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A strange phone call came across my airwaves recently, a guy from the city of Brotherly Love was on the other line. "Hello, is this Jason Sardi?" "To my knowledge, yes." "Hi Jason, this is Darren _______ and I came across you over the internet." ~Thinking to myself, "Great, I hope he didn't come ...
First Time Homebuyers!We have answers to your home loan questions. Before you start hitting the streets looking for your first home, allow us to help you get pre-approved and make sure you understand the home loan process. How much home can I afford? Many experts suggest that your monthly payment...
I'm guilty of it.  I force myself to do things I don't want to do.  To me, from what I've been taught, that's life.  I never wanted to do my chores, but I did.  I never wanted to go to Prom, but I did.  I never wanted to attend College, but I did.  For those things I did, I firmly believe I came ...
Two tears rolled from my eyes, they touched my chin and moved on.  I hate tears.  While they can make one more impassioned, more alert, more astute, they can also lead one into thinking way too much about the subject at hand. I got an email just recently, one through Active-Rain, a person I respe...
*Warning* - This is a long one... It's later than I expected, but my desire for this has been long coming.  I title my particular blog, "The Insider's Insights on Mortgages" but I have yet to express to folks the workings behind that often foggy door of Lending.  Shame on me, for that.  I may act...
Pennsylvania Mortgages of All KindsLocation: Allentown, PaAre you * In an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?* Looking to buy your first Home?* A Real Estate Investor who needs Hard Money for your Rehab Projects?* Looking for a Small Business Loan?* Interested in Refinancing to get Cash-Out or Consolidate ...
My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord; Catchy words, catchy tune ... As I tweak my mind on this 4th of July (it's actually the 3rd but I'm posting this early), many things come to me.  Many things lay acutely dorment in my soul, awaiting to peek out and experience what it's really...
Ironically, today was the first time I had the pleasure of speaking with Lenn Harley.   Being the end of the month, it was a hectic day and I really wasn't sure if I could meet the contest deadline.  So, I scrambled to get my entry in last minute.  I hope this will give prospective buyers, wherev...

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