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When it comes to mortgages, if you are like me, you are looking for the best price, lowest rate, and shortest travel between two points.  There is also one minor detail that you and I may have in common, it's called customer "freaking" service.  Looking for the straight line without much in the w...
... much of it began when the housing market crumbled.  This first-time home buyer phenomenon became an epidemic once again, yet this time it was/is different. Sure, there are different motivations in getting the blood flowing, but borrowing guidelines today are much more stringent than recent ye...
I was posed with a not so unique question early on last Friday's morning.  It came from a rather astute prospective client who asked, "How do I make sure I get the best rate?" The more I thought about it after initially answering the question, the more I wondered what was really the right answer?...
To spout off that we live in an interesting atmosphere in the mortgage lending business is akin to the genius next door proclaiming professional wrestling isn't real.  Yet, I shouldn't even get started on the latter.  And the former is quite diplomatic in the use of the word "interesting" rather ...
Maybe I'm visiting the wrong places.  Right wing, left wing, and everything in between.  I visit the websites, listen and/or read the rhetoric and choose to make up my own mind.  Perhaps I'm out of whack with what is really going on in this world.  Yet, I think I have a pulse on what is going on ...
nice lead in.... Sometimes I fancy myself a consumer.  Aren't we all?  In those moments, I try not to think of things from a professional standpoint, nor a purely logical one.  Instead, I attempt to understand what I would think of things if I wasn't in this industry and wanted to buy a home... o...

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