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If you have ever worked one day in the Customer Service Industry (and anyone who is a member of AR probably has in some aspect), one of the things that matter is the customer experience and how they feel about you. It's kind of like life in that aspect. I've been pondering what a good and meaning...
Hit The Freaking Music! A few weeks ago I was forced asked to watch the Kentucky Derby and I did.  I really don't get into all that, however I can appreceiate the prestige, history, and beauty of it all.  Even though the actual race was only going to encompass about two minutes of my television w...
When posed with the question of whether or not I believe in God, I typically answer the same way every time.  For the record, I believe in a Higher Power and am damn sure I'm not it. My evidence for such a belief is pretty consuming.  I don't think a Higher Power (aka, God) would partake in cheap...
Fox News (shocking, I know) was one of the sponsors of this event.  I don't have any more problem with that than MSNBC sponsoring the Democratic opposite if the situation were reversed.  I'm quite aware that neither is strictly a journalistic entity. That written, none of the so-called "Big Names...
The cynic in me thought two things: - The far right wouldn't believe that Bin Laden is dead, only that Obama shaved his beard. - The far left wouldn't just say this is good for the Country and Humanity, but utilize it as a tool to continue to bash anything that is Republican (or far right).   God...

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