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If you are going to boogie, learn to dance.  As many of you know, the Mortgage Market is changing faster than Tom Welling's Superman character into his "get-up" in the television show, Smallville.  It's truly a jungle out there and you'll need a Machete, Cargo Field Pants, and the proper Guide to...
*Let me preface this by stating that this isn't a political post, per se.  Frankly, I'm not a big fan of either Political Party at this point.  For my political views, go to www.sardiain'tmessingaround.com.  Actually, don't click on that link.  It doesn't exist just yet;)* Like many, I watched Ji...
At the time, it was indistinguishable as a moment I would recognize down the line.  After being down the line, I knew exactly what that moment meant. Some of the questions that we get asked as folks working in the Real Estate Industry seem rudimentary... at least to us.  "Should I refinance" is a...
Want a snapshot of what is available out there right now in regards to Mortgage Products?  Jeff Belonger supplies us with a strong post that identifies the array of Mortgage Products present for a variety of different scenarios and situations.  And who said lending was dead;)   So you are lookin...

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