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If there aren't already enough links within this post, here's a start of the soundtrack ... With respect to the fact that many of my friends and peers have survived and even thrived in a Real Estate Market that is about as enviable to be a part of as the Union Industry after the Hoffa debacle, I ...
... to write again with the same passion, piss, & vinegar that I once did (or at least thought I did). ... to find a bit of peace and maintain it. ... to leave this world a better place than when I entered it. ... to be more patient with that I find a waste of time. ... to leave them smiling more...
When the guy told me to send the Declarations page to Quicken Loans, my brow sweat curious liquids of cynicism.  While in the Mortgage Biz, I grew up hating those companies who hired nothing but $12.00 an hour script-swearing sweat hogs who didn't know an ARM from an Amortization Schedule.  Of co...
For the first time, I watched "It's A Wonderful Life".  Just finished it about a quarter of an hour ago.  Despite it being on television with commercials and all, I sat through the entire way.  That's rare for me and a movie.  Even more rare is that the last forty-five minutes were spent utterly ...
Forgive me for I know such a forum isn't the venue for such a rant.  Then again, anyone who knows me or has known me, reads me or has read me, knows that there is a bit of variety in what I've contributed over the years.  From Credit, to Interest Rates, to Politics, to Roasts, to "I'll just throw...
you really like a post and nobody but you has commented on it? Don't you hate it when you want to attend a function but are functionally inept to do so? Well, considering the philosophical wisdom of every question/irritation/infection contains its own answer/remedy/cure, I would like to explore m...

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