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Horoscope says, "Your internal voice will be the only thing stopping you from rushing out the door to jump on a shiny, new opportunity.  Listen to it carefully - - it's probably right.  You're most likely dealing with Fool's Gold." And then there's the full moon shining down upon me ... but I won...
My leg hurts like hell, or the dickens ... depending upon your preference of dictation.  It's the right leg.  The middle one is working fine and the left one still has me dunking golf balls at any standard NBA Basket. The Doctors tell me that I didn't pull anything and nothing was ripped apart.  ...
Perhaps one of the more smart manuevers Vince McMahnon made as CEO of the WWE is going against conventional trade wisdom and announcing their product was not a sport, but sports entertainment.  Beyond being able to avoid a given States Athletic Commissions Rule of Law, it opened the doors to evol...
Charles does a fantastic job here and the last line of the post is pretty clever if I do say so myself.  Put your learning caps on and become a sponge, my friends. In my home state of Minnesota, Minneapolis and Saint Paul have nearly 39 percent of homeowners under water.   I've had the question,...
With this appropriate soundtrack, we start here... If you weren't too good in vocabulary and had an inkling to go into Real Estate soon after, the above title gives you a decent idea of what an oxymoron is.  Let's face it, can you really have fun when the four walls and roof above your skull are ...

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