wanted and want to put Mortgage Brokers out of commission (no pun intended).  I've alway taken it a bit personally, since it's my livelihood and all.  The arguments tend to be the same, that Banks have the contr...
Two days ago I breathed too hard, I hired too smart, I relinquished not enough.Two days ago, I met you.The sentence ends as fast as it begins, paragraphs are paradigms in our minds......two days ago I loved you.Two days ago I loved you, adored you, felt you too little for your big.
This post will hopefully prove to be helpful information on two fronts.  First, this is really good news for Real Estate Investors who for whatever reason have a hard time documenting their income.  Second, I'm going to throw a bone out to other Mortgage Folks out there as to a Niche Investor tha...
 One of my favorite television programs of all-time was & is 'The Wonder Years.'  It was nostalgic, poetic, unique, a tad humorous, & pretty darn identifiable....at least in my eyes.  If memory serves me well, it also included a line that changed my wave of thinking, one that if practiced, may ev...
Here's a little FYI on the SBA so if you have any questions call me A.S.A.P:-) Welcome to a brief insight about SBA Lending, through the eyes of my investors.  The Small Business Administration helps individuals purchase or grow small businesses which can help the growth of communities and revamp...

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